106 Insanely Hot Tattoos For Men

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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71. This awesome dotwork tattoo.

ornamental tattoos for men 1

 Awesome dot work tattoo is not exactly a dot work tattoo. But more of that it looks like the carbon print of parallelogram. And, inside that parallelogram (which is in horizontal shape) there are sand dunes type of formation. This entire tattoo is in black colour. It has been designed very intricately. It is one of the suavest tattoos that one can ever wear in the mid-arm or near the wrist and even on the arms, shoulders or back. It is one of the most sober looking tattoos or can also be described as neat and hassle free. 

72. This intricate chest and shoulder tattoo.

ornamental tattoos for men

 Intricate chest and shoulder tattoo is a very delicate carved tattoo, but the designs look like that of a door design. There is also mandala art in this design. There is a classical frame design in the centre, where there is oval shape, which more of gives this a look of some mirror. The rest of the design extending till shoulders looks like a warrior shoulder wearing chest armour, but the design is very girlish. It looks like some kind of a necklace too. Anyway, if you like this tattoo, you can wear it.

73. This fabulously colorful full back tattoo.

perseverance full back tattoos for men

Fabulously colourful back tattoo is really a fantastic looking tattoo which is very colourful. It is a beautiful as well as hot tattoos and there is a word designed on the top, ‘Perserveranza’. It would mean in English perseverance that is being persistent in doing something. This tattoo includes a lot of things or designs, like in the lower portion there is a tiger that is drawn which looks more of like a dragon, then there is a ship, lighthouse, clouds, angel wings, and two men sitting in the centre, one assisting the other & very intricately designed portions or the outside borders. There are all sorts of colours in this tattoo which makes it look vibrant and original. 

74. This faded effect chest tattoo.

photo realistic portrait tattoos for men

Faded effect chest tattoo is a very mysterious kind of a tattoo. In this tattoo there is women whose faded image is carve, then there is a crow that is bulging out of the corner of her left eye, then on top of the right eye, there is again a human eye, and surrounding the faded image is a pink faded rose and on top and black colour in the other portions. There are also skin colour spheres are drawn. It looks like it is a tattoo that has been smudged. It can better be described as a smudged women rose tattoo. 

75. This seductive poker tattoo.

pin up tattoos for men 1

Seductive poker tattoo is actually a nasty looking female tattoo. It has the picture of a partially nude women kneeling down with cards in her hands. This is an apt tattoo for gamblers and those who love to gamble around. Plus, she is winking in the tattoo and this tattoo looks very realistic. It is a beautiful tattoo and men can put this tattoo on their chest or ribs or back, whichever way they want to make it look visible. 

76. This classic pin up girl tattoo for men.

pin up tattoos for men

Classic pin up girl tattoo is a beautiful tattoo, which is very colourful and looks damn real. This female looks exactly like the females of the 1920s post-card picture. The manner in which it is carved looks like it has been picked up straight from the post-card and pasted on the chest. In this picture there is a pot of water and brush in her hands, which gives an image that she is cleaning or meant to clean. It is an amazing tattoo, especially the work and blend of colours. Of course, the water colour doesn’t look real and looks cool blue, but overall, the tattoo is amazing. 

77. This red and black optical illuison dotwork tattoo.

red and black optical illusion tattoos for men

Red and black optical illusion dot work tattoo is a wonderful tattoo, which has hexagon shaped small designs almost looking like a honeycomb from distance. And, this design is in the shape of a bird. But it more of looks like some 2D structure of DNA model or DNA design in computer which is in 2D- drawing and which is amalgamated and drawn together. If you like the tattoo, you can have it on your back or chest. It has an amazing structure. Though, it’s plain but does have some beauty in it. 

78. This incredible statue tattoo.

roman statue man chest tattoo

Incredible statue tattoo is a unique concept in a tattoo, it has a man sitting on top of a horse with sword in his hand, looks like some warrior of the ancient roman times, then beneath that is a figure of a curious lion, and a man lying beneath that lion, with his one hand edging towards his chest like in pain. This is a conquer image and this conquering tattoo image is beautiful picture of history come alive. And, the design in which it is made looks even more beautiful and looks like a page plucked out of some history book. 

79. This gorgeous Santa Muerte tattoo for men.

Santa Muerte tattoos for men

 Gorgeous Santa Muerte tattoo for men, it is a kind of a spiritual tattoo and the lady i.e., Santa Muerte is also known as love magician. Red candles are associated with Santa Muerte. There are several chap books and manuals consisting of complete prayers to Santa Muerte. People who worship her would like to have this beautiful colourful tattoo on their arms or back. She is also a central figure in the devotion of the church. And, she has been condemned to be a heretical and satanic figure. But people who love her will love this tattoo too.

80. This elegant script tattoo.

script tattoos for men

Elegant Script tattoo is a beautiful tattoo in which you can have the scripts or any bible verse or any religious verse or any drawn on your chest or at the back, arms, or wrists or others. Besides that, this tattoo also has an image of eagle on the neck portion, and the eagle looks so realistic in this tattoo that it gives the entire tattoo a very original look. The remaining of the tattoo has a black design and it overall looks very good. It is a tattoo which you can even make on your wrists too.