106 Insanely Hot Tattoos For Men

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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41. This nice feather tattoos for men.

feather tattoos for men

Nice feather tattoo for men is another beautiful kind of a tattoo. You can wear this tattoo in your mid-arm till wrist. It is a beautiful long black feather of bird. It can also be described as an angelic tattoo. It is because one of the main signs where an angel visits you is the sign of a feather. Mostly it is said that the angels leave white feathers for you, but you can also make a tattoo of a white feather too. But black is not that a bad colour either. It looks beautiful and very realistic. Also, it looks stylish and suave. 

42. This lovely finger tattoo.

finger tattoos for men

Lovely finger tattoo is another unique kind of a tattoo which many men may not like, but it has a uniqueness and that is that the tattoo is carved in all the fingers. Though the tattoo looks very plain and simple, just like a mehndi design, but you can wear this tattoo with different designs too on your fingers. It can be in the form of a band, or a criss-cross design, or any kind of a design that you can have. This design is of leaves and it looks more of like an animal print. It is neat and clean and flawless. 

43. These floral tattoos for men.

floral tattoos for men

Floral tattoo for men is not a very colourful floral tattoo. The tattoo does have a flower, but it is more of in black colour. In this tattoo you can see a lotus flower carved on the neck of the with its lower petals beautifully opening, and the shades of the petals which makes it look pretty real. Then, there is a mandala art type design on the chest, with beautiful circular curves and other designs. The best part about this tattoo is that from any angle even after being floral it doesn’t look like a girlish tattoo and looks like a tattoo which blokes can wear.

44. This enchanting forest tattoo for men.

forrest and animals tattoos for men

Captivating Forest and moon tattoo is yet another beautiful tattoo which blokes can have on their mid-arm till wrist or they can have it on their chest or back. This tattoo depicts a beautiful murky black forest and trees with its branches raising towards the moon. The trees don’t show any leaves at the bottom, but the amazing part is that the tree branches which raises towards the moon have small leaves and the leaves are visible in the background white moon. The shadows are visible. It is an amazing tattoo and a perfect tattoo for a suave guy who would love this one. 

45. This captivating forest and moon tattoo for men.

forrest and moon tattoos for men

Astounding tribal tattoo for men is a very very very intricately designed tattoo. It has a lot of feathers and tribal designs and one portion which is near the chest, it has mandala art work done. The circular-shaped lotus flower and other designs depicts a design from the mandala. It looks beautiful and is a heavy tattoo. Men who love heavy hot tattoos can get it imprinted. This tattoo will start from the chest and will go backwards on the shoulders and then continue till the wrist. If you like this tattoo then you can have it carved on your body. You can even have it on your back. 

46. This astounding tribal tattoo for men.

full arm sleeve tattoos for men

The majestic full leg sleeve tattoo for men is an amazing tattoo. If you take a close look at the tattoo, you will understand that it is the tattoo of a dragon. The entire body of the dragon is carved beautifully with a colour combination of red and black. There is red flower, red grapes and the dragon with the red eye and a red mouth. The remaining is a complete black colour with some spaces left colourless to highlight the tattoo. It is an amazing tattoo and looks very real and original dragon coming live. 

47. This majestic full leg sleeve tattoo for men.

full leg sleeve japanese dragon tattoos for men

Defying G.I. Jane Tattoo is a beautiful tattoo of first women who underwent the seal training. The selection panel choose G.I. Jane and this story is fictious. But those who are true patriots and love this movie or have watched G.I. Jane (1997) would love to have this tattoo carved on their back or chest. This tattoo is especially for the fans of G.I. Jane. It is a very unique tattoo and the only difference is that in the movie G.I. Jane starring Demi Moore, Jane was a bald character. But in this tattoo, she has hair and wears a military colour bandana, and wears an army style locket, and is nude. 

48. This defying G. I. Jane tattoo.

G. I. Jane tattoos for men

Mesmerising galaxy tattoo is a beautiful man-made galaxy imagination tattoo. It does looks like a galaxy, but the difference is that this beautiful galaxy tattoo has a lot of splashes of stars in it. There is also a planet in it, surrounding which the stars are dying or passing. But it can be called as a dying star, because a star only passes with a fierce light when it’s about to die, also known as ‘tutha tara’ or ‘breaking star’. It is known as a wish star, too if you make a wish your wish gets fulfilled. It is a beautiful tattoo of Wish Star and, amazing galaxy view with a tinge of tinted blue, yellow, white, red, colours shining like radium. 

49. This mesmerising galaxy tattoo.

galay tattoos for men

Captivating girl and wolf portrait tattoo for men is a beautiful tattoo which portrays a beautiful woman of the 1950s with a bleeding eye and a crescent on her forehead. There is a chain in her hands, and on the right side there is a wolf carved out which is barking, which has more of a humanly look, then surrounding this whole tattoo are red roses. It is one of the most enigmatic tattoos which one can have. You can have this tattoo either on your back or on your chest. The girl in the tattoo looks very appealing and so does the animal. 

50. This intricate deer tattoo for men.

geometric deer tattoos for men

Full back tattoo for men is a strange yet the most unique kind of hot tattoos that one can ever find. It is a colourful tattoo there are splashes of colours in this tattoo. There is a face of women which is made in this tattoo, she is a beautiful woman with a mole on her chin, beautiful lips and eyes, one eye is partially hidden because of the hair. Then on the top there is a heart that is made in pinkish colour and then there are splashes of colours in straight lines which is red, orange, yellow and black looking like some has hurt the body, it looks like hurt marks. Check out the tattoo.