59 Dreamy Mandala Tattoos You Can’t Ignore

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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21. This dreamy mandala tattoo.

blue mandala tattoo

Simple yet vibrant, this mandala tattoo indicates a cool and calm mind. This bluish green colour is the ocean which is calm and full of peace. A cool mind attains wisdom and only focuses on positivity. This design is a chakra mandala which revolves without break representing the continuity of life and world. Living beings will be born and die but this universe will still move and won’t ever stop its movement. This indicates how a person should focus on his goals and be patient to achieve what he desires. Happiness and the sad phase will come and go but do not break yourself. Be calm like an ocean and wait for the moon of hope to expand your waves to reach the sky of success. 

22. This colorful mandala tattoo.

brilliant mandala tattoo

Full of colours and bloomed flowers, this mandala indicates different phases of life. Centre starts with cool colours from Violet, indigo, blue, to middle mandala of Green and yellow while ending with orange, pink and red. This is a whole rainbow. Life is full of phases and each phase is important to grow in a potential being. We need to experience sorrow as well to understand this life. 

Centre which is dark indicates sadness and despair but when the person moves in the right direction of the universe, he starts to come out of it and experience green and yellow, the colours of nature and love. Finally he arrives at the outer mandala which is red, orange and pink indicating his end of journey and attainment of salvation.

23. This geometric mandala chest tattoo.

chest mandala tattoo

The geometric designs are clear and detailed with straight lines indicating a clear path in the right direction. These two mandala designs represent the Sun and outer layers are its rays expanding. Chest is the centre of the human body which protects the heart and other delicate organs important to be alive. Sun , which is the leader of this universe and controls everything, indicates the Confidence and bravery of a person. The chest indicates Protector attitude of a person. Overall this mandala art is the symbol of a Leader who always looks forward and protects everyone. A person who has Yang personality shows the Dominance and extroversion. 

24. This lovely mandala tattoo.

colorful mandala tattoo

With pink and green as the major colours in this mandala : Pink is the symbol of love and faith while the green is prosperity. This is a detailed mandala in motion indicating the motion of this nature and how it influences the life of an individual. In the centre there are beautiful flowers blooming representing new life. Second mandala layer is the circle of big petals indicating the middle phase of life when a person experiences life and lastly the green leaves show the end of suffering and satisfaction with this life. The little dots in the end symbolises the final stage to attain salvation. 

25. This graceful mandala tattoo.

dainty mandala tattoo

This mandala is outlined by a big flower petal. Centre consists of mandalas of flowers followed by lines and then swirling patterns. Outer layer has strings full of beads hanging in the bottom. This petal is the universe and the string of beads hanging is the power to maintain life. The design is very simple but attractive. A minimalist person should opt for this mandala tattoo. It is just a blank design but carries many symbolism such as : Being calm in the storm of darkness. Be patient and wait for the right moment to bloom your flower. Be your own master.

26. This delicate mandala tattoo.

delicate mandala tattoo

This is a fully grown flower in the form of a mandala. The circular motion indicates the life cycle of a Flower which resonates with the life of a person.

There are three flowers, the one in the centre followed by the second mandala and then another big bloomed mandala at the end. These three phases are Beginning, living and ending of a flower just like phases of life. 

A flower starts as a seed underneath the ground which takes time to grow in a bud and bud needs sunlight, rain, air to grow to bloom in a beautiful flower. 

27. This neat dotwrok mandala tattoo.

dotwork mandala tattoo

Dots symbolises Present, past and future and its fadedness means getting free from worrying about these phases of time to live in a moment that you currently have. Fading dots in the mandala tattoos indicates anxiety about the future and regression of past. 

This mandala in circular motion is the Time and it is an infinite loop, which won’t ever end. Even your current moment will become past after 1 second. 

So do not stress about what happened and what will happen, just live your life and be grateful for this life. Centre has dense dots and they are fading till the outer layer indicating the end of suffering.

28. This lotus mandala tattoo.

forearm mandala tattoo

This mandala tattoo has been outlined with Lotus with small mandalas within indicates the very nature of a person. Lotus is a symbol of purity and detachment from the materialistic world and humbleness. Lotus here indicates the wise nature of a person and how he should act in the dark times. Be calm and wise. When a person gets successful, he is full of pride sitting on cloud nine. This is the beginning of his destruction. 

This mandala symbolism means to be grounded and learn constantly. Be a lotus who is so pure even after being grown in mud and dirt. 

29. This sexy garter style mandala tattoo.

garter mandala tattoo

This style of mandala art has mandala chakras but in halves, there are many layers but not a single complete mandala. If we observe, this mandala art looks like a big top part of a tree which consists of leaves and branches. Nature has a big significance in our life. The mandala on the lines are earth followed by another layer of half mandalas which are the base of the tree and at last, there is a single and huge leaf with mandala art design on it. The last pole is upward in the direction of the sky and that’s how a person should : humble and visionary.

30. This hippy mandala tattoo.

gorgeous watercolor mandala tattoo

The hippy culture is associated with searching for spirituality and attaining salvation by defying the social norms. This mandala art has vibrant colours associated with spirituality. When you have a kind psychedelic experience, you will see the same colours filled in this mandala tattoo. Hippy cultural people like to wear these colours in the forms of tattoos, make up, clothes and accessories. These psychedelic colours in mandala indicate the spiritual experience which never ends just like this circle which moves without a break. 

People who love spirituality should opt for these colours and mandala design to show their personality.