59 Dreamy Mandala Tattoos You Can’t Ignore

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

11. This incredible half sleeve mandala tattoo.

two piece mandala tattoo

With Hexagons in the centre surrounded with a flower, then again the hexagon patterns with another mandala of petals on the outer layer. This shape naturally exists in nature. Honeycombs and microscope cells exist in this shape. This shape is a symbol of Divinity. Here this tattoo has been inked in halves on both sleeves. These halves represent the half lived life not in age but in the case of wisdom. While the petals are wisdom, these hexagons are representing the emptiness in the life of an individual. He needs to do good deeds to attain salvation to fill his life with happiness. 

12. This flamboyant mandala tattoo.

vibrant mandala tattoo

This attractive mandala art is full of vibrant colours of mother nature which signifies fertility and hope. There are two mandala flowers blooming with leaves in between top flowers that have violet layers underneath and bottom flowers full of violet petals representing the crown energy of chakra in our spiritual body.  Crown chakra (Sahasrara) is one of the chakra in our body which needs to be activated to become a whole person. While the violet colour is a sign of Growth and prosperity. The yellows are a ray of hope. Both come together to give you strength to fight any darkness. 

13. This unusual mandala tattoo.

alternative mandala tattoo

This mandala has a centre with fangs indicating the evil mind of a person which can take over his soul once he gives in to the darkness. Surrounded by little black leaves and then a multileaf plant branch are the arms of darkness which are spreading in the mind resulting in sins such as Envy, lust, sloth, gluttony, wrath, pride and greed. Once you start to ignore wisdom and good thinking, darkness prevails and devours your heart. That’s why you should be wise and patient to achieve your goals and not give in to negative thoughts of getting shortcuts to success.

14. This brilliant mandala tattoo.

amazing mandala tattoo

Full of the colour of flowers and leaves, this tattoo signifies prosperity and happiness. This mandala is an indication of a positive mindset. When you are positive and make decisions wisely, your life becomes full of hope. With the centre of yellow flowers which is a symbol of health followed by green mandala and the big pink flowers are mother nature and its blessing on life. You should try this tattoo for a positive life. If your mind is colourful, then darkness won’t touch you. You need to work hard like mother nature and then see life full of blooming flowers.

15. This elegant half sleeve mandala tattoo.

arm mandala tattoo

This neatly done tattoo is half mandala of petals and leaves followed by a leaf and then again a mandala layer towards the wrist. The layer of mandala on the flower mandala signifies a universe which constantly moves in circular motion and releases an invisible force which is shown as a big leaf. This leaf is pointed towards the wrist which indicates life. This invisible force helps living beings to live a happy and satisfied life. Whole mandala tattoos indicates how the universe plays a major role in the well being of a person and ensures his journey towards salvation.

16. This elaborate mandala tattoo.

arm sleeve mandala tattoo

The centre of abstract lines together making a flower-like structure symbolising the movement of celestial bodies on imaginary lines. Then it is surrounded by defined petals and crown-like design signifying Royalty followed by an outer layer of Peacock feathers in a circle representing Divinity, wisdom, bravery and Leadership. This tattoo is best for people with vision and confidence, this design gives you vibes of a King on throne. Whole mandala signifies the universe and its continuous movement as it is the leader of the main force that controls creation and everything existing there. We all are interconnected and belong to each other. 

17. This half mandala tattoo.

behind the ear mandala tattoo

This tattoo is located behind the ear. The mandal is half and the design is very simple. Just a flower and a string of beads hanging from the end of its petals representing how an individual should listen to pure sounds. What you listen to, your mind becomes the same. Half mandala is drawn due to the shape of the ear. This design is hidden but still people will notice it signifies simplicity and influences everyone. The string of beads hanging represents the thoughts and how we listen and gather information to make a string of our own opinion and apply it to our life.

18. This black and grey mandala tattoo.

black and grey mandala tattoo

This is a simple flower mandala design indicating the simplicity of nature. The flower itself is a part of nature and it is blooming to show prosperity. While the flower represents colourful life, divinity, fertility, hope ; the blank design represents the calmness which is opposite of chaos. The centre is shining like a ray of light representing the role of the Sun that gives light and life to this entire world. Black and grey colour of this tattoo contrasts the colourful flower and creates a connection of the dark phase with life, hope with despair and good with evil. 

19. This exquisite sun and moon mandala tattoo.

blakc and white foot mandala tattoo

These mandala tattoos on each foot represent Sun and Moon filled with white and black minimal details. Both Sun and Moon have flower-like mandala designs in them that represent their connection with this universe and mother nature. Sun is the Brightness and extroversion personality of a person while the Moon represents Dark phase and introverted nature. Sun is a symbol of light and gives hope to the world. Moon signifies nature which is hidden in the personality of every individual. Moon represents calm life and the Sun is chaotic. Both symbolises Dual personality of an individual. One for the world and other for himself.

20. This perfect ribcage

blakc and white mandala tattoo

Located on the side of the rib cage, this mandala tattoo is a blooming flower signifying the beginning of confidence in a person.  The ribcage indicates transformation and base of life as it is the structure which protects the heart and lungs. Here mandala represents the ability to protect your heart and honour by not giving into the darkness. Since this part of the body is always hidden, it indicates the hidden personality which you do not disclose to anyone but only a trusted fellow. Blooming mandala is the confidence that comes with the time and experience and it transforms the person.