106 Insanely Hot Tattoos For Men

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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91. This imposing tiger tattoo for men.

tiger tattoos for men

 Imposing tiger tattoo for men is a ferocious tiger tattoo which is very vibrant and colourful. There is a lot of colours or let’s say all the colours have been added in this tattoo. This tiger also has an emotional look like that of anger and it is what gives this tattoo a very realistic look. It looks like the tiger is about to attack its prey. If you are a nature lover or an animal lover then you can have this tattoo on your back, you can also have this tattoo on your chest. This is a very furious kind of look tattoo. 

92. This traditional American full back tattoo.

traditional full back tattoos for men

Traditional American full back tattoo is again an amazing tattoo. It can also be called unique because here there is a clash between the serpent and the eagle and in the centre portion i.e., between the eagle and the serpent, there is a ship sailing joyfully. Since, the tattoo extends up to the bums, there are two beautiful red flowers drawn on it. Another thing, the picture of the ship sailing is actually a locket that the eagle is holding in its feet, which the snake is trying to capture. Pretty meaningful. It is a mystical tattoo so you can have this tattoo if you love mythology. 

93. This trash polka style tattoo for men.

trash polka tattoos for men

Trash polka style tattoo for men is a beautiful tattoo and is a unique tattoo. A woman is holding the skull close to her arms, behind that women’s head is an also a figure of the skull. There’s a red circle drawn in her eyes, and red rays emitting from it, like sun. And, next to this design is a labyrinth or maze turf type design in hexagon and circle. It can also be said that, the woman is having a polka with skull i.e., a dance. Since polka is a lively dance of bohemian origin. This picture looks real as the skulls looks very much like an original skull.

94. This lovely tree tattoo.

tree tattoo for men

Lovely tree tattoo is a plain and simple tattoo of a tree. The design of the tree leaves looks like an American green tree frog colour. The roots and branches of the tree looks very realistic. On the bottom where there are roots a beautiful word is drawn, ‘Parivar’ in Hindi, which means family. And, on both the sides of the tree is a blue shaped line like a curve. As, if water drops dripping from the trees. It is a very meaningful tattoo. It looks plain, simple, sober. You can have this tattoo on your chest, or arms or mid-arm. 

95. This splendid tribal tattoo for men.

tribal chest and arm tattoos for men

 Splendid tribal hot tattoos for men is one of the most unique and suave looking tattoo. It is a perfect tattoo and more of it looks like breastplate design. The design is the latest Hawaiian tattoo design and there are different types of lines, chain, and arrow formation type design that is made. It is an apt tattoo that can be made on one portion of the chest. It looks amazing and cannot be described in words. The design also cannot be called as a tribal design. One should have a look at the tattoo. 

96. This ornamental tribal chest tattoo.

tribal chest tattoos for men

Ornamental tribal chest tattoo is yet again a beautiful tattoo of feathers and a crucifix shaped image of a dog or a wolf that is carved and leaves like pointed shape cones coming out. The formation of this entire tattoo is in the shape of a chain. And, it looks like something to be worn on the neck. So, this is an apt tattoo that can be drawn near the neck area. It will look very beautiful. There is total 5 feathers on each side and in the centre is the locket design like that of crucifix. This all is tied with a thread and there are beads also. An amazing tattoo. 

97. This empowering tribal tattoo for men.

tribal shoulder and chest tattoos for men

 Empowering tribal tattoo is an amazing tribal tattoo. Different culture of tribals will have different designs and shapes and patterns. Some tattoos even have the important mark of the tribe. There are thick lines that are drawn and the tattoo is drawn with black ink. It is symbolic. It is more of like the Hawaiian tattoo design with a different style. It is unique and looks very suave. One can have this tattoo on the chest, it starts from the arms, extends till shoulder and chest. If you are looking for a good tattoo design then this is for you. 

98. This phenomenal black out sleeve and chest tattoo.

tribal sleeve and chest tattoos for men

Phenomenal black out sleeve and chest tattoo is a unique black tattoo, where the full arms are covered in black ink, then the tattoo extends till the chest, which is again a Hawaiian tattoo design. There is different zigzag design, arrow shape, tube pipe shape, sun rays’ type of design and others. This design is drawn partially on the chest and looks amazing. You cannot have this design made on your back because this is meant to be made on the arms with the design extending up to the shoulders and chest. Check out the design.

99. This chest tattoo for men.

tribal tattoos for men

Chest tattoo for men is amazing tattoo it has a labyrinth drawn on its side and looks amazing. It is a black maze turf. Then, there is a language that is drawn which looks like an ancient language. And, on the right chest there is design which looks like the breastplate design or some armour design. This tattoo is a two combination of different designs, drawn on one on each side. There is also mandala art on some portions of the tattoo. It is one of the most fantastic tattoos that you can ever have. Check out. 

100. This trippy skull tattoo.

trippy skull tattoos for men

Trippy skull tattoo is a unique kind of tattoo which has skulls drawn. There is a skull drawn but slight or partial human head can also be seen. Then on one side there is huge eye that is bulging out, tongue also, and on the upper portion of the tattoo looks like a Capricorn drawn. It is an amazing tattoo and looks like the skull is also wearing a band on the head. It is a good occult tattoo and you can have it on your chest. This is a unique kind of skull tattoo and you can wear this amazing skull tattoo, which depicts the life and after that death.