114 Irresistible Tattoos For Women

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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11. This unique and random selection of tattoos for women.

random tattoos for women

If you are someone who loves absolute randomness in life, then you can go for this tattoo. These tattoos include a combination of different tattoos. A connection or relation between two or more tattoos is not necessary. You can choose the tattoo designs you like and get them on your arms. 

You can either pick from a catalogue or get a custom design for your tattoo. You can get the names of your loved ones as a part of these tattoos. Such a random selection of tattoos will highlight your personality. It will indicate your interests, passions, hobbies, likes, dislikes, aspirations, and much more. 

12. This fabulous flower and whale tattoo by Zihwa.


Zihwa is a renowned tattoo artist from South Korea. Her full name is Le jardin de Zihwa. She is known for creating tattoos with interesting and intricate designs. This tattoo is one of her creations. It includes two elements that don’t usually go with each other. But these elements complement each other well in this tattoo. 

These elements are a whale and flowers. The whale is made in such a way that it appears as if the whale is swimming, even though water is not included in the design. Flowers are simple, and so is the tattoo. Those who like simple and clever tattoos should get this tattoo on their bodies. 

13. This phenomenal wolf and roses tattoos for women.

wolf on tummy tattoos for women

Wolf and roses might not seem like a combination that can exist in any form, but the design of this tattoo has this combination. The tattoo is big enough to cover your entire stomach. It also covers some of the areas below your belly button. The face of a wolf is at the center of the design. Two large roses in deep red color lie just below the wolf. 

Details like the leaves attached to the roses are also taken care of. The fiery red eyes of the wolf make the whole tattoo intense and meaningful. The wearer of this tattoo can use the design as an indication of their own personality. If you are someone who is usually as sweet as a rose but can become scary as a wolf when the situation demands, you should get this tattoo. 

14. This gorgeous pastel floral tattoo.

pastel floral tattoos for women

Pastel colors have their own charm, as they can give a raw appeal to a drawing. Pastel colors are pale colors that have low saturation. The word ‘Pastel’ is also used to refer to a stick used for coloring a drawing. This stick contains pure powdered pigment and a binder. These sticks are also known as crayons. 

As you must be aware, crayons are pale compared to other types of drawing mediums. This tattoo resembles a drawing made with pastel colors. The design is minimalistic, as it consists of just a few flowers. 

15. This sensual full back tattoo masterpiece.


Just like a womens leg sleeve tattoo covers the whole leg, a full back tattoo covers the whole back. This tattoo can be compared to a piece of art because of its finesse. The design contains numerous small elements like lines, curves, circles, and more. The elements are a perfect match for one another. The words ‘larger than life’ might come to the minds of people when they see this tattoo on your body if you wear a backless dress. Despite covering the entire back area, the tattoo does not look bulky or gaudy. 

16. These lovely leaf arrangement tattoos for women.


Nature is one of the most preferred subjects of many people when it comes to the design of a tattoo. Designs inspired by nature include elements like flowers, plants, leaves, birds, and more. The design of these tattoos is also inspired by nature. These tattoos are simple yet beautiful. A leaf is made on the back side of both legs just above the ankle. Leaves contain shades of green and red. They resemble the leaves in the autumn season because of the colors used. 

17. This cool half cat portrait tattoo.

half cat sketch tattoos for women

Cat people would love this tattoo! It is different from regular cat tattoos. This tattoo is made in portrait style and black color. As the name suggests, the tattoo contains half face of a cat. This tattoo has to be made on the arm. Half of the face of the cat seems mysterious. Therefore, this tattoo can grab the attention of others. The wearer of this tattoo can show they are a mysterious personality. Several facets of their personality are not visible, just like the remaining half of the face of the cat. Those facets become apparent only during certain circumstances.

18. This rocking chest skull and flowers tattoos for women.

chest red skull tattoos for women

Women cannot go around bare-chested, and so, the chest area that can be used to make tattoos in the case of women is limited. A right tattoo is one that not only utilizes the area available properly but also makes the area look attractive. This tattoo is an ideal chest tattoo for women. The design of the tattoo includes a skull and flowers. The color of the skull is bright red, which makes the skull look a bit scary. The flowers are black in color. The whole tattoo has a dark or gothic theme. People who are fans of gothic movies or gothic literature can get this tattoo.

19. This intricate dragonfly tattoo.

full back dragonfly tattoos for women

Most people don’t like creatures like flies, mosquitoes, dragonflies, etc., but some people find these creatures interesting. A few people keep insects as pets. If you are someone who doesn’t find insects to be creepy or disgusting, you should get this tattoo. The design of this tattoo is intricate, colorful, and eye-catching. A large dragonfly is made on the back. The colors used to make a dragonfly are black and yellow. Above the dragonfly, a structure of leaves is created. Single leaves are created below the dragonfly. The overall look of the tattoo is unique and mesmerizing.

20. This wishful dandelion tattoo.

dandelion watercolor tattoo

Dandelion is a hardy perennial plant that is native to Europe and Asia. This plant is considered a herb because its parts are used to treat different infections. It can grow anywhere and its height can reach up to 12 inches. The flowers grown on this plant are bright yellow in color. The interesting fact about this flower is that it comprises numerous miniature flowers called ‘ray florets’. This tattoo includes the dandelion flower in black color, but it looks beautiful.