106 Insanely Hot Tattoos For Men

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

This article is all about tattoos for men. Whether you are a man looking for your first tattoo idea, or a veteran in the tattooing world looking to expand your collection of tattoos, you’ve come to the right place.

There are three things that are certain when it comes to tattoos: they are personal, they hurt, and they are permanent (kind off). With hundreds of thousands of tattoos on the internet, it comes as no surprise that finding “the one” can be a little daunting. Then you have to think of the placement, do you want to be able to show off your awesome ink or do you want it to be hidden away? And last but absolutely not least, you need to find a GOOD tattooist, one that knows what he or she is doing, that will listen to your requirements and help you get the tattoo you want. This, my boys, will come at a price. Pay cheap, get cheap. So pay up, or you will end up having to spend more on cover ups or removal processes.

You body is a seductive, strong and inspiring canvas just waiting to be inked, and girls love it! Tattoos scream bad boy, and most girls have a thing for bad boys. Our collection of hot tattoos for men is full of creative, one of a kind tattoos that are sure to help you in finding awesome ideas for your first or next tattoo. Enjoy and thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This remarkable 3D skull tattoo.

3D skull tattoos for men

Remarkable 3D skull tattoo. It is one of the most unique kinds of tattoos, and it is a full-body tattoo. In the centre of this tattoo is a human skull with both eyes open. Then, on the sides are beautiful prints covering most of the body. Then attached to that skull on both sides are triangular-shaped arrows type geometrical designs. Also, inside the skull is a lot of intricate geometrical work. This is overall a good tattoo for bodybuilders and those who love displaying their strength or boldness. It is also a good tattoo for people who love the enigmatic world.

2. This abstract chest tattoo.

abstract art tattoos for men

Abstract chest hot tattoos for men is an apt tattoo for those guys who love tattoos and want a no-nonsense tattoo. This tattoo almost resembles like a snake skin print. Inside the design, which is almost in the shape of a leg, there are a lot of intricate triangles and squares. This tattoo looks cool on the body; you can also wear this tattoo on the back. The remaining portion of the tattoo is in the hands and it is fully coloured. This tattoo is completely in black colour and criss-cross print resembles the snake skin print. 

3. This perfect geometric back tattoo.

back geometric tattoos for men

  1. Perfect geometric back tattoo is one of the most unique kinds of a tattoo and words are less to describe this wavy, criss-cross tattoo. At first, when you look at these hot tattoos, it looks all geometric and intellectual design, then when you understand this tattoo, it actually looks like the wings of a dragon on the side and the centre portion resembles like the back head of the snake, and also the design. There are also waves in this tattoo which makes it look like some oscilloscope where one can see the heart rates or the ECG. It is an apt tattoo for a guy. 

4. This biomechanical full sleeve tattoo for men.

biomechanical arm sleeve tattoos for men

Biomechanical full sleeves tattoo for men is the most unique kind of tattoo which the blokes having the body and love for bikes would love to have on their arms. It is a tattoo which has full mechanical body parts of the bike, which comprises of electrical system, ignition, coils, and many other small interior mechanical parts of the bike or car. Men who are crazy for car or bikes would love this tattoo, especially those who are interested in the mechanical side of study and others. You can have this tattoo in your arms. 

5. This engaging bird tattoo for men.

bird man chest tattoo

Engaging bird tattoo for men is again a beautiful tattoo show casing two eagles against each other or two hawks against each other. Then, in the centre in between their beaks are 3 circles and a geometrical design in the shape of half-crescent and half ellipse which is vertical. It’s a bit complex design especially the geometrical one which is in the centre. But it is a beautiful tattoo which looks suave and also neat. No traces of flaws in it. And, the hawks look like they are flying around that vertical ellipse. Men can wear this hot tattoos on their chest. 

6. This spectacular full sleeve tattoo.

full arm sleeve geometric tattoos for men

Spectacular full sleeves tattoo is the most complex and beautiful tattoo which you can wear in your entire arms till shoulder. In the centre of the tattoo which is your mid-arm, there is a black colour flower type design resembling like a honeycomb. Though looks like a flower. The whole tattoo is in black colour with some spaces left colourless on skin to add or highlight the tattoo. Then, near the wrist there is a chess board type checks design, then near the shoulder there is a design of fence. This tattoo looks out-of-the-box and is cool for all guys. 

7. This phenomenal full sleeve galaxy tattoo for men.

galaxy full arm sleeve tattoos for men

Phenomenal full sleeves galaxy tattoo for men is again a unique kind of hot tattoos which guys can have in their arms. In this tattoo, there are some planets that are depicted like that of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and others, then, there are asteroids, and then there are also stars and the complete picture of galaxy. Also, the tattoo depicts the movements taking place in galaxy like one star passing from one end to the other, then the most unique part is that beneath that galaxy tattoo is the tattoo of dark black coloured trees and, the sky and then the third section is the galaxy. This is a night tattoo, which means these actions of planets in the galaxy are happening at night. Occult lovers would like this tattoo. 

8. This unique geometric arm tattoo for men.

geometric arm tattoos for men

Unique geometric arm hot tattoos are really a out-of-the-box design, but the design is of box itself. So, let me explain, there is a hexagon design in black, the colour combination inside the hexagon is in such a fashion, that it looks like a square box or cube, where the two sides of the cube are cut-open and inside that lies one small black colour cube. The small cube has the upper portion skin colour, and the rest two portions or square of the cube is in grey and black colour. Then, there is a dotted outline on the hexagon. And, an arrow and parallelogram in vertical manner follows, which is in black colour. This apt tattoo for suave and neat tattoo lovers. 

9. This incredible hourglass tattoo.

incredible tattoos for men

The incredible hour glass tattoo is truly amazing and incredible tattoo. There is an hour glass which is made and on the upper side of the glass there is a candle burning inside the hour glass, which looks absolutely fantastic and realistic. Next, in the bottom of the hour glass, there is a scene of night, like the moon, and the dark tree with its branches without leaves and a plain ground. It shows that soon there is going to be morning, after the dark night. The only thing that makes this tattoo original is the burning candle. 

10. This traditional Japanese full back dragon tattoo.

japanese full back dragon tattoos for men

Traditional Japanese full black dragon hot tattoos is the tattoo of a dragon. It is completely in black colour and looks very real. The eyes the mouth and other parts. Then, there is also a mandala style design in the tattoo in circular pattern, wavy, lotus flower, sunrays and other. It is a must have tattoo for the dragon lovers or those who love the Japanese dragon or the Chinese culture and the dragons and, or those who worship the dragon.