59 Dreamy Mandala Tattoos You Can’t Ignore

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Mandala tattoos are gorgeous. From simple and delicate designs to more fancy, colorful outbursts, the Mandala tattoo has become a very popular choice of tattoo all over the world.

Mandala tattoos represent wholeness, balance, perfection and eternity. They are a spiritual form of tattoo and were used by many ancient cultures as an expression of the Sacred Universe, that life is in a way, never ending.

Of course many use Mandala tattoos just because they look stunning, and who can blame them? That’s the beauty of a tattoo, it doesnt have to mean anything if you don’t want it to. Plus, Mandala tattoos can be incorporated in to anything you want, making your tattoo that much more interesting and gorgeous to look at.

There are hundreds of incredible Mandala tattoos out there, and we have come up with what we feel are the most impressive Mandala tattoos in the world. Enjoy the show, thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This fabulous arm mandala tattoo.

awesome dotwork mandala tattoo

This mandala art tattoo is a simple yet complex design. Here you can see a flower in the centre surrounded by eyes and then petals. Outer layer is a circle of Lotus shaped petals with three swirling patterns in each. While the centre indicates a calm atmosphere, the next layer gets you excited and it increases with each layer till the last. The eyes represent a divine being guarding you in this mandala which means universe. The outer layer of lotus shaped petals are the sign of Rebirth and purity. This shows the repeated cycle of birth from the centre, then death in the middle and rebirth in the last stage. 

2. This pretty bluey green mandala tattoo.

blue and green mandala tattoo

The bluey green colour of mandala tattoos is the sign of Health and Hope. This colour is known to give a peaceful effect of calm ocean waves. Green and blue colour always resonates with Prosperity and Healing. This mandala design starts from the centre with this colour and next layer is blank, then again the layer of bluey green and ending with blank mandala art layer. This signifies Health and healing as part of life. The phase of bluey green centre is birth and hopeness, then teenage with stress in a blank layer, again a hope and health in early adulthood and despair starts as you age till getting old.

3. This simple but amazing mandala tattoo.

chest mandala tattoo1

This mandala tattoo design breaks the rule of creating mandala art as it usually starts from the centre but here the centre is missing. Rest of the layers are simple triangular petals. There is no outline, only the gap in between the layers. This tattoo is inked on the side of the arm and chest where the heart resides near the centre and more on the left side. The missing centre indicates a missing heart. Significance of not giving your heart to anyone but working on increasing your own mandala which means energy. The gap instead of outlines shows how a person should draw boundaries and never reveal the weakness they have in their heart. 

4. This intricate mandala sleeve tattoo.

intricate mandala sleeve tattoo

Whole arm is covered with a Mandala art tattoo while there’s little filling in the form of dot design and lines. There are two mandala designs, one near the wrist which is full of mandalas and another on the arm near the shoulder which is fully blank. While the rest of the arm is detailed with Flower petals and leaves. Just like a child develops gripping power from shoulder to his hands. The tattoo starts with a blank stage and starts to get flowers and design till wrist signifying the control of a person in his life. It’s like he got the power in his hands.

5. These cute finger and arm mandala tattoos.

mandala finger and arm tattoo

The design of fingers is the missing part of the design on the wrist. The centre has gaps which are the same design on the finger. The outer layer of dots on the wrist mandala tattoos signifies the universe and celestial bodies. The tattoo on the finger is the goal of salvation which is missing in the life of a person signified as the mandala tattoo on the wrist. This universe is working together to bring hope and divinity in the life of a hopeless person and once it gets united, the person will get control of his life in his own hands.

6. This incredible dotwork masterpiece.

mandala grey black and white dotwork tattoo

This black dot work of mandala art has a hexagon shape in the middle followed by another layer of hexagon underneath. Black and white parts indicate contrast between wisdom and ignorance in a person. This mandala art is tattooed between the arms where it folds signifying strength. The person who attains wisdom gets strength while the ignorant one disappears from the world without any recognition. The faded dotwork signifies the disappearance of a person from the world who just lived but never existed. This Hexagon mandala is the world where the person takes birth and leaves this place without any trace. 

7. This fabulous mandala tattoo.

shoulder mandala dotwork tattoo

This tattoo has been inked on the exact joint of shoulder and missing the centre signifying Strength and responsibility in the life of an individual. A detailed and neat design with Dotwork and flower petals. Mandala means circle and it represents the circular motion, and the universe works continuously in this motion. A repeated cycle of phases in life which comes and goes. This mandala on shoulders is a symbol of how this life demands strength from the person to stand on his own feet and attain the goal of salvation which is a missing centre in this mandala art.

8. This celestial mandala tattoo.

stars and moon mandala tattoo

The star in the middle with the half moon is the North Pole star which directs this world in the right direction. Moon is the spark we need in this life and this big star around it is the ray of Hope followed by flower petals and spirals are mother nature and the last mandala is the universe itself. All of them come together in a Circle and help the individual to attain salvation in his life. The circular motion signifies the unending infinity with no end or beginning. 

This celestial mandala tattoos is best for a person who carries vision and hope in his mind and heart.

9. This heavenly tree of life mandala tattoo.

tree of life mandala tattoo

Let’s start from the bottom, here is a piece of rock or a symbol of the universe with an abstract line design coming out of it towards upwards direction signifying Ray of hope. Now roots, then stems and fully grown branches is a symbol of the beginning of a life. The tree of life is surrounded by a big mandala layer  of flower petals which represent happiness while the dry branches without any leaves are a dark phase of life. This circle is a cycle of repeated phases. Now in the final and top end, you can see flying birds in the sky which is the final time of salvation and the person will start from bottom to achieve it.

10. This cool turtle mandala tattoo.

turtle mandala tattoo

Turtles represent longevity and calmness. This mandala tattoo has been drawn on the arm to collect strength. The turtle signifies to slow down and be calm in tough times. Do not lose your calm and conscience. In chaos, be in solitude and think wisely to solve your life problems. Turtles represent slow and positive transformation. Do not rush to succeed. Be patient and work continuously. You will gather more strength by not using violence. Being related to the earth and ocean, turtles are a symbol of humbleness. That’s how a person should be to live a satisfied life. Your time will come soon.