59 Dreamy Mandala Tattoos You Can’t Ignore

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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31. This complex mandala tattoo.

hand intricate mandala tattoo

This detailed mandala tattoos is full of Flowers like repeated design in cycle followed by petals and then again more petals. Centre has simple lines and blank space. With each mandala layer, the design gets complex and the outer is the most complex mandala layer. Outer edge has swirling patterns. These swirling patterns are the sky and clouds and the centre of the Sun. The Sun is the major power of this universe and controls everything. Simple mandalas signify the calm nature of sun and brightness while the complex mandalas are the angry nature of sky signified as lightning and thunder. Last layer is the rain which calms everything down in the end. 

32. This unique mandala tattoo.

hand mandala tattoo

Mandala on the top of the palm followed by a big petal on the wrist. Both mandala designs are colliding in each other signifying the contrasting thoughts in the mind of an individual. There is always a battle of positive and negative thoughts in the mind. Right now people have negative thoughts mostly which makes their life full of sorrow and despair. Mandala on the wrist is the positivity while the other mandala is the negative thought. You can notice how it attacks the circle and tries to take over the positiveness from the mind to fill the mind with darkness. 

33. This hip mandala tattoo.

hip mandala tattoo

With Lotus in the middle of the mandala and followed by complex abstract design is the symbol of divinity. The lotus is filled with geometric lines and patterns. There’s no colour but blank spaces. This is a type of cool tattoo for people who are adventures and want to explore new things everyday. Lotus represents purity and transformation which resonates with the life of an individual. The details are contrasting to the very nature of mandala which is repeated in circular motion. Here the design is straight with no repetition. The strings full of beads hanging from the lotus indicate an aura. 

34. This stunning mandala tattoo.

hip mandala tattoo1

This is the whole mandala with multilayers of more mandalas within. Each layer has blooming lotuses. While the centre is very simple, the rest of the layers are complex and full of dense designs. This mandala represents the personality of a person, how his heart is simple and pure but he still pretends to be tough in front of the world. Lotuses which are symbols of purity also indicate the internal feelings of a person and how he is surrounded with chaos and bad aura around him just like lotus is surrounded with a diet and mud. But still lotus is divine.

35. This awesome mandala tattoo.

mandala and lotus flower tattoo

A fully bloomed Lotus with a mandala coming out of it indicates the birth and purity. Lotus is a symbol of purity and transformation. The person who is trying to transform his life should choose this mandala tattoo. The colour of this tattoo is bluish green which is a cool colour associated with the ocean and calmness. The mandala coming out of the lotus is a transformation of an individual into a potential being. This mandala is a new stage of life where a person experiences dark and bright phases and understands life to attain salvation in the last stage.

36. This half sleeve mandala tattoo.

mandala shoulder tattoo

 The mandala tattoos on the top portion represents Sky with a big flower petal underneath and the sky is surrounded with swirling clouds. Centre of this mandal is the Sun and its expanded patterns are its rays. Then another layer of mandala is the repeated cycle of thunder and lightning. Lastly, big clouds are the calm nature of the sky. Let’s move to the bottom. Petals full of mandala design represents earth and it is filled with dark lines showing the nature of earth which is calm and full of its creation. The flowers in the centre are the roots or base of the whole world.

37. This fantastic sleeve mandala tattoo.

mandala sleeve tattoo

There are several different types of mandala designs. Each mandala is unique and represents different phases of life. While the dark mandals are full of chaos and unsettling vibe, light mandals are spacious and give you a calm effect. This represents the chaos and calmness in the life of an individual, he lives and experiences these phases every time. While the calm is for a limited time, chaos is consistent. Chaos happens everywhere from the outside to the inner mind. But you need to be patient and think wisely before giving in to this chaos and maintain your thoughts.

38. This enchanting mandala tattoo.

mandala tattoo

This unique mandala made of strings tied together to create this mesmerising design with a flower in its centre. Strings symbolise the temper of a person which needs to be controlled all the time to avoid wasting energy on useless things. Flower is the mind that controls the string of your temper. There will be many moments, when you will give in to this chaos and lose your temper but if your mind allows only positivity and a new perspective to view this world differently, then you will be able to control your temper and life. A wise person never loses his temper on small problems but maintains his calmness.

40. This phenomenal neck mandala tattoo.

neck mandala tattoo1

This is an abstract design of Mandala with petals and leaves. With a bright flower in the centre which represents the Sun followed by multilayers of petal mandals. These mandala layers are the rays of the sun. Whole mandala tattoo indicates the bright personality of a person associated with the personification of the Sun. A person with bright energy influences people around him and establishes his dominance. This kind of person is a leader and protector with a vision to change the world. The multilayer mandala petals are his aura which reaches everyone and they unintentionally start to follow his aura.