Top 10 Easy Aquarium Plants for Beginners 

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Easy Aquarium Plants

Imagine this: your kid’s birthday is coming, and you have no idea what new things you can do this year to make it memorable. Well, for the party, you can trust Breakout escape rooms to make it one of the most remarkable as well as memorable days of their life. But how to make their birthday present as unique as the celebration? Maybe you can buy them an aquarium with Easy Aquarium Plants to make it a special surprise! 

Whether it is a gift or a hobby of your own, maintaining an aquarium can often seem like an intimidating job. But in reality, all your aquarium needs are good filters, regular cleaning, and some plants to keep its mini-ecosystem functional.  

If you are just getting started on this journey, let us walk you through a list of easy-to-maintain plants that are great for your home aquarium.  

Why do you need aquarium plants? 

Here are a few  essential benefits of aquarium plants: 

  1.     The plants can convert carbon dioxide present in the water into breathable oxygen for the fishes in your aquarium. 
  2.     The presence of the live plants also facilitates the removal of nitrates and other chemical products from the water to protect your fish. 
  3.     Plants can also help saturate the water in the aquarium, thereby keeping it aerate.  
  4.     The presence of live plants also acts as a shelter for the fishes.  
  5.     Plants further help in improving and maintaining the quality of your water.  

Top 10 Easy Aquarium Plants for Beginners  

1.      Marimo Moss Ball 

The plant has a fascinating velvety green outlook to add to the aesthetics of your aquarium. Neither a moss nor a plant, this is a Cladophora algae, which occurs mostly naturally.  

The only care you need to do for this plant is to roll the plant gently with your palms each time you clean your tank. This will ensure that the algae maintain its significant round shape and all parts of it are exposed to sunlight.   

2.      Amazon Sword 

Amazon Sword is known to grow abundantly and can fill your aquarium with lush greenery in no time. You need to feed the plant several root tabs to help its growth. One easy way to know if you need to add more root tabs is by checking the plant’s leaves. If they appear to be yellowing, you need to feed them more.  

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Outside of water, the plant’s leaves are much bigger and round. But once planted inside an aquarium, it gradually reabsorbs nutrients and grows longer and narrower leaves underwater.   

3.      Java Moss 

This plant will grow best in clean and well-circulated water. Java Moss can grow even better if it gets bright lightning. You can use it as a great and readily available carpet plant for your aquarium. The plant grows relatively fast and will cover the floor of your aquarium in no time!   

4.      Lilaeopsis 

Lilaeopsis is also known as the Brazilian Micro Sword. It is a short-stemmed plant that can also be an excellent choice for carpet plants. You can grow this plant partially or completely submerged in the waters of your aquarium. 

With the right amount of sunlight, carbon dioxide, and other essential nutrients, the plant grows pretty spontaneously.  

5.      Christmas Moss  

If you are setting up a breeding tank, then having some Christmas moss in it can be a good idea. The moss usually has a fluffy outlook, which makes it great at sheltering and protecting baby fishes and shrimps.  


aqua plant

You can even tie these mosses to some rocks or driftwood to give your aquarium an outlook of the overgrown moss-covered forest! If you wish to maintain the growth of the moss, you can have some algae eaters such as Amano shrimp in your tank.   

6.      Vallisneria 

If the idea of making your aquarium look like an underwater jungle thrill you, then make sure to invest in buying some Vallisneria. Provide the plants with sufficient root tabs and liquid fertilizer to ensure healthy growth. Sit back and watch how your plants grow up to the top surface of your water! 

With Vallisneria in your aquarium, you can introduce a few fishes that are especially known for eating up or digging plants, such as goldfishes. This will help maintain the proper growth of your Vallisneria.  

7.      Java Fern 

You can find several varieties of Java Fern available in the market to choose from. However, the most common variety remains the ones with long and pointed leaves and deeply ridged veins.  

As all the leaves and roots sprout from the rhizomes, make sure not to plant the rhizome in the substrate. Planting them in the crevices of rocks is a common practice. With time, the roots grow tightly around it. The plant absorbs liquid fertilizers from the water column, as it does not stand on the substrate.   

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8.      Water Wisteria 

Water Wisteria is known for its lace-like leaves, which, interestingly enough, vary according to water temperature. You can easily plant them by taking the cuttings from the lower leaves of another plant.  

The plant is also known for its fast growth rate. Water Wisteria requires a moderate amount of sunlight for healthy growth and is quite easy to take care of.  

9.      African Water Fern 

Even under ideal conditions, African Water Fern is primarily known for its slow growth rate. The best way to grow this plant would be by anchoring it to the driftwood instead of planting it in the substrate directly.  

The plant requires a lot of sunlight to ensure proper growth. Once the plant has firmly established its roots, you will find that it is quite easy to maintain and take care of.   

10.  Anubias 

Anubias is a hardy and easy-to-grow plant for your aquarium. Just like the previous one, this plant, too, needs to be anchored to driftwood instead of planting it in the substrate. You must ensure that the rhizomes are left open above the substrate to prevent rot when it is rooted.  

Anubias needs only a little sunlight for its growth and has a moderate to the quick growth rate. It is known to be one of the easiest plants to grow for beginners!  


And that concludes the mentioned list of the top 10 aquarium plants even a beginner can grow quickly. Aquariums are a great and easy way to connect with and learn about the different ecosystems in the world. Fishes play a much different role as pets than other animals such as cats or dogs. As you take care of your aquarium and invest your time into maintaining it, you learn to respect the different forms of life on earth without expecting any benefit in return. Of course, fishes can often be affectionate too. But that is only when you make sure to take care of them and their home as correctly as possible. 

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Easy Aquarium Plants