114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

6 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

91. This cute My Pony tattoo for women.

my pony tattoos for women

Here’s another portrait tattoo for you. This tattoo also has the face of a girl, but it’s quite different from the one in the previous tattoo. This tattoo is made on the arm. It has several elements, of which a girl’s face is a major element. The girl has extra large facial features, and so, any person who looks at the tattoo will get immersed in it. The eyes of the girl appear to be closed. Some decorative shapes are made above the head of the girl. 

92. This cute neck tattoo.

neck tattoo for women

If you don’t get scared by looking at tattoos that look too realistic, you can get this tattoo. The design of this tattoo includes a ribbon or a lace that is present on a shoe. The colors used in the tattoo are blue and yellow. The design is quite unusual, so it might not look classy to everyone. However, some women love to experiment when it comes to tattooing. If you are one of them and don’t mind giving the impression that a shoe ribbon has been inserted into your foot, you can get this tattoo. This tattoo can be worn along with a womens leg sleeve tattoo.

93. These Neverland guiding stars tattoos for women.

Peter Pan tattoos for women

Skull tattoos are preferred by some women. They have a raw appeal due to their primary element, i.e., the skull. A skull reminds people how everyone is meant to turn into ashes someday. If you don’t get scared by such thoughts, you should get this tattoo. It stands apart from other skull tattoos. The skull is made up of black and grey colors. Other elements like flowers and leaves are also present in the design of the tattoo.

94. This awesome portrait tattoo for women.

portrait leg tattoos for women

Here’s some more skull tattoos for women. These two tattoos include skulls made on the chest area. The skulls look rugged or damaged. Skulls are scary by themselves, but the rugged condition makes them appear even scarier. If you are a bold woman who wants to make a statement by wearing an offbeat tattoo on your chest, you can get this tattoo. This black-colored tattoo does not have extra elements or an over-the-top design, but it can surely turn heads.

95. This trippy portrait tattoo.

portrait tattoos for women

If you believe in angels, just like many other girls, you should get these tattoos. They are made on the back. They contain two wings of angels. The colors of the wings are blue and black. The color combination makes the wings even more interesting. Both wings are in opposite directions. While one wing is on the left side of your back, the other wing is on the right side. Tattoos with the design of angels represent freedom, strength, and faith. 

96. This realistic foot ribbon tattoo for women.

realistic foot tattoos for women

This back tattoo has been rightly named as the ‘unique’. It does not cover the entire back area but makes the back look distinct. The design of this tattoo includes two big elements which look like flowers. The whole tattoo is made black in color. The tattoo looks like embroidery. A piece of the thread seems to be passing through both flowers. This thread or string runs from the end of the hair to the end of the rib cage. 

97. This black and grey skull tattoo.

skull and flowers tattoof for women

Tattoos with detailed designs that can make people go into a trance are liked by many women. This tattoo is one of those tattoos. It contains an image of a staircase. People looking at the tattoo would feel as if they have entered an old mansion shown in suspense and horror movies. Such a mansion has a large round staircase. Sunlight is shown to be falling from the hollow space above to the whole staircase. An intricate pattern is made on each stair. This tattoo can be made on the left or right arm. 

98. These rocking chest skull tattoos for women.

skull chest piece tattoos for women

People often try to convey some message through their tattoos. Some people even get tattoos that can motivate them. This tattoo fulfils both of these purposes. It contains a medium-sized pineapple. The pineapple looks artistic due to the way it is made. A silver-colored label or ribbon is wrapped in the middle of the pineapple. 

The words ‘SUCK IT” are written on the ribbon. Two small pink-colored flowers are also present in the design of the tattoo. The words “SUCK IT” can motivate the wearer to keep going despite all the obstacles coming their way. They can also motivate others who look at the tattoo. These words can also suggest others not to complain about the deeds of the wearer in a subtle way. Instead of you having to say “Suck It” to others, you can just get it on a tattoo. 

99. These dainty little angel wings tattoos for women.

small angel wings tattoos for women

Finger tattoos are quite popular amongst women who don’t like to get an extensive amount of inkwork on their bodies. Finger tattoos are small in size, and so, it’s important that they have an oomph that can make them noticeable. These tattoos are quite impressive and fun. The three tattoos contain an image of the sun, earth, and moon. Each of these celestial objects is created on a separate finger.

100. This unique back tattoo.

spine tattoos for women

Tattoos with designs that include a cat just look absolutely stunning. These tattoos have a personality and charm because wearers get them out of their love for their cats. This tattoo also has a unique personality. Its design includes a red-colored heart. A cat is seen to be popping out of the heart. The long tail of the cat is also shown in the tattoo. Three flowers are also a part of the design of the tattoo.