59 Dreamy Mandala Tattoos You Can’t Ignore

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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41. This glorious mandala tattoo.

phenomenal dotwork mandala tattoo

This dotted mandala tattoo has a centre of a flower and here the dot work is dense and with each mandala layer  it is fading till the end with a dense layer of dotted mandala again. While the centre is beginning with dense effect and representing the universe, now with the experience and living in the materialistic world, it starts to fade until the last mandala which is again dark indicating the rebirth. This is a repeated cycle of the universe with no end or beginning but an infinite cycle, which goes in spirals just like dark and bright phases come in the life of an individual again and again.

42. This pretty mandala tattoo.

pretty mandala tattoo

This is a whole bloomed flower in the form of a mandala with a very simple yet mesmerising design which is similar to the nature of this universe. The universe looks so simple with light but as you go further in detail it gives you a glimpse of complexity, the more you go into it, the more you discover and it never ends. Every person has a whole universe in itself and they have a similar nature. Both darkness and brightness exist in each person. Without dark, there is no light. While the flower represents simplicity, it works in a complex way. 

43. This terrific mandala tattoo.

purpleviolet mandala tattoo

With a blank space in the centre, each layer is getting complex. This geometric pattern of mandala represents the mind of an individual. While we live a normal life according to the social norms. A bright person who doesn’t want to fit in the society thinks differently. 

Blank space in the centre indicates the beginning phase of life which doesn’t think independently but follows what society tells. With each layer of mandala, it gets complex which signifies the developing thought process and in the end, he gathers knowledge and experience to become a wise person. 

This pink colour mandala is a sign of Transformation.

44. This red and black mandala tattoo.

red and black mandala tattoo

While the centre has an abstract geometric pattern, the mandala layer beneath this pattern is a concrete design of a flower. Red and black colours together symbolises attraction, darkness, vitality and mystery. The hue of these colours shows Going into darkness. 

Abstract design in the centre looks like claws gripping something which represents forcefully hiding or controlling your dark energy so the flower can bloom. It seems the centre design is attacking the flower which represents controlling your energies and balancing them to feel the positivity. 

The flower is independent and spreads its petals which are symbols of love and brotherhood.

45. This unique red ink mandala tattoo.

red ink mandala tattoo

This red ink mandala tattoo is unique and stands out most due to its red colour as it symbolises Blood, Fire, Passion and Love. All of these things are both good and bad for you as they can give life and destroy as well. 

Fire is the gift to mankind but it is the one that leads to most of the destruction in the world. Blood is the beginning of life and death too. Passion is healthy but madness is not good. Love is what controls this universe while lust can lead to chaos. 

The flower design in this mandala is very simple and peaceful but its meaning has complexity of blood, fire, passion and love.

46. This fabulous rose mandala tattoo.

rose incorporated mandala tattoo

A simple mandala pattern design with a centre having a  bloomed rose indicates the beginning of life. Blooming means Birth, youth, Beginning phase, Pleasure and Brightness. 

Rose is the symbol of Love and Royalty. This mandala tattoo has many intricate details with little dots in the end. These little dots signify entering a new chapter or phase of life. Rose, which represents youth, shows childhood and the happy phase of life but with time, the sadness erupts and the blooming rose starts to fade leaving despair in the life and this mandala design is spacious with little details indicating the little amount of excitement in life.

47. This cute shoulder mandala tattoo.

shoulder mandala tattoo

This mandala design had flowers in each layer and outlined with a big flower as well. Outer layer has Roses signifying the happy ending full of satisfaction and passion. In the spiritual world, flowers are the symbol of Eternal hope and joy. With each layer of flower in the mandala, this is a representation of life and a journey to salvation. Roses represent salvation and end and other flowers from centre to the edge are phases of life. Centre flower is simple just like childhood while each flower gets complex to show the complexity that increases with the age of the person. 

48. This impressive shoulder tattoo.

shoulder mandala tattoos

There are two merged mandalas in this tattoo design. The full mandala signifies light while the incomplete mandala represents the dark energy. 

Incomplete mandala is a hidden personality which is shown to no one. And the full mandala is the outer personality of a person. This mandala flower symbolises the bright phase of life which fully blooms and radiates positivity in a person and the other phase which is dark and incomplete is the waiting to devour the light. If it collides with the light then the person will have a negative thought process and perspective which can lead to despair and sorrow.

49. This intricate mandala tattoo.

simple shoulder mandala tattoo

This detailed mandala tattoo has a flower-like appearance and edges with the design of royal castle pillars and arch. This mandala signifies Royalty, dominance and leadership quality in a person. His intricate details are the complex nature of a leader. He is the problem solver of the group and controls everything. The castle pillar and arch like design in the outer edge indicates the Relation of a leader or a king with its Castle or throne. This is where he sits and becomes centre. The leadership quality exists in every person but they need to discover and polish it with experience and struggle. 

50. This spectacular sleeve tattoo.

sleeve incorporated mandala tattoo

This mandala has a Beetle beside it, which is known as a Lucky charm and brings prosperity. This mandala has complex details with beetles, flowers, leaves and faded dots. While the mandala is a person itself, the beetle is his positive nature and thought process. The flower is terrific and represents a dark or negative mind. Both beetles and flowers contrast their nature and each other. 

Beetles which have bad appearance are a symbol of fortune and flowers which are beautiful symbolises negativity. This beetle moving forward to get to the top of the mandala indicates slow progress of a person.