114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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22. This cute watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo.

cute watercolor dreamcatcher tattoos for women

This tattoo includes a dreamcatcher in blue, purple, and black colors. A dreamcatcher is one of the most iconic symbols in Native American culture. It is a handmade willow hoop on which a net or web is woven. It is believed that the dreamcatcher catches bad dreams and lets good dreams pass through. Thus, it protects sleepers. If you think a dreamcatcher serves its purpose, you should get this tattoo. 

23. This dreamy forearm tattoo.

colorful balloon tattoos for women

If you have been willing to get a womens leg sleeve tattoo, but haven’t gotten a tattoo before, you can start with this tattoo. As the name suggests, this tattoo is made on the forearm. The tattoo is titled ‘dreamy’ because of its design. The design contains a girl holding balloons in her hands. The girl is made of black color, and so, it seems as if she is a shadow. The girl is shown to be flying along with balloons. This tattoo shows how every person wants to fly high. The balloons symbolize dreams, aspirations, and goals. Balloons are made in various colors, like red, orange, pink, blue, and green. 

24. This blooming daisy tattoo.

black daisy flower tattoo

Tattoos that contain flowers are a favorite of many. Just like roses and dandelions, daisies are also made in tattoos. This tattoo shows a blooming daisy flower in black color. The tattoo is made in such a way that it creates an amazing visual effect. The petals of the flower overlap each other. The pistil, which is the middle part of the flower, is made with complete attention to detail. This tattoo can grab the eyeballs of people wherever you go. 

25. These fabulous feather arm tattoos for women.

arm feather

If you are someone who likes to get arm tattoos but doesn’t like to get their whole arm covered, you should definitely go for these tattoos. They include feathers and birds. A feather is made on the lower part of each of the arms. The feather reaches up to the elbow area. Above the elbow, birds are made. Birds are shown to be appearing out of feathers and flying into the sky. Birds reach just below the shoulders. 

26. This exquisite dandelion tattoo.

dandelion watercolor tattoo on ribcage

If the dandelion tattoo mentioned earlier made you wish to get a tattoo that contains dandelion, but you are looking for another design, you can try this design. This tattoo shows a dandelion flower in purple and blue shades rather than the original color of the flower, i.e., yellow. The use of different colors makes the tattoo interesting. The tattoo also includes two dragonflies – one above the dandelion and the other below the dandelion. The pistil and the stem of the flower make the tattoo look more intense. 

27. This magical anklet dreamcatcher tattoo.

anklet dremacatcher tattoos for women

Dreamcatchers are a remarkable symbol for Native Americans. If you believe in it, but didn’t like the previous dreamcatcher tattoo, you can go for this one. An ankle is one of those body parts that increase the beauty appeal of a woman. A right ankle tattoo can make you look more beautiful. The design of this ankle tattoo contains a dreamcatcher, a big feather, two small feathers, and even an anklet. The tattoo is made in such a way that if someone looks at it from afar, they would feel that it’s an anklet with a dreamcatcher design. 

28. These breathtaking wing tattoos for women.

3D wings tattoo

Every person wants to have wings, just like birds. A human being is a free-spirited creature that wants to remove all bondages and fly to the ultimate heights. It’s one of the reasons why mythical creatures like angels and fairies are so loved by people. You can neither get real wings nor can you wear a costume with wings. 

But you can definitely get these wing tattoos on your back. A large wing is created on both left and right sides of the back. The pattern of the wings is intricate. These tattoos create a spellbinding effect. You can grab the attention of people when you wear a backless dress to pubs, bars, restaurants, and other places. These tattoos can make you seem an interesting person.

29. This elegant tribal tattoo.

ankle tribal tattoo

A tribal tattoo is one that shows some details about the wearer in a fascinating way. These details include but are not limited to culture, traditions, customs, unique traits, and accomplishments. A tribal tattoo contains shapes and patterns that are memorable. This tribal tattoo is not just elegant but also simple. It covers a small area on the leg just a few inches above the ankle. You can get this tattoo on one or both of your legs. 

30. This terrific upside down skull tattoo.

3D skull on bum tattoo

Not many people prefer the ribcage area when it comes to getting a tattoo since tattoos made on this area cannot be shown to others. People show such tattoos only to those with whom they are comfortable. Moreover, the ribcage area is soft compared to the ankle, legs, and arms. Getting a tattoo over there might be a painful process. 

But those who don’t mind going through the pain can get this tattoo. This tattoo is appropriately named ‘out of the planet’ because it includes the face of a creature that is smiling devilishly. The large blue eyes give the creature a cunning look. It seems as if the skin of the area has been ripped apart, and the creature is sitting inside the body. This tattoo can scare anyone. If you like tattoos with a dark theme, this tattoo is a good choice.