Delicious Shoulder Tattoos For Women: 37+ Unique Ideas (2024)

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Shoulder tattoos for women are not to be taken lightly. Our shoulders are part of the mysterious land between innocent beauty and raw lust, a land both men and women dream of touching, caressing and kissing. Our shoulders are seductive, expressive and oh so feminine.

Shoulder tattoos give us women an air of superior grace. They are the evolution of the jewellery, sequins and lace sophisticated and noble ladies would use to beautify their shoulders. Now a days, the trend is to embellish ourselves with elegant shoulder tattoos that combine precious stones, satin braids, lacy designs and feathery pendants. Some shoulder tattoos break the pattern completely, revealing bold geometric patterns or intricate floral artwork. Either way, shoulder tattoos look phenomenal and we have come up with 38 of the most delicious shoulder tattoos out there. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This geometrically pleasing mandala style shoulder tattoo.


These types of tattoos are trending these days, just like the others. A tattoo on the body always tells a lot about a person’s personality; if one gets to see this type of shoulder tattoo, it can be taken as a symbol of a well-balanced soul. These tattoo designs are mostly seen on the shoulders of those following Buddhism or Christianity. However, selecting a tattoo design for oneself is always an individual’s choice and is not much connected to religious sentiments and beliefs.

2. This amazing x-ray style flower tattoo.


Flower tattoos are the most popular type of tattoo among people, especially the females, but even people’s choice for flower tattoos is upgrading and advancing to new levels.  Now is the time when X-ray-style flower tattoos are more in trend. An X-ray -style flower tattoo comes with shades of grey and black, thus giving the feel of an X- rayed flower on the shoulder.  These types of flowered tattoos are good choices for those with poetic hearts, minds, and souls. 

3. These rolling waves shoulder tattoo.


If you are a nature lover, then these rolling waves can be your choice for the peace of your mind and for the maintenance of your calm. If you see a person wearing the rolling waves shoulder tattoo, that symbolizes some crucial characteristics of the person’s personality, such as his or her strength and calmness in every situation.

4. This beautiful flower shoulder tattoo.


Regarding shoulder tattoos, there are so many options available for trying, but flower shoulder tattoo are the most popular ones.  The beautiful different types of flower tattoos symbolize many things depending on how one looks at them. Sometimes people do associate these floral tattoos with spirituality, but now most people associate these flowers with love, affection, attraction, and romance. Besides this, what a particular flower tattoo symbolizes on a person’s shoulder will also depend on the tattoo’s color. Because flowers of different colors denote different aspects and emotions of life. 

5. This simple back shoulder tattoo.


A simple back shoulder tattoo design can be of anything. It can be a blooming flower or a growing plant with beautiful leaves. Having a back shoulder tattoo is a good option for those who need to keep their love for tattoos hidden from their professional world. If you have it on your back, that little thing will belong to you in your personal space. Also, as it will be kept hidden from the outside world almost forever, so you need not have a fear of judgment while choosing the design of your choice.

6. This incredible Sun tattoo.


An incredible sun tattoo on a person’s shoulder indicates that the person is headed toward the light, walking away from the dark. If you are going through some bad times or situations, then dealing with them would be a more straightforward thing for you. Sun, in any form or in any way, has always symbolized positivity and good vibes among people. When it comes to signaling positivity, there is nothing better as a symbol other than the incredible sun itself.

7. This surreal flowery skull tattoo.


Suppose you love those illusionary tattoo designs and have the nerve for those scary yet beautiful ones. In that case, this surreal flowery skull tattoo will be an excellent 3 in one combination for you to choose from. The design consists of a flower, a beautiful butterfly, and a scary skull that would be visible to you only if you carefully look through it. Though for the faint-hearted, looking at something of this sort can be problematic, but still, this pattern of tattoo design is popular among people.

8. This pretty sketch style shoulder tattoo.


Most of those who are of the artistic soul look at these sketch-style shoulder tattoos as one great popular choice. The sketch in the shoulder tattoo can be of anything, or it can be of anyone, for that matter. If you have a loved one, you can keep them closely sketched on your shoulder forever and beyond. In the name of the sketch, you can also get any other thing sketched on your shoulder by the tattoo artist.  But for perfection in this, the artist should be a pro in the skills.

9. This unique saffron shoulder tattoo.


Will be an excellent choice of tattoo for you if you are looking for attractive tattoo design options. A simple bunch of beautiful leaves will surely keep your grace and will only add more to the beauty of your shoulder and your whole body.  It may appear as a simple design to your eyes in the first place, but still, the design is unique in its own way, and not many people are seen opting for it, so yes, if you stick to this, then this is going to be your unique choice. 

10. This breathtaking red poppy tattoo.


If you love red roses or any red color flowers, then these floral tattoos will be a good choice to make. The red poppy tattoo will make your shoulder more attractive and a graceful part of your body. Red roses or red flowers are mostly known for indicating love and affection. But, other than that, no other flowers can add to the beauty like these types of flowers can. They are best suited for females who love the art of tattooing.