114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

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31. This out of this planet ribcage tattoo for women.

3D hidden cheshire cat on ribs

If you are a fan of superhero movies or comics, you should definitely get this tattoo. The design of this tattoo includes parts of the costumes worn by fictional superhero characters like superman and batman. This is one of the best womens leg sleeve tattoos you can come across. The tattoo looks fabulous and gives an out of this world vibe. Who says, “Only children love superheroes?”. You can love any superhero you want at any age. Don’t be ashamed of showing your fondness for a superhero character in the form of a tattoo on your body.

32. This inspiring superhero leg sleeve tattoo for women.

3D superhero leg tattoo

Have you ever seen a movie in which the main characters play a part in a movie? Or have you read a book in which the main character is writing a book? If yes, then you would understand the concept of this tattoo easily. It’s a tattoo that has a tattoo gun as a part of the design. Along with the gun, the design also includes a garter. So, a tattoo shows that the garter is holding the tattoo gun. A garter is a piece of clothing worn around a leg to hold up stockings. A garter is worn above the knee. A tattoo gun or a tattoo machine is used to make tattoos. 

33. This kick ass garter and tattoo gun tattoos for women.

3D tattoo machine in garter on thigh tattoo

You cannot miss getting this tattoo if you are a fan of Harry Potter books or movies. Evergreen works of literature and cinema, like Harry Potter, have become the most liked subjects for tattoo designs. Therefore, this tattoo is also worn by many people. The design includes a deathly hallows symbol, the word ‘Always’, and a feather. 

The deathly hallows symbol is a vertical line and circle enclosed within a triangle. The vertical line passes through the middle of the circle. This symbol represents three legendary objects or artefacts, which are combinedly known as ‘Deathly Hallows’. These objects are the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility. 

The symbol is also used as the letter ‘A’ for the word ‘Always’. This word is in reference to the sentence spoken by Professor Snape, who is a fictional character in the Harry Potter books and movies. He used the word ‘Always’ to say that he had always loved Lily Potter, who is also a fictional character in the Harry Potter series. She was the mother of Harry Potter. 

34. This endearing Harry Potter tattoo.


This full back tattoo is full of meaning and depth. It shows Lady Justice without a blindfold. Lady Justice represents the morality of the judicial systems in the world. You must have seen a statue of a lady justice inside or outside a court. The statue holds a set of scales in one of her hands. The set of scales is used to imply that the person will be punished according to the offences or crimes committed by them so that justice is served. 

Lady Justice, in this tattoo, has a set of scales on her left hand. She appears similar to a goddess or an angel. The expressions on her face are subtle. She has worn a band made out of flowers on her head. Several shapes and patterns in blue and black colors are made around her. Those women who like to wear tattoos that convey some meaning or represent something significant should go for this tattoo. 

35. This glorious full back tattoo for women.

abstract tattoos for women

This tattoo is quite unique because of its design elements. It contains a whale, a ship, and a hot air balloon. It also contains two triangles and one circle. All these elements make a random combination, which makes this tattoo look nice. The intricate lines, shapes, and patterns with which all these elements are created are fantastic. They make this inkwork look more than just a tattoo. If you are someone who likes to confuse people, get this tattoo and wait for others to decode its meaning.

36. This one of a kind leg tattoo for women.

abstrcat tattoos for women

Who doesn’t know about the fictional character of Alice and her story? Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is a popular novel that was published in the year 1865. The movie titled ‘Alice in Wonderland’ based on the novel, was released in the year 2010. Every person has heard of the story of Alice at some point in their life. Alice encounters various adventures in Underland after falling down a rabbit hole by mistake. These tattoos have Alice, the rabbit, a hat, a heart, and a trophy. All these elements are related to Alice in Wonderland. They are made on the area below the back of the ear. 

37. These Alice in Wonderland tattoos for women.

alica in wonderland tattoos for women

This sleeve tattoo covers the back of the hand and wrist as well as some areas of the arm. A dotwork tattoo is a tattoo that is made of dots and not lines. Dotwork is a tattooing technique in which the tattoo artist creates a tattoo with several dots. The dots are created in such a way that they create the desired image when they come together. Dotwork tattoos are known for the visual effects they produce. This sleeve tattoo made using the dotwork technique includes beautiful images and shapes. 

38. This dotwork sleeve tattoo for women.

arm and hand flower tattoo

If the two dragonfly tattoos mentioned earlier didn’t impress you, this third dragonfly tattoo might impress you. It contains a broad image of a dragonfly. People would feel that they are looking at a dragonfly from a close distance. Dragonfly doesn’t look like a pestering insect but a glamorous creature in this tattoo. The wearer of this tattoo can show how even small creatures can make the world beautiful through their presence. 

39. This black and grey dragonfly tattoo.

arm dragonfly tattoos for women

If you are looking for a nice arm tattoo that creates a bold statement without occupying much space, you should go for this tattoo. It has only one element, which is the feather, as you must have guessed. But the way the feather is created makes this tattoo stand apart from other feather tattoos. The upper part of the feather has a darker shade than the rest of the tattoo. The design is attractive despite not being extremely intricate. 

40. This cute arm feather tattoo for women.

arm feather1

If you want to check whether you like tattoos on your legs or not before getting a womens leg sleeve tattoo, you should go for these tattoos. They are made on the upper thigh area. They don’t cover the whole thigh despite being big in size. They are noticeable because of their designs. They can remind anyone of paintings. 

The tattoo on the right leg resembles an abstract painting, whereas the tattoo on the left leg resembles a nature painting. You can carry two different worlds with you by getting these tattoos. Both the tattoos are different from each other, yet they seem to be in perfect synchronization.