65 Mind Bending 3D & Optical Illusion Tattoos

6 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

3D & optical illusion tattoos are real proof of craftsmanship. To draw illusions on paper is one thing, but to get them inked on skin, and still blow us in to a different realm of possibilities, that is entirely a different story.

As with everything on this planet, things evolve. People, technology, food, and of course, tattoos. From tribal hand poked tattoos to westernised techniques, it’s safe to say that tattooing is an ever changing form of body art. 3D & optical illusion tattoos are considered by some to be the most entertaining and challenging form of tattoo. They are incredible to look at and give tattoo artists the chance to create the most convincing, photo-realistic and mind bending tattoos we have ever seen.

If you are looking for something unique, original and visually stimulant there is no better form of tattoo. Just make sure you find a professional who knows what he/she is doing, and don’t go for cheap deals either. In order to make proper 3D & optical illusion tattoos you have to pay up, or end up with something half baked you will regret for the rest of you life.

From 3D bugs, to mesterious worlds, to mind-f*cking optical tricks, these 3D & optical illusion tattoos are bound to stupefy you in the best of ways. Keep scrolling to find some of the most unforgettable optical illusion and 3D tattoos out there.Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This incredible chest tattoo.

3D chest tattoo


2. This mystic eyeball vortex tattoo.

3D eyeball vortex


4. This phenomenal man to machine tattoo.

3D man to machine tattoo on arm


5. There is a superhero in each and every one of us, which one are you?

3D batman effect on chest


6. This superman tattoo.

3D superman tattoo


7. This Spider Man tattoo.

3D spiderman on chest tattoo


8. This badass superhero leg tattoo.

3D superhero leg tattoo


9. This embedded speedometer tattoo.

3D speedometer on arm tattoo


10. This gorgeous butterfly tattoo.

3D butterfly on shoulder tattoo