101 Everlasting Couple Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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What is the meaning of couple tattoos?

There are certain tattoos that remind you of the silly, cute, romantic memories you share with your partner. Often couples get matching tattoos like king and queen tattoos to stay connected forever.

Symbols like roses are the most common tattoo ideas when it comes to couples. Other popular tattoo ideas include getting your zodiac signs or initials inked together. And lastly, let’s not forget about tattoos that help commemorate loved ones like the sweet pea flower tattoo for example.

When it comes to deciding on what type of couple tattoo you want, the options are endless. You can pick something simple like matching hearts or go all out and get couples tattoos that are super detailed and symbolic. No matter what you choose, getting a tattoo with your partner is a beautiful way to show the world that you’re in it for the long haul.

Below you’ll find 101 great couple tattoo ideas to get inspired from.

Couple tattoos are the ultimate proof of exactly how profound your relationship really is. Getting married used to be the thing to do, but now a days you can get married and divorced pretty much all on the same day. These loving tattoos are everlasting. They will grow old with you, and nothing says “I love you forever” like a matching tattoo.

Couple tattoos take devotion, loyalty, passion and desire. It’s all about commitment, something very rare and very special. By “labelling” your bodies with matching tattoos you are showing each other that you will fight for one another, that nothing will break you apart, that you are in it to win it.

Besides looking awesome, getting a tattoo with your significant other is a great bonding experience, so whether you want to celebrate your anniversary together, surprise your loved one, or simply prove your undying affection for one another, couple tattoos are the way to go. I leave you now with a sweet poem by Andrew Young. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

“Beauty and love are all my dream;
They change not with the changing day;
Love stays forever like a stream
That flows but never flows away;

And beauty is the bright sun-bow
That blossoms on the spray that showers
Where the loud water falls below,
Making a wind among the flowers.”

1. This lovely heart shaped tattoo.

awesome watercolor couple tattoo

Tattoos are one of the most amazing arts that you can have imprinted on your body. One of the latest types of tattoos that you can ever have, is the watercolor flower tattoos. The tattoos range from teeny tiny tattoos to full huge tattoos. Besides all of that, one of the amazing things that you will know about these tattoos is that it looks not only amazing, but also beautiful. If someone will look at this tattoo, then it will look very real and looks alive. This is the beauty of these tattoos. Unlike other dead looking tattoos this is special and different.

2. This endearing “Beauty and the Beast” tattoo.

Beauty and the Beast wrist couple tattoo

One of the most brilliant and for only girl’s tattoo is the spring flower water color tattoo. This tattoo will come in different colors of the flower like that of orange, yellow, red, and so on. But the most popular one is the pink color. You can draw this tattoo at your back or in the arms or near the neck or nape, as these are the only suitable places for this beautiful tattoo. The spring flower tattoo looks so real, and is carved in such a way that it looks a bit like coming out of your skin, like someone can pick those flowers.

3. These cute little love birds.

birdies wrist couples tattoos

Next, comes the pretty feet water color flower tattoo. This amazing tattoo is the most beautiful and apt tattoo for beautiful, fair feet. The way this tattoo is carved out and drawn it looks pretty natural. It looks like the flowers and leaves are just growing from beneath your skin. The orange, red and light pink flower looks pretty real and live and the brilliant way it has layers in it, makes it look fleecy, just like how the real flowers have the petals spread. Plus, you can wear different open pattern sandals with this kind of tattoo in your feet, which will make your feet look beauteous and appealing.

4. This awesome tattoo.

circle couples tattoos

Rose tattoo watercolor is one such tattoo which is not every tattoo maker cup of tea. If you want a good rose tattoo, then go for the best perfect water color rose tattoo. This tattoo looks very real. Every area and every corner of the petals is carved in such a fashion, that it looks very much alive and looks like a real rose blooming out of your hands or arms, wherever you make this tattoo. The color combinations are beautiful red-maroon, and light orange-pinkish. So, can understand that with this color combination, how carefully the tattoo is made. The real looking rose tattoo! 

5. This “with out you I’m incomplete” tattoo.

cool couple arm tattoo

Poppy watercolor tattoo is another beautiful kind of tattoo which has its own definition. This tattoo is somewhat dripping. The dripping poppy water color tattoo looks like the artists is still coloring it. Or it moreover looks like the flower is dripped in water and then being picked up, and the water dripping from the side. You can use your imagination when you see the tattoo. This tattoo gives more of a live look, which is real. You can wear this beauteous appealing tattoo in your arms. 

6. These cool fish tattoos.

cool fish couple tattoo

Another best tattoo which you can have in your arms, if you are a animal lover, then its none other than the amazing elephant water color flower tattoo. One of the best parts that you will know about this tattoo is that it has beautiful flowers also and the elephant is kind emerging out of the bushes of flowers, which gives it a cute look. Next, to add more style to the tattoo there is also a pyramid shaped triangles near the trunk and head of the elephant. So, in all it gives it a modern yet animal kingdom look. 

7. This funny and cute tattoo.

cute couple tattoo1

If you love math and geometry, then one of the most sui generis kinds of tattoo which you can have is geometric water color flower tattoo. One of the amazing things that you will know about this flower is that, its petals, the interior petals and designs including the leaves are all in apt geometric shape. Then, to add a or fill the design up there are polka dots in black and pink and blue, and lavender color, which adds although more beauty to the design. This is one of the top tattoo designs to wear with fashionable clothes like sleeves shirts and other tops.

8. These awesome his and hers sugar skull tattoos.

finger skull couple tattoo

Next, is the pink and purple watercolor flower tattoo. This tattoo is more of like an apt rangoli design. But its beautiful with a lot of simplicity in the tattoo. It looks absolutely gorgeous if this tattoo were put in the back or in the arms. But when this tattoo is put on the arms, the size may become small, but its cute and lovely. It has flower petals that has line more of like the veins of the flowers and then there is a circular shaped design, which if you look closely in the center, it looks like an eyeball. 

9. This incredible geometric couple tattoo.

geometric couple tattoo

Captivating water color flower tattoo. This is one of the most original looking tattoos. You should have this tattoo in your arms or collarbone or back, or wrists. It has light pink color shade of flowers which looks like they are emerging out of the skin, or is a part of your skin color. There is also light touch of deep yellow color petal but only 2. This is also one kind of spring flower tattoo which looks amazing. Since it’s a girlish kind of a tattoo it will look lovely on a girl’s wrist or arms, especially if she’s wearing a pink dress or light pink hued color apparel

10. This unique depiction of love.

heart couple tattoo1

Next is gorgeous water color tattoo. And, trust me this tattoo will give you a pure spring time or summer time vibe. If you love the shedding of the leaves crisp yellowish and reddish color and want to always have your mind stay happy with that summer/fall feeling, then you should definitely have this tattoo. It has a simple design like 3 flowers and another 3 tiny ones popping up, then again, it’s the color that changes the story of this picture, that is the reddish yellow and it looks amazing against the skin color.