106 Insanely Hot Tattoos For Men

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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81. This rad shark tattoo.

shark chest tattoos for men

Rad shark tattoo is another unique kind of animal design tattoo which has a shark in it. Besides that, the remaining portions surrounding the shark has the designs of corals surrounding it. This tattoo looks absolutely beautiful, especially if it is drawn on the chest. You can even have a colourful tattoo; besides that, the gill slits of the shark that is drawn gives the tattoo a very realistic shark type look. If the wearer of this tattoo is in water, then it can become hard to identify whether it is real or fake, or just a tattoo.

82. These captivating ship and moon tattoos for men.

ship and moon tattoos for men

Captivating ship and moon tattoo is an amazing tattoo, which is very colourful. It has hues of black, sky blue, star white colour, yellow, orange, red and blue, that is the USA Flag. It looks like an amazing ship sailing under the starry night, and thousands of stars shinning bright and the moon bulging itself out with some sky covering the moon, has been beautifully carved out. It is an amazing and dreamy tattoo and you can have this tattoo at the best on your arms, or chest or back. But the best is to have this on your chest. 

83. This full back tattoo for men.

ship sea and skull full back tattoos for men

The full back tattoo for men is yet again another kind of a black-white tattoo which looks like a page of a book that has been plucked out of the book and has been pasted here on the back. ‘Be loyal to yourself ‘is the sentences that you will come across in this tattoo and beneath it there is a ship sailing through the winds and storms and yet sailing, which shows that no matter what the difficulty you face, you should keep sailing, then there is lightening too and the way it has been carved or drawn gives this entire tattoo such a realistic look. Then, there is a lighthouse and skulls floating on the sea, it is an amazing tattoo. 

84. This simple heart tattoo.

simple heart tattoos for men

 Simple heart tattoo is a very plain heart tattoo. But it is not a heart tattoo. It is a V.S. of heart also known as ventricle structure of heart. Here all the parts of a real human heart are made, like the aorta, pulmonary artery, left ventricle, right ventricle, right atrium and many more. It is a real human heart that is drawn on the chest and looks cute, because what’s inside that is outside. You can even get this tattoo coloured in red. Though, this tattoo is only in black colour with borders and outlines and the middle portion left colourless to give it a more real heart look alike. 

85. This fabulous skull and galaxy tattoo for men.

skull galaxy tattoos for men

Fabulous skull and galaxy hot tattoos for men is the most beautiful galaxy tattoo, though the skull looks somewhat out-of-the-box, but it has a deep meaning here. The skull is actually pictured here like a planet, mostly Saturn and the rings of the Saturn can be seen coming out of the skull. Apart from that, the galaxy which is a splash of colours in red, blue, pink, yellow, black in the background, the stars and all is so unique and realistic and shiny that it looks very real. This tattoo will also shine at the night and look bright. It is an amazing tattoo. 

86. This detailed full chest skull tattoo.

skull tattoos for men

Detailed full chest skull tattoo is a tattoo of the occult world. On the top right shoulder side there is a mandala type art design. Then in the centre of the chest is a skull tattoo. On the lower edge of the stomach there is a slender branch type design. In the centre there is a nose which looks like an owl. Then, in the centre there is a large intersecting triangle. This is one of the most unique designs in occult. The triangle which looks like a pyramid, which is a symbol of power is intersecting which looks like an amalgamation of power. You can have this tattoo on your chest. 

87. This spiritual full back tattoo.

spiritual full back tattoos for men

Spiritual full back tattoo is an amazingly beautiful tattoo. Words cannot describe this beautiful tattoo, the centre portion is a complete mandala art design, with 3 eyes that are drawn, then again on the upper portion there is a circle and, in the centre, there is an eye. And, flower shaped design surrounding it. Then in the bottom continuing with that design is a bird with its wing spread, which symbolizes freedom. Then, on the right side of the back there are circles drawn, almost like big black dots, then on the left intersecting circles making a unique flower type and diamond shaped design. It is a perfect back tattoo. 

88. This death Tarot card tattoo.

tarot death card tattoos for men

Death tarot card tattoo is a tattoo depicting a tarot card which shows death. The best part about this tattoo is that the entire tattoo is made or carved out of lines, in horizontal and vertical forms, forming a shape, so it can be called like a zebra print partially. There is also a sun and sky and a man lying down with a crown on his head and bowing before the death evil figure. This is a unique tattoo and many may not prefer it, but it looks cool, because the proverb says like this, ‘Be it slow or be it fast, it is but death that comes at last.’ So, there is nothing wrong in this tattoo.

89. This crazy chest tattoo for men.

tattoos for men

Crazy chest tattoo for men is a beautiful tattoo of a beautiful huge butterfly, but the centre portion of the butterfly looks like a skull, a close resemblance. One of the best parts that you will know about this tattoo is that the butterfly looks absolutely real and original. Like sitting on a flower. The designs are carefully carved and made to make it look original. The colour combination is awesome i.e., brown and red shade. The big butterflies come in this shade and looks awesome.

90. This “why so sad” tattoo for men.

the joker full back tattoos for men

Why so sad tattoo for men is a unique concept tattoo. The man in tattoo looks almost like a Dracula, he has a human face, but looks like a Dracula, with red lips, red eyes, parrot nose, and green hair. Of course, the green hair is out-of-box, but surrounding the man is carved words and these words are, ‘HAHAHAHAHA’. To add fun to the tattoo. This tattoo has a deep meaning and shows like life is short and we should keep laughing always and enjoy life. We should not be sad. So, this yet again an amazing tattoo that most of them would love.