101 Everlasting Couple Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

21. These matching tattoos.

always couple tattoo

Bright watercolor floral tattoo is another amazing piece of work. If you love yellow color or any bright color, then this is a must have tattoo for you. This tattoo has beautiful small yellow flower and blue berries in between like 2 in pair. Then, in the background there is green color and mix of color red, pink, green, orange splashing out. It is a beautiful tattoo again if you are wearing any bright yellow, black or floral print dress. The flower looks astonishingly beautiful. 

22. These playful couple tattoos.

ankle couples tattoos

 Delicate watercolour flower tattoo is one of the most authentic pieces of work. In this tattoo you will find 3 flowers and beautiful leaves and, on the sides, there are buds popping up. It can be called a simple design, yet the colour combination is so elegant that you will love this tattoo for that. Light lavender and light skin-nish orange colour flowers and the colour of the leaves are olive green, which adds more beauty to the flower. Also, the tattoo has a shine which makes it looks amazing when exposed to light. This beautiful tattoo can be worn on the legs and even arms and back on the nape, if you have short hair. 

23. This love arrow tattoo.

arrow couple tattoo

Shoulder water colour flower tattoo is another amazing tattoo which can be worn on the shoulders and it has a beautiful peony type flower, not exactly the same but kind of, the beauty of the designs lie in the centre of the flower, where the flower is yet to bloom and the petals are showing that its blooming slightly. There is also beautiful buds in purple colour which is yet to bloom, and the leaves of the flower are like rose leaves but the maker of the tattoo has added all the hues and colour to the leaves from olive green to other darker shade. It looks absolutely beautiful. 

24. These unique avocado tattoos.

avocado couples tattoos

Dainty water colour poppy tattoo is another cute flower tattoo that you can wear on your legs or you can even at the best wear it in your hands or arms. The flower is a beautiful orangish yellow colour flower, with black or brown in the centre, then you will see the poppy leaves which looks very pointed and beautiful and in murky green to olive green in colour. Then, from the back of the flowers you can also see the small beads like buds pop up which is brown in colour. This is one of the cutest tattoos that I have ever seen. You will also love it. 

25. These fun couple tattoos.

awesome couple tattoo

Teeny watercolour flower tattoo is another tiny tattoo which you can wear in your wrists or hands or others. It is a tattoo which will be easily visible to people, especially if you wear on the neck, or collarbone or arms. It is a beautiful orangish red flower with normal leaves and one of the best parts about this fine tattoo is that it shows a lot of simplicity. It is a simple, yet plain and lovable tattoo which one can wear and show off, if wearing sleeveless dress. Also, there is a small bud which is closed one and looks very neat and beauteous. 

26. These “Beauty and the Beast” wrist tattoos.

Beauty and the Beast couple tattoo

 Sensual water colour tattoo is another cute tattoo which you can have on your neck and also in arms and collarbone. One of the best parts that you will know about this tattoo is that it comes in black and lavender colour. There are other colour combinations also which you can choose, but this is the best one. It has a lavender like flower in the centre with yellow colour on the ends of the petal, it’s a light-coloured flower which will look good with any dress that you wear, because of the main highlight of the black colour, i.e., the leaves and other small flowers. 

27. These dainty bow and arrow tattoos.

bow and arrow couples tattoos

Beautiful shoulder water colour tattoo. Is one of the best and the cutest tattoo that you can ever have on your shoulders. The beauty of this tattoo lies in the intricate designs which it has including the beautiful flower which is emerging from the leaves or out of the corner of the leaves. The leaves are beautiful olive-green colour and this tattoo has a beautiful curve in the form of a C-shape which makes it perfect to have in the shoulders and arms, where it can be seen easily with sleeveless or off-shoulder dress. 

28. These awesome King and Queen couple tattoos.

Crown ribcage couple tattoo

 Breath-taking water colour tattoo is a beautiful tattoo which has a Bougainville type flower in it. That too in pink colour. The only difference is that the flowers are broad and open in this tattoo picture. Also, it has a unique combination of white and pink which makes it look subtle. But if you take a close look at the picture then there are designs in it in pink, like little polki Dottie’s, which you can mistake for blisters or rashes on the skin, which it is not. But even this tattoo is a beautiful one and you can wear it under your collarbone too. 

29. These multicolored crown tattoos.

crown watercolor tattoo

Blue water colour flower tattoo is yet another beautiful tattoo which has daffodil type flower in it. These flowers are of beautiful royal blue colour with 2 cute olive-green colour leaves in it. This is one of the most simple and unique designs that you can ever have. The uniqueness lies in its colour. Also, you can wear this tattoo even in your arms or shoulders and wear any off sleeves or short sleeves shirt or one piece and it will look very pretty. One of the best parts about this tattoo is that both men and women can wear it. 

30. These amusing tattoos.

cute couple tattoo

 Delicate water colour tattoo, as the name suggests is delicate tattoo that you can wear on your collarbone and arms or nape. This tattoo is a small tattoo and you can wear it. It has beautiful pink flowers in it and olive colour leaves and it also has a murky green leaf too. In other words, the colour of the leaves is like that of henna. The leaves are in beautiful thin, long and slender shape with pointers. And, the look itself of the tattoo is very delicate, so the name. It looks very original.