101 Everlasting Couple Tattoos

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61. These doting initials tattoos.

initials couples tattoos

Sketch style watercolor flower tattoo is an astounding tattoo which will suit all skin colours, from dark to light to fair. This tattoo is a beautiful carving of a rose flower with slender long stems and buds. Next, the entire beauty of the tattoo lies in the black coloured outline which is done thick and dark, which kind of resembles a sketch. One of the best parts that you will know about this tattoo is that, it suits people wearing black color, even the boys can have this tattoo imprinted on their hands or wrists or back. You can check out more designs in black and other pink colors and various types of

colors, if you like this tattoo. The rose flower looks very much real, but the only thing that makes this look like a tattoo which is unreal is the sketch that is beneath the rose petals. It is an extra added touch to make this tattoo look like a tattoo and not live tattoo. It more of looks like a design that everyone would love to have imprinted on their arms. You can try out this tattoo.

62. These intergalactic tattoos.

intergalatic love couple tattoo

 Captivating watercolor flower tattoo is another beautiful tattoo. The entire beauty of this flower lies in the captivating way it has been made and the rough touches or strokes that are added to the petals. The petal doesn’t look like a petal, as there are rough sketches and lines, creating a different petal style. Also, the center portion of the flower is not in the center, as it is just drawn above the petals and also you can see the filaments pollens flying in the air, as if its fall and it’s time for them to come out of their place. So, this image is captivating because it has captured that beauty of the flower, and the flying pollens, besides that the geometrical edge that has been given by the maker is something unique. Every flower petal has something geometrical and it makes it look overall a unique piece of flower. You can have this flower imprinted on your back or arms. It can go with any apparel and it looks amazing. It is the best geometrical captivating flower design. The color combinations are yellow, red, pink, blue and it looks amazing.

63. These King and Queen chesspiece tattoos.

King and Queen chess pieces couple tattoo

Phenomenal watercolour tattoo is one of the best tattoos of the time. One of the best parts that you will know about this tattoo is that it looks very real and original. If you have a look from far you will feel like its real flower and petals. The tattoo is red-orange in colour and it has a thin slender black colour stem, which is again beautiful because of its murky black colour. It adds a beauty to the fair skin or any skin colour. There is also a drooping bud blossoming and you can see that the leaves are emerald green. Overall, it’s a beautiful tattoo. 

64. These fun finger tattoos.

King and Queen finger tattoos

Sensual water colour flower tattoo is one of the most unique kinds of tattoo and its uniqueness lies in the intricate flower work which is done in the tattoo. Here in this tattoo, you will find 2 roses, light pink and light-yellow colour. Along, with that there are also buds and blooming buds. The intricacy lies in the surrounding of the flower with the leaves and the bushes and other wild flowers small ones, which makes this tattoo look real like flowers growing in the wild bushes. There are also 3-4 varieties of leaves carved in such a fashion that it looks like a part of the rose itself. Check out this tattoo. 

65. The force is strong with these couple tattoos.

lightsaber couples tattoos

Yellow rose water colour flower tattoo can be described as some beautiful and sui generis fabric design. Of course, the rose looks very much real, but when you check out the leaves you can make out that it is a different design. The leaves are black in colour and the colour is light colour which looks beautiful. It more of looks like a henna design or mehndi design. So, if you love one, and would like to have a tattoo which is not that smelly, like mehndi/henna then go for this one. You can have this tattoo in your arms. 

66. These tribal lock and key tattoos.

lock and key ankle couples tattoos

Fabulous water colour tattoo is beautiful tattoo comprising of beautiful flowers including the butterfly flowers too in oxford blue colour. The first three flowers in light pinkish red colour offers a look of simplicity. Then, the leaves carved out in the 3 corners of the flowers is unique and intricate, but the intricacy of the design extends when there are other small butterfly flower and leaves extending from the background, making a perfect smiley shape of the tattoo. Then, the white dots in the centre of the blue flower adds a beauty to it. Check out this collection.

67. These simple lock and key tattoos.

lock and key hand couples tattoos

 Amazing bunch of flower water colour tattoo is a neat 3 flower and two bud’s tattoos. Two flowers in the tattoo resembles marigold flower, whereas the other flower looks different, yet beautiful with only 4 petals in the front, which still gives it a finishing look. Then, there is small rose type 2 buds emerging from the between of the two flowers, occupying an important place. And, the olive-green colour leaves and stems looks very realistic. You can also have this tattoo in your arms, or on the back. Check out this beauteous tattoo. 

68. These ankle matching tattoos.

macthing arrows couples tattoos

Spectacular water colour tattoo can be called as an incomplete or unfinished tattoo looking tattoo. But there are people who will love this tattoo too. But when one will look at this tattoo from a distance or closely, you will feel that it’s a complete tattoo. There is a flower and leaves drawn with splashes of colour red and green on it, then there is a sparrow flying and trying to perch on the flower, again here there is splish-splashes of colour, nothing so perfect, yet making it look beautiful among all of the tattoo. Always having a perfectly coloured tattoo is not a spectacular one, some times such tattoos also make a difference. 

69. These neat matching star tattoos.

matching black star couples tattoos

Pretty water colour flower tattoo is another unique kind of tattoo because the flower orange colour with four petals and upward filaments looks beautiful, but again the beauty of this flower lies in the leaves of the flower which is pointed and like a Christmas tree. So, it looks a different combination altogether, because such flowers don’t have such leaves. Also, you can see the colour of the flower sort of splashing upwards making it look like time is flying, or the flower losing its colour or petals because of the season. 

70. These matching colorful tattoos.

matching cicle couples tattoos

Awesome water colour tattoo is awesome in itself and also bit funny. There is a lotus flower, which is partially coloured in pink, the remaining portion are colourless with just black borders and blue colour beneath the colourless portions, symbolizing water. Then, the amazing part is the wavy lines emerging from the coloured portion of the flower all in one direction, making it look like the lotus has grown hair and its flying in the air. No matter what the art, it is an amazing picture, and a lovely tattoo to have in your wrists or arms or neck.