114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

6 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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61. This dainty Dandelion tattoo.

cute balck and grey ankle tattoo

If you are too choosy about the tattoo you want to get but are inclined to wear a dreamcatcher tattoo, it’s quite possible that you might not have gotten impressed with the dreamcatcher tattoos described earlier. If it’s true, you can try this tattoo. 

62. This arm and shoulder tattoo for women.

dandilion and birds tattoos for women

Its design includes the head and trunk of an elephant along with the dreamcatcher. The elephant and a dreamcatcher symbol are merged in such a way that the tattoo looks picture-perfect. The tattoo looks lively because of the colors used. Red, green, yellow, blue, purple and black are the different colors used in the tattoo. This tattoo is suitable for those who want to show that their taste is royal.

63. This neat Japanese style leg tattoo.

dragon tattoos for women

As the name suggests, this tattoo is indeed minimalistic. In fact, it is not just minimalistic but also miniature. The tattoo has a design that includes a tiny elephant that is created in black color. The image of the elephant is absolutely simple. The size of the image is much smaller compared to the images created in other tattoos that are inspired by elephants. This tattoo is made on the ankle. If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, this is just right for you.

64. This unusual dragonfly chest tattoo for women.

dragonfly tattoos for women

Here’s another tattoo that can be made on the ankle. It contains an anklet that has a nice ornament and two feathers. If you like anklets but don’t want to wear one in order to avoid inconvenience, you can get this anklet tattoo. The design of the anklet has both traditional and modern elements. While the ornament is a traditional element, the feathers are modern elements. The tattoo is simple but charming. 

65. This glorious elephant dreamcatcher tattoo.

elephant dreamcathcer tattoos for women

If you want to get the thrill of wearing a tattoo but want to reveal your tattoo to others, you can go for this tattoo. It is made on a secretive spot on your body. This tattoo is made on the side of your neck, just below your ear. Only those who stand extremely close to you would be able to see the tattoo. The design contains two feathers that are tied to each other from one end. The tattoo looks mysterious. The color used to make the tattoo is black. 

66. This minimalistic ankle tattoo.


This feather tattoo can be made on various parts of the body. The design of the tattoo is simple, but that does not make the tattoo any less lovely. It has a feather which looks strikingly beautiful. Every part and corner of the feather is made in such a way that the tattoo becomes alive. The tattoo is black in color. A small shape that resembles the heart is made in the feather. The feather is not made straight but in a slightly tilted position.

67. This lovely anklet tattoo for women.

feather ancklet

If you like small tattoos on spots like fingers, you can get this tattoo. The design of the tattoo makes it look like a piece of jewelry worn on a finger. The tattoo can garner the attention of others around you easily. It is made only on a certain area of the finger, but it makes the whole finger, or rather the whole hand, beautiful. You can increase your beauty appeal by applying nail paint with artistic designs after getting this tattoo.

68. This secretive tattoo.

feather behind ear tattoos for women

You can never go out of amazing options for back tattoos. This tattoo is a perfect example to prove this. It includes a few flowers and a large stem. The flower appears to be in a dishevelled state because of the way it is made. It has shades of deep red and maroon colors. The rugged look of the flower makes this tattoo different from other tattoos that contain flowers. The tattoo is made on the back. It covers the area from below the nape of the neck to the entire spinal cord.

69. This endearing feather tattoo for women.

feather with a heart

If you like arm bands, but don’t want to wear one, thinking that it would be hassling, then this tattoo is just for you. It gives an impression that you are wearing an arm band because of the spot on which it is made. This tattoo is made on the area on your arm where usually arm bands are worn. It has a simple design which includes a black circular pattern. The shade of brown color is also used in the tattoo.

70. This neat finger tattoo.

finger tattoos for women

Full back tattoos give a new color and charm to your personality. They offer you the scope to look the way you want. You can choose the design of the full back tattoo depending on your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and other characteristics. This tattoo has a spectacular design that comprises numerous elements. These elements consist of patterns, shapes, and lines. 

From well-crafted flowers to random shapes, a wide variety of elements are included in this tattoo. The tattoo begins with small shapes and symmetric patterns but ends with large shapes and asymmetric patterns. So, the tattoo looks composed in the beginning but haphazard in the end. Those people who feel that the qualities they possess include calmness and composure as well as confusion and spontaneity should absolutely get this tattoo.