106 Insanely Hot Tattoos For Men

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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21. This poetic wing tattoo for men.

wing sleeve tattoos for men

Poetic wing tattoo for men is a beautiful tattoo in black colour, which has beautiful feathers carved in it. The entire hot tattoos consists of furry feathers and the way it is drawn and carved out, gives this entire tattoo a very realistic look. Feathers are also known to resemble that of angles and having a feather tattoo or winged tattoo, whether of a bird or angel is in itself pretty angelic, and one of the reasons why this tattoo suits men is because of the colour black. It looks like a tattoo meant for men. 

22. This arty chest tattoo for men.

abstract tattos for men

Arty chest tattoo for men is an out-of-the-box design. Some may not like this tattoo because of the rough edges that is given in the tattoo. It has geometrical designs and colours like that of grey, yellow, pink, green, and red but all in light colours, the design is geometrical. Then, there is no.5 which is drawn in the centre of the tattoo. And, then it looks like the maker just threw the brushes here and there and coloured it with black. Some people may love the tattoo because of the mess which surrounds it. 

23. This spiritual all seeing eye tattoo.

all seeing eye tattoos for men

Spiritual all-seeing eye tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoos that look so realistic. This tattoo is drawn with brown colour ink, there is a star in the centre and in between the star is the all-seeing human eye, which looks like the real human eye. This star is in between the centre of a circle, and then surrounding that circle is all geometrical design. And polka dots. The colours are dropping down in the form of blood. You can wear this tattoo right in the centre of your chest. It is an amazing hot tattoos and looks very unique.

24. This evocative full back tattoo for men.

american history full back tattoos for men

Evocative full black tattoo for men is a unique kind of a tattoo which is perfect to apply on the back. There is a statue of liberty which is drawn in the centre. Then, on both the sides the image of two tribal men or Red Indian or Mongolian is drawn out. Then, surrounding the tattoo is all hexagon shaped design in black colour. This tattoo is out-of-the-box tattoo which you can have for yourself. It covers the whole back portion, and it has a deep meaning. This tattoo has the images carved of popular people or statues and others.

25. This dazzling chest tattoo for men.

animal tattoos for men

Dazzling chest tattoo for men is a unique and the most unique kind of a tattoo. The best part about this tattoo is that it is a colourful, vibrant tattoo. In the centre of the tattoo is a colourful red parrot flying with feathers in red, blue, and yellow, then on the left side is a tiger drawn in yellow colour and on the right is a gorilla opening its mouth wide open. It is an amazing art of the 3 animals together, and it can be drawn on the chest. If you love this colourful tattoo, you can have it in your arms or back or chest. 

26. This cool arm tattoo for men.

arm tattoos for men

Cool arm tattoo is another kind of a geometrical art design tattoo. This tattoo begins with a kite shape in the wrist, then there are two leaves and in between these leaves there is a triangle and the triangle is attached to the crescent and the rest of the design is of triangle, diamond, and square and on the top again a pyramid, but the difference is that there are leaves emerging out of the eye that is drawn in between the pyramid. And, on the side there is a crescent. This design is made in a spectacular manner and it is completely flawless.

27. This dreamy arm band tattoo for men.

armband tattoos for men

Dreamy arm band tattoo is a beautiful tattoo which showcases mountains, sky, stars and trees beneath the mountain and then a band type formation on the top with a zigzag design. It is a very beautiful tattoo, and the mountains look very realistic in this tattoo. Also, the stars look cute. You can wear this tattoo in your mid arm or around the arms or wrist, but wrist is very small for this complete tattoo to be drawn. Wear it in arms. 

28. This intimidating armour tattoo.

armour tattoos for men

Intimidating armour tattoo is another kind of a super tattoo that you can have in your arms and front chest. Also, beneath the armour tattoo you can write the verse which you like the most. The tattoo is completely in black colour and the shield of the armour tattoo, has the letter, ‘G’ inscribed in it, along with that there is other symbol also in the shape of a plant. If you want you can have another letter also printed instead of G. Other parts of the armour tattoo include Pauldron, Breastplate, Gard-brace and so on. 

29. This bad ass ghoul tattoo for men.

bad ass ghul tattoos for men

Bad ass ghoul tattoo for men is another scarry tattoo which those who love spooks would love to have. It is a tattoo of a skeleton with a white cloth type thing covered over the skeleton. And, at the background everything is black; Just the skeleton is in white colour. It is an amazing tattoo that one can have on their back. If it is carved with a radium paint then it looks although more scarry at night. There are many creative tattoos that you can have and this is also one among them. Not all scarry things are bad. 

30. This impressive bird chest tattoo.

bird chest tattoos for men

Impressive bird chest tattoo is one of a kind of tattoo which has a colour combination of red and black. The bird is flying beneath a red flower, which almost looks like a lotus, but the petals are not filled with colour. The bird is in black colour and on the left side of the tattoo there is a patch work beneath the wings of the bird. And, on the right-side top of the wing there is a dark black honey comb type design in the form of ‘J’. Overall, this tattoo is beautiful and colours are also spreading in this tattoo.