43 Face Tattoos That Are Surprisingly Awesome

6 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Face tattoos are just…  wow! It takes a lot of guts and self sureness to express yourself so visibly. We know facial tattoos are often frowned upon, but that’s just because the “frowners” have yet to see this selection of incredible face tattoos.

Sure there are some real stinkers out there, I mean if you are going to get your face inked, try not to get something ridiculous or offensive done. And yes, it’s your face, the one part of your body most on display. Not to mention how bloody painful it must be. Still, we absolutely love the dedication, confidence and balls some people have to bring to us, and show us how positively stylish, trendy and awesome looking facial tattoos can be. After seeing what we have found, even YOU would consider getting some of these if your circumstances allowed it.

Our faces are just masques to our inner selves, we aren’t what we look like. Getting a tattoo done on your face is a way of showing people who you really are, a way of defying nature by saying “This is Me” and a way of rebelling against the confinements of stereotypes. Have look and prepare yourself to be blown away. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing

1. This ship’s wheel face tattoo.

A ship's wheel face tattoo


2. This simple anchor face tattoo.

Anchor face tattoo


3. This cool axe face tattoo.

axe face tattoo


4. This chilled cat tattoo.

Bantik Boy face tattoo


5. These butterfly face tattoos.

Buterfly face tattoo


6. This delicate faith tattoo.

Faith face tattoo


7. These incredible tribal face tattoos.

Geometric face tattoo 1


8. This Mike Tyson tattoo, had to be included!

Mike Tyson face tattoo


9. This number tattoo.

Number face tattoo


10. This floral face tattoo.

Awesome face tattoo

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