59 Dreamy Mandala Tattoos You Can’t Ignore

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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51. This vivid sleeve tattoo.

sleeve mandala tattoo

Green and Orange as main colours in this mandala tattoo has a spiritual significance. Orange is an optimistic colour which represents energy while green represents rebirth and mortality.  There are many mandalas in this tattoo which are vivid and realistic just like its colours. Orange and Green are the colours of nature. Sun, Earth, Living beings, fruits and flowers have shades of orange followed by green in the trees, skies, ocean with different shades. The mandalas here represent the contrasting thought process of a mind associated with positive and negative thinking. Mandalas are of the universe and mind both.

53. This spiritual mandala tattoo.

spiritual mandala tattoo

Both mandala and Om symbols originate from Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma. This religion directs a person on how to exist and do good karma. 

With Om in the centre, this mandala design indicates the universe and how it controls everything in this world. ‘Om’ is the sound of the universe which defines its existence. The red mandala around Om is a crown chakra of lotus which is a symbol of Purity and salvation followed by rays and spirals in the end are the energy radiating from this universe. This is how a wise person radiates positiveness in the crowd and influences everyone.

54. These arty mandala tattoos.

sun and moon mandala tattoos

Both mandalas are detailed and neat in design. While one madala has the centre of the Moon, the other has the centre of the Sun. The designs around the centre are the sky and spirals are its energy. The Sun has thin lines of light sky in mandala patterns and the Moon mandala has dense lines representing the dark night sky. Sun has brightness and a big flower mandala and the moon has low light and a small flower in the mandala. 

Sun is an extrovert in nature while moon is the symbol of introversion. This is how a dual nature exists in an individual.

55. This cool sun and moon tattoo.

sun and moon red mandala tattoo

This vivid mandala tattoo has two specific colours, one in warm tone and other in cool tone. While the warm orange represents the sun, the cool Teal is the colour of the Moon. Sun has patterns like a wheel which constantly indicates the revolution of the sun and its brightness. Moon has a simple mandala design in half appearance. Both are contrasting to each other. Sun is bright, Dominant and brings chaos. Moon has low light, Persistence and calmness. Sun is the movement and Moon is the one who says “Slow down”. This mandala art signifies the beginning and ending of phases in life.

56. This fabulous tribal mandala tattoo.

tribal mandala tattoo

With lots of geometric patterns, this tribal mandala tattoo signifies the abstract side of life. These patterns are abstract in nature and repeated in circular formation to create mandala. 

Tribal community lives in forests separated from the society. They live with danger everyday and survive on their own. Their nature is abstract to the people who live in society and find them wild. 

This mandala design indicates the nature of Tribes and how they protect their mother nature. The design is intimidating and full of chaos with flower-like mandala patterns in between to show their soft nature and how they love forest as their home.

57. This trippy mandala tattoo.

trippy mandala tattoo

The Psychedelic effect on this  mandala tattoo is associated with the mind and chaos it has all the time. Symbol of Zodiac sign Aries is an animal ‘Ram’ which is also associated with psychedelic effect. All these chaotic abstract designs around the mandaka are the representation of a psychedelic mind affected by drugs. Aries is a symbol of self reliance and courage. But its aftereffects are development of a selfish nature due to long term loneliness and an urge to establish dominance over others. The person who is alone and idle always has an evil mind and darkness prevails in him. 

58. This watercolor effect tattoo.

watercolor and dotwork mandala tattoo

This mandala tattoo has colours in the edges and blank space in the centre showing the contrast of life phases. 

The colour effect represents the revolving wheels of life cycle. Centre has flower design in dots and no colour is present which is a calm phase while the colourful edges are chaotic. A day in the life of a person starts with calmness and then slowly progresses to the chaotic experience he feels throughout the day. The cycle repeats everyday. And everytime in the night he again feels calm and sleeps. These colours are different experiences he feels and dots are the faded calmness. 

59. This watercolor galaxy mandala tattoo.

watercolor galaxy mandala tattoo

Full of colours of the galaxy, this mandala represents space and its movement. The middle portion has magenta, indigo and blue colours which are main colours in space indicating the superiority of the galaxy as it is home to our world. All celestial bodies revolve here and we exist because of this galaxy. The mandala design around it is detailed and black in colour shows the dark matter and unending darkness of this universe. The design is abstract just like how we cannot define this universe in just words. It is a vast concept full of mystery. These colours symbolise creation and consciousness.