38 Delicious Shoulder Tattoos For Women

5 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Shoulder tattoos for women are not to be taken lightly. Our shoulders are part of the mysterious land between innocent beauty and raw lust, a land both men and women dream of touching, caressing and kissing. Our shoulders are seductive, expressive and oh so feminine.

Shoulder tattoos give us women an air of superior grace. They are the evolution of the jewellery, sequins and lace sophisticated and noble ladies would use to beautify their shoulders. Now a days, the trend is to embellish ourselves with elegant shoulder tattoos that combine precious stones, satin braids, lacy designs and feathery pendants. Some shoulder tattoos break the pattern completely, revealing bold geometric patterns or intricate floral artwork. Either way, shoulder tattoos look phenomenal and we have come up with 38 of the most delicious shoulder tattoos out there. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This geometrically pleasing mandala style shoulder tattoo.



2. This amazing x-ray style flower tattoo.



3. These rolling waves shoulder tattoo.



4. This beautiful flower shoulder tattoo.



5. This simple back shoulder tattoo.



6. This incredible Sun tattoo.



7. This surreal flowery skull tattoo.



8. This pretty sketch style shoulder tattoo.



9. This unique saffron shoulder tattoo.



10. This breathtaking red poppy tattoo.