Why Odoo ERP is good fit for your business

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Odoo ERP is good fit for your business

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning has been around us since quite some time. it is expected to grow market size wise and have more demand in coming times. The future of ERP market numbers is believed to be bright with the market size expected to touch about $85 billion dollars in next two years. Despite such encouraging facts, there is no denying the fact that a large chunk of organizations is still to adapt these magical modules. 

What is lacking if ERP not yet adopted

ERP is no less than the primary need of a modern and performance-driven organization. Though no one is bound to adopt any technology, still the idea can become lucrative as well as a guarantee of better reputation for the businesses. A business is said to be performing better when:

  1. It is capable of meeting the demands of the customers
  2. Has sufficient resources in hand to expand as well as sustain
  3. Has clearly accountable work ecosystem
  4. Has fewer interpersonal and customer-business issue to tackle
  5. It is completely compliant with the laid regulations

Of course, the numbers like sales, profit and buyer base continue to be the primary determinants of good performance, but the success attained on the points mentioned above prevents the numbers from withering away under undue pressures created within the organization and from outside.

So, if ERP is not in place, you might be seeing a pile of unattended complaints, unorganized departments and work patterns, and sheer waste of resources on the whole.

Key Features of ODOO ERP

ODOO ERP has been significantly developed for following the changing requirements & focus of growing companies. This implies that you can essentially look forward to shopping around new applications for supporting the overall business performance as you would need the same.

The main modules in a typical ODOO ERP interface are:

  • eCommerce
  • accounting 
  • CRM
  • Project Management
  • POS
  • MRP
  • Inventory Management
  • Reporting 
  • Time Sheets

Additionally, Odoo also serves to be an API-friendly solution. It helps in offering seamless integration with leading applications like QuickBooks, WhatsApp, and Amazon. At the same time, it also provides for integration with as many as 1600 third-party apps through its internal app store. The given combination of the interface and the modular system implies that you can look forward to starting over with a simple set of tools and then, adding more modules as you would require the same. In this way, ERP will continue bringing the best-ever experiences for your business. 

How Odoo ERP can be your game-changing bet

Many over-enthusiastic companies try to have development of ERP done in an in-house manner, but this strategy fires back when the results do not meet the expectation; the growing cost pinches the worst too! Odoo, which is an open-source ERP software is a third party developer product that comparatively works way brilliantly than the in-house variants. 

The third party ERP developers work using the best coding experts, have in-depth knowledge of various organizations’ work requirements and are fully flexible in their approach. Thus, the companies can benefit a lot more appreciably when Odoo ERP is adopted. It offers benefits, such as:

  • Ease of customization

Since it is an open-source, it adopts the changes in a remarkably seamless manner. The development code can be expanded, modified, edited as per the scale and diversity of work happening in an organization.  The companies can enhance its functioning by customizing the code as per the requirements. Thus, the ERP scores exceptionally high on relevance and the companies adjust to its use with no fuss.

The best part is that the companies can expand the functionalities of this ERP according to their requirements. The ERP proves its worth in management of all crucial functions of an organization, such as – HR management, supply chain management, processes management and others.

  • Future-proof technology 

Odoo is an inclusive ERP model that is ready to embrace all the new technologies working currently or are likely to be useful in recent times. Its stack features updated technologies that allow the businesses to easily adapt to the use of newer features in the offerings. For example, the demand for explainer videos and bots has increased in recent times. The Odoo ERP offers the flexibility to modify the codes accordingly and make the applications more user-friendly.

  • User-friendly adoption support

Odoo does the job of ERP in a user-centric manner. It makes it easier for the new users to be familiar with the features. The complete guidance available through how-to support, troubleshooting, announcements and email guides give the users the first-hand support needed for easy functioning. 

  • Plethora of modules covering all organization’s management aspects

Odoo ERP gives a systematic solution to ensure that the organizations can work better in a given set of resources. Its modules encompass wholesome support for:

  • Accounting 
  • CRM
  • Timesheets
  • Project management
  • Inventory management
  • eCommerce, and others.

Thus, the users can enjoy a better degree of automation in working of all departments of the organization, allowing the users to have all information needed for the works in a streamlined manner.

  • Seamless integration

Odoo ERP is completely API-friendly. The users can integrate it even with the popular applications like Amazon, WhatsApp, and QuickBooks, allowing users to enjoy anywhere, anytime access. Further, the users get access to its internal app-store that contains all the third party applications compatible with it. Thus, endless possibilities of improvement and better processes help organizations scale up their operations or accept new challenges with added confidence. 


Odoo ERP is growing its consumer base through providing customer support through professionals and experts. Their customer response team offers the much-needed comfort level and makes its adopting a cakewalk. Get a demo today to build the futuristic resource pool capable of keeping up with the growing and newer challenges.

With the availability of over 10,000 apps, Odoo holds the capability of covering all the unique requirements of your business with the help of a single, dedicated solution. This makes it simpler than ever before to customize as well as automate the business processes. 

Odoo ERP is good fit for your business