114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

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101. This incredible masterpiece.

stairway arm tattoos for women

Butterfly tattoos are loved by a lot of people. This butterfly tattoo is lovely. Its design includes a colorful butterfly, a flower, and a few leaves. The colors used in the tattoo are red, black, green, white, blue, and yellow. This tattoo is like sunshine on a rainy day. It can cheer anyone up due to its looks. Butterflies are considered to be a symbol of hope, courage, change, renewal, and transformation. If you are someone who gets upset at little things, you should get this tattoo. It will keep reminding you to be hopeful and lively. 

102. This awesome “suck it” tattoo.

suck it tattoo for women

A linework tattoo is a tattoo that comprises only lines. It is made with a lining needle. Some tattoos might have only a few lines, whereas others might have a lot of lines depending on the design. This linework tattoo contains three trees in black color. A large tree is in the middle, with two small trees on each of its sides. The design of the tree is quite different from the regular trees. Tiny dots are also present in the tattoo. 

103. These fun finger tattoos for women.

sun moon saturn

Unicorn tattoos are generally colorful and vibrant, but this tattoo is slightly different. It contains an image of a unicorn that looks mystical. The tattoo is made on the upper arm. The colors used in the tattoo are only black and blue. Looking from afar, the tattoo might seem like a random picture that looks confusing. But on closer inspection, people can see that it has a unicorn. This tattoo shows how people in this world have two faces.

104. This traditional cat loving tattoo.

traditional ca tattoos for woment

If you want to get an upper arm sleeve tattoo before getting a womens leg sleeve tattoo, you should get this tattoo. It contains images of aeroplanes, ships, and clouds. The clouds also look like waves of water in the ocean. This tattoo will make you feel as if you are flying in the sky or swimming in the water. Others looking at the tattoo will feel that they are looking at the wonderful scenery. The tattoo also contains some patterns and lines. 

105. This traditional butterfly tattoo.

traditional tattoos for women

Here’s another upper arm sleeve tattoo for women. It has an image of a bird whose neck and face are shown. The tattoo is black in color, but it looks beautiful. The bird in the tattoo resembles ‘Pelican’, which is a water bird with a long beak. The long beak in the tattoo catches the attention of people. The bird also resembles a swan because of its round neck. Only one eye of the bird is shown in the tattoo. Numerous dots are also there in the tattoo. People looking at the tattoo would feel as if the bird was sitting right next to them. 

106. This perfect line work tree tattoo.

tree tattoos for women

A werewolf is a creature present in many folktales. According to these folktales, a werewolf is a person who turns into a wolf at night and eats other living beings. Many books, television shows, and movies have also been created based on this concept. The scene where a person transforms into a wolf in shows and movies is viewed with a lot of interest by people. This tattoo has an image that depicts how a girl is being transformed into a werewolf. 

107. This mystical Unicorn tattoo for women.

unicorn tattoos for women

This tattoo is like a drawing made with chalk colors by a child who draws with a heart and not with skills. However, it does not mean that the tattoo does not look beautiful or does not seem to be created by a professional tattoo artist. It simply means that this tattoo has innocence and cuteness. The design of the tattoo includes a cat which is sitting on top of a pile of books. The colors used in the tattoo are white, pink, orange, purple, green, blue, and yellow.

108. This fabulous upper arm sleeve tattoo.

unique sleeve tattoos for women

Elephants are an animal that you don’t see on a regular basis. Therefore, when people, especially children, see elephants, they become excited. You can see an elephant every time you look in the mirror by getting a magical elephant tattoo on your arm. The tattoo looks magical because of its brilliant design and color combination. 

It shows the face, ears, trunk, teeth, and legs of the elephant. White, black, purple, and blue colors are used in the tattoo. Small white dots increase the beauty appeal of the tattoo. People looking at the tattoo will feel as if they are seeing an elephant at a laser show or on a wide screen. 

109. This lovely tattoo for women.

upper arm sleeve tattoos for women

If you have a pet dog or a pet cat, you must get these cute tattoos. They contain images of four little paws. A lot of pet parents get paw tattoos. There is no dearth of designs when it comes to getting a paw tattoo. The design of these tattoos is undoubtedly one of the best. The tattoo is created in such a way that it seems as if the colored water has been splashed around the paws. While the paws are in white and black colors, the water splashes are in blue and pink colors. 

110. This werewolf transformation tattoo.

warewolf tattoos for women

It’s hard to imagine that a small wave is the whole design of the tattoo, but it’s true. This tattoo contains only one element, which is a wave with black and blue colors. This tattoo is made on foot below the ankle. The wave has an attractive look. This tattoo is suitable for those who want to get a tiny tattoo.