45 Best Hippy Trippy Tattoos Ever Made

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Hippy Trippy tattoos are on the upraise. With the rave scene growing daily, and there being a bigger and bigger following of what we like to call “green lovers”, it comes as no surprise that these awesome tattoos are taking the world by storm, and leading us in to a new dimension of tattoo. Hippy Trippy tattoos are a mix of watercolor with realism, black and grey with dotwork or negative space effects, illustrative with geometrical work or a touch of tribal… you name it, these tattoos have it.

You are about to discover wondrous worlds, magical creatures and mind bending realities with these Hippy Trippy tattoos. If you like vivid colors, great designs and psychedelic artwork you are in for a serious treat. From incredible hippy tattoos to crazy psychedelic ones, we have searched all over the web to bring to you these funky, love inspiring pieces of art. And what better way to show your love for all things trippy than by getting an awesomely trippy tattoo? Keep scrolling and enjoy the ride. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

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1. This funkadelic trippy tattoo.

awesome trippy tattoo

This colorful tattoo has a variety of elements ranging from small red hearts and a green bowtie to the face of a dog and cool sunglasses. Two diamonds at the top of the tattoo are like jewels on the crown. The colors used are light, and so, you can get this tattoo even if you are not a fan of bold colors. Its design is suitable for people of all genders and age groups. Looking for a quick way to look cool and like to style yourself with funky ideas? Go and get this tattoo today!


2. This awesomely trippy bong tattoo.

bong tattoo

This tattoo has two brilliant themes – 1) nature and 2) the abstract. While the tree, sun, and bird remind you of nature, other elements that include circles, lines, and other patterns are a symbol of abstractness in the world. All the elements fit perfectly and suit each other, thereby creating a design that anyone can fall in love with. As the name suggests, the highlight of the tattoo is the bong, which is a pipe used for smoking marijuana and other drugs.


3. This interstellar all seeing eye tattoo.

intergalactic eye tattoo

If you are someone who gets fascinated by space, the universe, stars, planets, galaxies, and more, then this trippy tattoos will be an ideal choice for you. It has tones of purple, dark blue, light blue, red, and yellow. The tattoo is large in size and oval in shape. In the middle of the tattoo, an eye with a large pupil is made. A triangle surrounds the pupil, and thus, creates an amazing optical illusion. Stars, galaxies, and other elements of the cosmos are a part of the design. The eye in the tattoo will certainly give someone a scare if you go out at night.


4. This psychedelic chest trippy tattoo.

psychedelic chest tattoo

Many people are fond of getting tattoos on their chest. It gives men one more reason to go shirtless. The tattoo covers the chest area and both the arms of a person. The design includes so many elements that the tattoo looks like a full-fledged painting or portrait. Every element is unique, and so, the tattoo can amuse anyone. The hot air balloon, which is at the center of the design made on the chest, symbolizes a person who has a fire within themselves and who now wants to be free. Birds, fishes, flowers, and leaves are shown in such a way that you will start looking at them in a different light. The face of mother Mary in the design on the left arm is the highlight of this tattoo.


5. This gorgeous Simba tattoo.

simba trippy tattoo

Who doesn’t love the adorable lion Simba? Developed as a fictional character for the movies in the Lion King franchise, Simba has won the hearts of people around the world. It is one of the most favorite animated characters of many people. These trippy tattoos are based on Simba’s look as a cub. While the face of Simba has the same colors as a lion cub, the ears and some portions of the nose are given different colors like blue and yellow. Simba, in this tattoo, has also wore a blue-colored bowtie. The details on Simba’s face, viz., mustache, lines, and wide eyes, are made perfectly.


6. This dreamy Spirited Away trippy tattoo.

spirited away tattoo

If you are a fan of Japanese fantasy movies, it’s not possible that you don’t love this tattoo. As the name suggests, this tattoo is inspired by Spirited Away, which is a Japanese animated fantasy movie. The story of the movie revolves around a ten-year-old girl who tries to free herself and her parents from the world of ‘Kami’. Her parents have been turned into pigs. Hence, the pig forms an integral part of the design of this tattoo. The black figures with eyes in the tattoo symbolize the dark powers and forces shown in the movie. This tattoo can grab the attention of anyone easily.


7. This spectacular trippy tattoo.

The all seeing eye trippy tattoo

Not that the other tattoos in this list are not spectacular, but this tattoo is indeed astounding. The dramatic effects created in the design make these tpe of trippy tattoos worth looking at. The patterns and shapes created in this tattoo will make you think of a science-fiction book or movie. Both light hues and dark hues are used in the tattoo. All the colors used in the design complement each other. The triangle, which is in the center of the design, may remind you of a slice of pizza (if you are a big-time foodie!).


8. This surreal portrait tattoo.

trippy portrait tattoo

A lot of people prefer to get a tattoo that is quite distinct from the real world. What’s better than this surreal portrait tattoo? The design includes the face of a man in an interesting combination of colors. The face seems a bit disfigured, as there is a gap between the jaw and the cheeks. The lower part of the face is not complete. There is only one eye on the face. While some elements indicate the colorful personality of a normal human being, other elements indicate the dark side of a human being.


9. These best buds tattoos.

best buds tattoo

The term ‘best buds’ could not have been used better! The name of this tattoo makes this tattoo even more interesting. The term ‘best buds’ can remind anyone of the term ‘best buddies’. Bud means a bundle of marijuana that can be smoked in a joint or in a pipe. This tattoo is meant for two people. On the arm of one person, the word ‘BEST’ is written along with a hand that is holding a lighter. On the arm of the other person, the word ‘BUDS’ is written along with a hand that is holding a bud.


10. This trippy birdie tattoo.

birdy trippy tattoo

If you are someone who likes birds or has a pet bird, then these trippy tattoos are just for you. Who says birds have to be black, brown, grey, red, green, or white in color? You can absolutely have a bird whose body has blue and purple colors. You can have such a bird in the form of a tattoo. This tattoo has a large bird whose wings are closed. The tattoo also has some random shapes and patterns. You might feel that the bird is entrapped, but you cannot take your eyes off of the bird.