114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

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51. This adorable butterfly ear tattoo.

butterfly on ear tattoos for women

Mehndi art is the traditional Indian art of decorating the skin. Designs are made on the hands and feet of a person using a green-colored paste known as mehndi. This paste is made from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant. Mehndi is a form of temporary body art. When the paste dries up, the design becomes reddish-brown in color. The art of mehndi is quite popular in South Asia and the Middle East. 

A lot of people are getting mehndi inspired tattoos these days. Such tattoos are a merger of mehndi and tattoo art forms. As you can guess from the name, the design of this tattoo is quite intricate. It contains various shapes like petals and hearts. It also contains semi-circular patterns. This tattoo is made on the chest area. The tattoo seems like a necklace.

52. This crafty camera tattoo.

camera tattoos for women

The clavicle is another area on your body on which a tattoo can be made. The clavicle is a thin bone that connects the arm to the body. It runs from the sternum to the shoulder blade. The clavicle is an elongated bone that is S-shaped. This bone is more noticeable in some people than others. If your clavicle bone is noticeable, you should get this tattoo to increase its beauty appeal. This tattoo is made on the clavicle bone. 

The design includes a nice pony. It seems as if the pony is about to jump. The tattoo is in black color, yet the people looking at the tattoo can easily imagine the colors in it. Wearers can show their friendly and charming personalities through this tattoo.

54. This intricate mehndi inspired chest tattoo for women.

chest mehndi inspired tattoos for women

Many women prefer to get tattoos on their feet. When they wear heels, their feet look gorgeous. If you want to get feet tattoos, you must choose these tattoos. The tattoo made on the left foot contains the design of a unicorn, whereas the tattoo made on the right foot contains the design of a pony. Both tattoos are extremely colorful due to the use of bright colors like pink, orange, purple, navy blue, and green.

55. This cool city loving wrist tattoo.

city tattoo for women

Some women like to get most of their bodies tattooed. They get both a womens leg sleeve tattoo and arm sleeve tattoo. These full sleeve tattoos made on the arms are a perfect choice for such women. These tattoos contain bold designs that contain interesting shapes and patterns. They look great with all types of dresses. If you are trying to go for a ‘hippy’ look, you must get these tattoos on your arms. 

56. This cute pony clavicle tattoo for women.

clavicle cute tattos for women

Here’s another wonderful back tattoo for you! Unlike other back tattoos that cover most of the area on the back and look quite bulky, this tattoo covers only a small area and has a sleek look. The design of this tattoo includes simple leaves in green color. Some letters of the English alphabet are also present in the tattoo. The tattoo looks like a painting made with the hand. It gives off a pleasant and gentle vibe. 

57. These colorful feet tattoos for women.

colorful feel tattoos for women

If you want an arm tattoo with a fashionable and contemporary design, you must go for this tattoo. It contains a large flower with leaves and a stem. The tattoo is made in such a way that the flower looks alive. The colors used in the tattoo are green, pink, and yellow. 

The highlight of the design is the element, which has the shape of an eye. The pistil of the flower has a small semi-circle, which looks like the pupil of an eye. Similarly, there is an eye below the stem of the flower. This is not just colorful but also elegant. Wearers of this tattoo can show two contradictory personality traits, which are the ‘girl next door’ and the ‘my life my rules’. While a flower is a regular natural object, its colors make it a bit unusual.

58. These full sleeve tattoos for women.

cool full sleeve tattoos for women

A tattoo near an ankle can make you look sweet and stylish at the same time. This small tattoo with the design of a dandelion is just the right tattoo for the area near your ankle. Many girls feel that shoes and flat sandals spoil their whole look. If you are one of them, you should get this tattoo. It can accentuate your looks. The tattoo contains just a small dandelion flower in black color. You will not lose your feminine appeal even on wearing sports shoes if you have this tattoo.

59. This amazing back tattoo.

cool spine tattoos for women

If you love wearing strapless dresses, you must get this tattoo. It can give you a complete look, and so, you would not have to worry about wearing exquisite jewelry. This tattoo is made on the shoulder and upper arm. It has a flower that resembles the dandelion flower. The flower is made on the upper arm. 

Ligules, which are the petals of the dandelion flower, are shown vividly in the design. A few of the ligules are shown to be moving away from the flower. The birds are shown to be flying on the shoulder. The tattoo is created in such a way that it appears as if the petals moving away from the flower are turning into birds. 

60. This crazy arm tattoo for women.

crazy arm tattoos for women

Japanese style tattoos are a bit unconventional tattoos, as they contain not only imagery but also some meaning or significance. They are the most popular style of tattoos. Tattooing has been carried out for years in Japan. Traditional Japanese style tattoos contain images of mythological characters and objects. The person getting the tattoo chooses the design that appeals to them according to their beliefs, personality traits, and more. 

This tattoo contains a dragon which is both colorful and scary. The colors used in the tattoo are black, green, red, white, and yellow. Japanese style tattoos with a dragon are quite common and widely preferred. The Japanese dragon symbolizes power, wisdom, and humanity. Those who can identify with these characters of the Japanese dragon must get this tattoo. The tattoo is made on the lower leg. It can sure tell your enemies to stay away.