106 Insanely Hot Tattoos For Men

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

101. This psychedelic full chest tattoo for men.

trippy tattoos for men

Psychedelic full chest tattoo for men is an amazing kind of tattoo. It is a colourful tattoo and there are different shapes that are drawn in this tattoo. It also looks pretty enigmatic kind of tattoo, as there are only shapes that are drawn in this tattoo and is colourful. The design is called psychedelic. You can check online about different kinds of such tattoo. There are no words to describe this tattoo. All it can be said is that it looks amazing and also the colours make this tattoo vibrant and realistic in nature. Shapes like hexagon, triangle and others are used. 

102. This noble Phoenix watercolor tattoo.

watercolor phoenix tattoos for men

Noble phoenix watercolour tattoo is a beautiful tattoo with rough edges or rough sketch. This entire tattoo is made with the brush style looking lines and somewhere even the colour is dripping. This tattoo looks very appealing. And, if you look from far this tattoo may look like an eagle. But it’s a phoenix tattoo with its tail and wings, you can see the tail beneath the chest. The colour combination may look odd, but you can have the tattoo in black colour too. It will look amazing in grey and black. There are several different kinds of phoenix tattoo that is available here. 

103. This simple wheat tattoo.

wheat tattoos for men

Simple wheat tattoo is the cutest tattoo that you will ever find among the whole of the tattoo sections. It is a plain, neat, flawless and sober wheat that is drawn. Both men and women, can have this tattoo. It is a black ink tattoo and there is wheat drawn and the leaves also look like the wheat leaves which is totally beautiful and awesome. For those who love sober and neat tattoo, this is the one for them. They can have this tattoo on their arms, or they can carve it in the mid-arm or wrist or legs too. There are other crops tattoo also that is available. Check online. 

104. This detailed wing tattoo for men.

wing shoulder tattoos for men

Detailed wing tattoo for men is a beautiful tattoo of wings, that can be carved on the shoulders. It is the only place where it looks beautiful and amazing. It looks like the person wearing it has got wings to fly. Wings are also that kind of tattoo which symbolizes freedom and angels. Having a winged tattoo is good because it symbolizes that angels are close by or you get a sense of freedom and strength. So, one can have this tattoo on their arms or shoulders, or even at the back. It is an amazing tattoo that one can ever have. 

105. This breathtaking chest tattoo for men.

wings tattoos for men

Breath-taking chest tattoo is an incredible tattoo. This tattoo depicts the story and the pain of an angel. Here the male angel is trying to fly and there are rope like wires that it comes across and loses its feathers from the wings. It shows that the wings are getting hurt and broken, yet the angel is fighting hard to fly or save someone. That, someone is not shown in the tattoo. But it is an amazing tattoo for the angel lovers who love to save others and risk their lives. Also, the hands of the angels are tied. Check out the tattoo. 

106. This exquisite skull and wolf tattoo.

wolf and skull man tattoo

 Exquisite skull wolf tattoo is another unique concept tattoo. In this tattoo the skull is inside the mouth of the wolf. Funny part, both the wolf and skull have their mouth wide open, of course the wolf has the skull inside its mouth, but what does the skull have? So, it is a bit funny tattoo. It has been carved very intricately and looks amazing. And, the wolf in this tattoo looks like a werewolf, as you can make it out from the wide-open mouth of the wolf. It is an apt tattoo which can be worn on the chest or the back shoulders too.