101 Everlasting Couple Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

91. These fantastic tattoos.

ship couple tattoo

Artistic watercolour flower tattoo is one of the most brilliant, cute, neat and sober tattoos that you can ever have. Words are short to describe the beauty of this tattoo. This tattoo is a beautiful artwork, it is a bunch of lavender flowers, leaves and other decorative flower, all tied together in a bunch. The best part is that, it is tied with a rope and you can see the rope which looks so real. This looks 100% real and beautiful. It is a small tattoo, so you can have it in your arms, near collarbone, or wrists or even legs. Check out this tattoo. 

92. These romantic tattoos.

sky mountain couple love couple tattoo

 Realistic watercolour flower tattoo is a beautiful tattoo of rose flower bunches. There are 3 rose flowers and from the middle portions are emerging beautiful murky green leaves. But there is a difference and the difference is in the leaves of the rose flower that is drooping from the left and right side, it looks like the fire-bird flower, the leaves. It also has a slight reddish pink tinge too. So, this is another sui generis creation and you can have this tattoo on your back or hands or arms.

93. These neat Sun and Moon tattoos.

sun and moon couples tattoos

 Mid arm master piece flower tattoo is another beautiful peach colour flower that looks amazing. The centre is complete yellow filament. Besides that, is the yellow leaves, and in the bottom, there is a cherry type branch design with white dots and same on the top with peach and white dots, then from the backside there is red buds blooming and thin green stems in all the flowers, which makes it look really good, charming and totally appealing piece of work. You can have this tattoo in your mid arms. 

94. These simple Sun and Moon couple tattoos.

sun and moon on hand couple cattoo

Gorgeous watercolour flower tattoo is a beautiful floral tattoo with blasts of colours like pink, lavender, red, greenish-black and black colour. There is a thick black stem, with emerging flowers and the filaments which are in black thin line also looks good. Overall, this apt holiday tattoo or more of like a beachy tattoo, which you can have when you are going to the beach or other holiday destinations. It will also look good with the floral dress combination too. 

95. These tribal Sun and Moon tattoos.

sun and moon on wrist couple tattoo

Sunset water colour flower tattoo is a unique, small, flower tattoo which you can have in your arms, or beneath collarbone and other places. It has a small yellow flower with 10 petals, and 3 petals of the darker shade beneath the flower, almost showcasing like a shadow. There is no sun in the tattoo, but the colour of the flower in yellow and in sun rising going down position, which gives it the name sunset. Also, the colour of the flowers i.e., yellow is that of sunset. So, a sunset tattoo. It looks beautiful and sober and neat. 

96. These fun Peter Pan and Tinkerbell tattoos.

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan couple tattoo

Geometric watercolour flower tattoo is the most unique kind of a tattoo that you will ever find. If you love complex arts and want to have something out-of-the-box then go for this tattoo. There is a rose flower, and leaves and other stems and small buds like leaves of other plants and all, the colour of all of these is black, the change comes when a triangle is drawn in the centre of the rose and the colour of the rose inside the whole triangle is pink in colour. The remaining outside the triangle is black colour. It has been very and absolutely neatly carved out and there is no sign of any mistake left in this tattoo. Check out the design. It is completely a flawless tattoo. 

97. These cool tattoos.

triangle couples tattoos

Phenomenal water colour flower tattoo is a simple rose flower tattoo. But the colour of the rose, the leaves the stem and the buds are altogether very realistic. Then, again the intricate borders of the rose flower are beautifully drawn, leaving no trace of ugliness or flaws. This tattoo gives a very beautiful look which is original rose flower look. You can have this tattoo in your arms or mid-arm or wrist. It is a simple, sober, and neat looking tattoo, and can be made easily. 

98. These “true love” couple tattoos.

true love couple tattoo

Stunning ballerina watercolour flower tattoo, is a yet another beautiful tattoo, where you can see a girl doing ballet, the best part about this tattoo is that besides looking like a real ballerina, the dress of the ballerina is like the petals of the flower. At first sight, you may not be able to understand because it looks like a dress, but if you take a look closely you will understand that it looks like a flower. The slender body and the dance figure, is overall a unique creation. 

99. This unique tattoo.

unique couple tattoo

Amazing garter style watercolour tattoo is another unique piece of work, which can be called as realistic as well unrealistic. There is a rose flower in the centre and surrounding it is a chain like design, almost like a mehndi design. Next, the rose somewhat looks like it’s made of wax and it is melting down. The leaves, the petals, and the chain like design. So, it is another unique design which is timeless and also it shows like nothing remains still, every thing is floating or passing.

100. This awesome watercolor tattoo.

watercolor couple tattoo

 Vivid watercolour flower tattoo is another sui generis and very colourful kind of tattoo. It can be made on the arms. It has a beauteous flower and, in the centre, a complete black filament. Then, there is a splash of a lot of colours like red, yellow in the surrounding of the flower till shoulders, then black in the centre, and the stems and other designs in black. It is a large tattoo, so it would look good in the muscled arms. But there’s a lot of colours surrounding the tattoo, which makes it colourful and the flower shiny and real looking. 

101. This wolf couple tattoo.

wolf couple tattoo

Circle Style water colour tattoo is a unique tattoo which is drawn inside the circle. The circle that is drawn is absolutely neat and clear with no traces of flaws, then the tattoo i.e., the branch of a tree with blossom flowers which is drawn inside of the circle is amazingly beautiful. You can have this tattoo in your elbows and also arms or collarbone. It looks absolutely suave and stylish, and also flawless from every corner. It is made so aptly. Check out this tattoo.