42 Emrah Ozhan Tattoos That Are Out Of This World

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Emrah Ozhan tattoos aren’t just a tattoo. They are a combination of sheer art and intellectual imagination, making them real relics as far as tattoos go.

When it comes to tattoo artists, Emrah Ozhan is a bit of a legend. He’s located Istanbul, Turkey, and is a master in dotwork and engraving tattoo styles. He’s received various awards, the most impressive ones being “Dotwork Genius” (award for quality and style), “Ink Master Tattoo” (by Inkonsky) and “Engraving Genius” (award for quality and style).

Emrah Ozhan tattoos combine ancient and modern Mediterranean cultures, as well as classical and present day European and Native American ideals. They elicits strong Roman and Greek supernatural beliefs and adds a touch of spirituality which make them truly special. In addition, Emrah Ozhan skilfully and artistically employs the use of geometrical shapes in most of his creations such as the hexagon, square, diamond, triangle and circle. The end results illustrate not only ancient cultures but also contemporary concepts such as Nuclear Chemistry.

The city of Istanbul in Turkey is not only home to the merging of Asian and European cultures or to the beginnings of Christianity and Islam. Istanbul is also home to the best tattoo parlors in Europe and Emrah Ozhan is one of the most prominent tattoo designers in the country with a vast portfolio of remarkable masterpieces.

Keep scrolling to see 42 of the most interesting, inventive and intellectual Emrah Ozhan tattoos out there. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

1. This cool geometric Emrah Ozhan tattoo.

Abstract tatoo


2. This abstract tattoo.

Abstract tattoo1


3. This asymmetrical abstract tattoo.

Asymmetrical abstract


4. This cute abstract tattoo.

Awesome line work tattoo


5. This funky tattoo.

Casset tattoo


6. This Clockwork Orange tattoo.

Clockwork Orange tattoo


7. This trippy owl tattoo.

Cool owel tattoo


8. This diver tattoo.

Diver tattoo


9. This optical illusion tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo 2


10. This impressive snake tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo