106 Insanely Hot Tattoos For Men

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

11. This inspiring mandala shoulder tattoo for men.

mandala dotwork tattoos for men

Inspiring mandala shoulder tattoo for men is a perfect tattoo which has the combination of mandala art flowers, then the leopard print, and the snake print, also geometrical designs, and this tattoo is in black colour. Some portions of the tattoo are left colourless or showing skin colour to add or highlight the beauty of the tattoo. You can wear this tattoo on your shoulders and also you can wear it on your back. It is a flawless tattoo. 

12. This Medusa chest tattoo.

medusa chest tattoos for men

Medusa chest tattoo is a unique kind of a tattoo and is for those guys who can freeze others to stone, by showing off their hidden medusa in the chest. Just for laughs. Grotesque. For those who know the story of medusa would love to have this tattoo. The medusa in this tattoo looks damn original. Her eyes look really cold and cruel and original which makes it look like her magic will work. Another touch of beauty near her lower cheeks which has a snake skin appearing.

13. This masterful optical illusion tattoo for men.

optical illusion chest tattoos for men

Masterful optical illusion tattoo for men is a unique tattoo where you can see wide range of shapes and circular pattern optical illusion. But here, since it’s a tattoo the illusion will not work. It will look like a plain tattoo itself. Unless you apply a tattoo that has gloss in it, the optical illusion will not work. But for those people who are fond of optical illusion can have this tattoo and also, the zebra print in this tattoo gives it a bit of animalistic look. Here you will be able to see graceful lines along with a square inside in the centre of the graceful-circular lines. 

14. This gorgeous rose tattoo for men.

rose tattoos for men

Gorgeous rose tattoo for men is one of the most enigmatic kinds of a tattoo. Here the rose is not exactly like that girlish kind of rose. But that doesn’t mean it looks manly rose either. Lol. But this is more of circular in shape looks 20% like rose, then in the centre is a formation which looks like an eye. And, the eyeball looks blood red, kind of a creature’s eye. Then, the beautiful part in this tattoo lies in the single drop of water on the rose petal with green leaves and sky surrounding the leaves. A unique sky rose tattoo. 

15. This striking “see, hear,speak no evil” tattoo.

see hear and speak no evil tattoos for men

The striking sees, hear, speak no evil tattoo is one of the most out-of-the-box kind of hot tattoos. Here a skull is made in the centre, covering the skulls, mouth, eyes, ears are hands covering it, like showing speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil. Then there are two faces made on each side of the skull, like someone speaking something in the ears., But in this tattoo the only angelic figures are the hands. If you like this tattoo then you can have it in on your chest or on the back. 

16. This intense skull and chessboard tattoo.

skull and chessboard tattoos for men

Intense skull and chess board tattoo is a wonderful tattoo. Here in this tattoo the skull is wearing a crown of thorns, looks like it is a skull of Jesus Christ. Then, there are leaves also on the side of the thorns, almost like rose leaves, and the chess board which symbolises that life is like a chess board, and Jesus is watching every move. This tattoo has a deep meaning and you can have this tattoo at your back. 

17. This brilliant full suit tattoo for men.

skull full suit man tattoo

The brilliant full suit tattoo for men is specially for those who love the occult, and those who love the tattoos. It is a very strange tattoo and cannot be defined in a juxtaposed manner. But some portions of the tattoo have evil eye, water/blood dropping from the eye, then there is the nose portion of the skull, and broken teeth and mouth of the skull, emerging from the side of the mouth are tusk, and remaining are some enigmatic designs. This tattoo needs to be viewed in parts and then only it can be understood the full meaning of the tattoo. 

18. This beautiful tribal tattoo for men.

tribal chest tattoos for men 1

Beautiful tribal tattoo for men is an amazing tattoo that has tribal designs, but those designs can also be called as mandala art designs, especially the shape. This tattoo is fully in black and skin colour, and it has triangular shape, diamond shape, vertical lines, graceful lines and so on. If you have ever seen tribal people wearing these designs then you can relate. Also, in between you can find cobra skin design too. But that’s very less part. The centre portion of the tattoo has beautiful diamond shape in all 4 corners and then a skin colour circle in between the diamond. Check out this design. 

19. This superb tattoo for men.

tribal tattoos for men1

Superb tattoo for men is a unique kind of a tattoo, which has more of designs like that of windows, glass, doors and couch covers. The designs which are there in some portions are like Verre eglomise, back-painted glass art, probably emerged in Byzantine Europe. Also, the designs look like cracked glass pieces joined together. You can check online for Verre Eglomise, Sterling Studios art and designs to get a better knowledge of this superb tattoo for men. It also sort of looks like Eglomise glass with a figure, floral and abstract designs in gold leaf with a textured dark burgundy background.

20. This engaging upper arm labyrinth tattoo.

upper arm labyrinth tattoos for men

Engaging upper arm labyrinth tattoo is a spiritual tattoo. Labyrinth walking is a ancient practise which has been used by different faiths, for spiritual prayer, contemplation, and centring. So, this is one of the best tattoos for those who have many kinds of spiritual queries and doubts. When you feel like you are in doubt, then you can always look at the tattoo to calm your doubts and quiet your soul. This is one of the most amazing spiritual tattoos that you can ever have. It may look confusing at one glance but it is connected with the spiritual.