50 Drop Dead Gorgeous Santa Muerte Tattoos

5 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Santa Muerte tattoos are taking the world by storm. “La Santa Muerte” aka the Saint of Death is said to have healing and protection powers, she can help you overcome your enemies and most importantly, she is said to be in charge of the time and manner of your death. If you please her and have her goodwill, she is said to ensure your safe passage to the afterlife where you are to be joined by your ancestors. Don’t forget about retouching tattoos before sharing your Santa Muerte tattoo on Instagram.

Depictions of La Santa vary between images similar to those of the grim reaper and the more common ones of a lady with skeletal features, often with roses and jewels included in the portraits. If you can’t decide wich one to choose you may buy a paper with the special sketch of a tattoo. The most common image used to depict The Saint of Death is the sugar skull, inspired by the famed illustrator José Guadalupe Posada’s interpretation of “La Calavera Catrina”, as explained by the custom tattoo art team at Tattoo Stylist. Keep scrolling and have a look at what we think are some of the best Santa Muerte tattoos out there. Thanks for sharing, thanks for caring.

Table of Contents

1. This sultry lady tattoo.

Santa Muerte tattoo with pink flower


2. This vibrant blue tattoo.

Santa Muerte tattoo with blue eyes


3. This awesome sketch tattoo.

Santa Muerte tattoo cartoon design


4. These sugar skull tattoos.

Santa Muerte tattoo, sugar skull


5. These quirky his and hers tattoos.

Santa Muerte tattoo, his and hers sugar skull


6. This image of innocence Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte tattoo, black and grey work


7. This skater Santa Muerte depiction.

Santa Muerte tattoo, original design


8. This pin up girl Santa Muerte tattoo.

Pin up Santa Muerte tattoo


9. This fiery Santa Muerte tattoo.

Sad beautiful santa muerte girl Tattoo


10. This dark and mysterious Santa Muerte tattoo.

Sanat Muerte tattoo