114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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81. This pretty hourglass tattoo for women.

hourglass tattoo for women

This tattoo is truly one of a kind because of its design. You must have come across hundreds of tattoos whose design includes leaves. But this tattoo is different from all of them. It is made on the back. The leaves created at the back of the neck are small in size and have a light green shade. The leaves created on the other end are big in size and have a dark green shade. The size of the leaves becomes higher as you move from the top to the other end. The color of the leaves also gets changed.

82. These clever ink and quill tattoos for women.

ink and quill tattoos for women

If you want a tattoo that is quite peculiar, you should go for this tattoo. Its design includes simple lines that are made around your arm. The colors blue and red are used to make this tattoo. The lines look like bangles or a bracelet. This tattoo is a perfect choice for people who want to get inked but don’t want large tattoos or bulky designs. This tattoo is decorative, and so, you can flaunt it when you attend any special event.

83. This invincible diamond wrist tattoo.


The upper leg is the favorite spot of many ladies when it comes to getting a tattoo. This tattoo is also made on the upper leg area. Its design includes the face of a lion. Whoever sees the tattoo will feel as if the lion is staring directly at them. The image of the lion is made in such a way that the animal looks fiery, brave, friendly, and lovely at the same time. Decorative shapes are made around the head and the mane of the lion. 

84. This gorgeous lacy heart tattoo.

lace heart tattoos for women

The concept of yin and yang has become popular all over the world. A large number of people believe in it, and thus, perform various yin and yang practices. Yin and yang is a Chinese philosophical concept. The principle of this concept is that all things in the world exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. A few examples include light and dark and male and female. These tattoos include images that represent the concept of yin and yang. You can get these tattoos on your arms or legs. 

85. This one of a kind leaf print tattoo.

leaf print tattoos for women

Many people get tattoos that can inspire, motivate, and encourage them. Not everyone stays motivated all the time. People feel discouraged or hopeless in various situations. Some people go through a rough phase in their lives. Getting a tattoo that can remind them that they will come out from dark phases and unfavorable situations as winners is just great. This tattoo has an intelligent design which includes a girl carrying a book. The words “You are not alone” are written above the image of the girl. This tattoo will provide you with a dose of encouragement whenever you look at it. 

86. This unusual line work tattoo.

line tattoos for women

If you have an interest in celestial objects like the moon, sun, and stars, you should get this tattoo. The design of the tattoo has a moon in a quite unusual way. This tattoo is made in the sketch style. The tattoo looks appealing because it can immediately draw the attention of anyone. This tattoo is made on the back. If someone looks at the tattoo from afar, they would feel that an object is placed on your body. 

87. This loving lion leg tattoo for women.

lion on leg tattoos for women

Women love colorful, fancy, and cute objects. This tattoo has all these characteristics. Moreover, it’s amazingly beautiful. It covers a large area of the body. The design of the tattoo includes a pony made inside a heart. The border of the heart is made up of numerous small circles with different colors. 

Along with the pony, other elements are also there inside the heart. These elements include three little hearts with text written on two of them, two baby feeding bottles, and a few others. A lot of colors are used in making this tattoo. These colors include but are not limited to red, pink, green, white, orange, purple, blue, green, and yellow.

88. These matching yin yang tattoos for women.

matching tattoos

Neck tattoos can never fall out of favor. Getting tattoos on the back of your neck is quite trendy. Tattoos on the back of your neck can grab the attention of people who are standing or walking behind you. You can say or describe a lot about yourself through a tattoo on the back of your neck. This tattoo has an image of a butterfly. The size of the tattoo is small, but the tattoo is still noticeable.

89. This encouraging tattoo.

matilda tattoos for women

If you are aware of Neverland, a fictional island, you would understand the meaning of this tattoo. Neverland is a part of the works of Scottish novelist Sir James Matthew Barrie. This island has been shown as a place where few fictional characters live. It has been suggested that Neverland is located in outer space. People who go to this fictional place stop growing up. The stars are the entrances to Neverland. They show Neverland in the distance. You can get these fantastic tattoos that contain Neverland guiding stars. 

90. This rad sketch style moon tattoo.


moon back tattoos for women

This tattoo is made in portrait style. Portrait style tattoos look like portraits or photographs. You can get a portrait tattoo of your loved one, your pet, or even your favorite fictional character on any part of your body. This tattoo contains an image of a girl that has mysterious looks. The girl has long and thick black hair. 

She has a brown-colored piece of clothing on her head. She also has horns on her head. The girl has thick eyebrows and eyelashes and green eyes. The girl in the tattoo is wearing a necklace that has a skull. The girl seems to have come straight out of a horror or thriller movie or show. If you like to wear extraordinary tattoos, you can get this tattoo.