114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

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41. These incredible leg tattoos for women.

awesome leg tattoos for women

People who are inclined towards spirituality love to get tattoos that are based on the theme or concept of spirituality. This tattoo includes the image of a goddess. It has to be made on the upper arm. The tattoo is black in color. The image of the goddess looks captivating. In a way, the tattoo also shows feminine power. Guys who want to support women can get this tattoo. Similarly, girls who believe that they are powerful can get this tattoo. 

42. This spiritual upper arm tattoo.

awesome upper arm sleeve tattoos for women

As the name suggests, this tattoo contains a flower and has to be made on the hip of a lady. This flower tattoo is not like any other flower tattoo. It is huge in size due to the big size of the flowers. The tattoo has multiple flowers. Despite being black in color, the flowers do not look boring. The tattoo creates an alluring effect due to the patterns made. Flowers created in the light shade look like shadows of other flowers. 

43. This gorgeous flower hip tattoo for women.

awsome flower tattoo

Back tattoos can never go out of trend, especially because women like to flaunt their backs. Showing a tattoo on the back while having worn a backless dress is like icing on the cake. It takes your beauty appeal up a notch. This tattoo is a watercolor tattoo. In simple words, it resembles a watercolor painting. Artists use special techniques to make a watercolor tattoo. The design of this tattoo includes an upside-down triangle and a flower. 

While the triangle is blue in color, the flower is red in color with a shade of yellow. The combination of blue, red, and yellow colors makes the tattoo even more charming. A Sanskrit letter is written inside the triangle. A thick stream of water in blue color is shown to be flowing from the triangle to the flower. Those who like to wear tattoos that are extraordinary can choose this tattoo. 

45. This cool watercolor back tattoo for women.

back tattoos for women

Beauty and the Beast has been one of the most popular movies across the world. This romantic fantasy film is loved by people of all age groups. The story of the movie is so gripping that people don’t mind watching it repeatedly. If you, too, love this movie, you must get this irresistible tattoo. The design of this tattoo includes a rose within a rose. 

If you look carefully at the tattoo, you will notice that a red rose is enclosed within a pink rose. Blue and green colors are also used. The flower of the rose holds great significance in the story of Beauty and the Beast. The beast in the story is actually a Prince who turned into a beast because of a curse. In order to get back his original looks and redeem himself from his past misdeeds, he has to earn the love of a young woman. But he must do so before the flower dies otherwise, he will remain the beast forever. 

46. This fantasy loving Beauty and the Beast tattoo.

beauty and the beast flower tattoo

If you like tattoos that contain images of feathers but don’t want to get a tattoo on your arm, leg, or back, you can choose this tattoo. This tattoo is made on the area behind the ears. As the name suggests, the design of the tattoo includes feathers. Two large feathers are made in black color. They give an impression as if the person has worn earrings with the design of feathers. Small lines and dots are also created.

47. This busy bee tattoo for women.

bee 3D tattoos for women

Some ladies avoid getting a womens leg sleeve tattoo because they feel worried about whether a tattoo would look nice on their upper legs or not. If you are one of them, you can get this tattoo. The design of this tattoo is so fabulous that you would love to get your upper leg tattooed frequently. 

The tattoo includes a bird that resembles a cockatoo. The color of the bird is rosewood. The bird has a small and sharp beak in yellow color. It has crests, which are the feathers attached to its head. Black color is also used to make the bird. It is shown that the bird is sitting on a flower, which is black in color. A feather is shown attached to the back of the bird.  

48. These lovely behind the ear feathers tattoos for women.

behind the ear feather2

Lacy tattoos are a type of tattoos which are made on different parts of the body. A lace tattoo seems like lace. Lace is a fabric that has a weblike pattern. This delicate fabric has a lot of holes in it. Lace is an ornamental fabric made of threads by hand or machine. It represents charm and grace. In earlier times, wealthy women used to put on lace. Lacy tattoos resemble the look of lace. If you like the look of lace, you should get this tattoo. This tattoo contains a bird made in light and dark shades of blue color. The bird is shown to be flying. 

49. This bird and flower upper leg tattoo.

bird leg tattoos for women

Tattoos are also made on areas like ears. If you want to get a tattoo on the ear, you should get this tattoo. The design is extremely simple, but the tattoo looks beautiful and elegant. A small butterfly is made in blue, purple, green, and black colors. Only one side of the butterfly is shown, as the area covered is small. Imagine how people would react to seeing a butterfly tattoo on your ear. If you want to know whether your imagination can convert into reality or not, you have to get this tattoo. 

50. This blue, lacy bird back tattoo.

bird tattoos for women

People often wear tattoos of objects that are of importance to them. These objects can be related to their profession, hobby, passion, interest, or anything else. This camera tattoo is perfect for those who are either professional photographers or photography enthusiasts. Even if you are someone who likes to capture every beautiful moment that occurs in your life, this tattoo is suitable for you. 

This black-colored tattoo is made on the arm. The design of the tattoo includes a camera, which is being held by the hands of a person. It seems as if someone is holding a camera and is ready to capture a shot. The tattoo also includes minor details like the brand name of the camera, shutter, and lens.