101 Everlasting Couple Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

81. These cute finger tattoos.

owl and tree couples tatttoos

Blooming rose water colour tattoo is for people who love being messy yet beautiful. Here in this tattoo, you will find, rose flower in pink colour, beautiful bud, and a butterfly in pink colour, at the same time, you will find black spiralling lines and outlines in the border and other, which is like a current design, or more of like an electric design. At first if you just imagine a rose and butterfly, then the image will look lifeless, but when there are these black electric lines in the border and the stems and other places, it shows like its giving life. Something that’s electric and live. Check out this tattoo.

82. These “nom nom nom” PacMan tattoos.

Pak Man his and hers couple tattoo

 Phenomenal peony watercolour flower tattoo, is a beautiful tattoo which has a skin colour peony flower, which in all the sense looks very real, especially the way the leaves and petals are carved and others. If you had seen a real peony flower, then you can surely relate with it. Also, there are buds and again there is a splash of green colour, almost like this flower is being washed or otherwise, but it looks absolutely stunning, because the maker has carved the real beauty of the peony flower in it, especially the colour combination, petals and its filaments and opening and so on. You can have this tattoo in your hands, or arms.

83. These endearing pixel styled hearts tattoos.

pixeled hearts couple tattoo

Abstract watercolour flower tattoo is an intellectual kind of a tattoo. It can also be called as mathematical tattoo. In this tattoo the flower, the leaves, the butterfly, everything is in a circular shape and oval shape. So, this is another kind of unique tattoo that you can ever have. The best part that you will see is that the maker has just drawn few colourful circles and then outlined it with circular shapes, making it look like flower, petals and butterfly. This is yet another kind of a creativity at another level. People having similar thoughts can have this tattoo. You can wear this tattoo in your wrist or arms.

84. These matching pizza slices tattoos.
pizza slice couples tattoos

Minimalistic watercolour flower tattoo is one of the sweetest tattoos that you can ever have. It is simple, decent and sober floral tattoo that you can have in your wrist, arms, or near the collarbone, or neck or nape or hands. It is a fluffy lavender colour flower with many small petals coming from the filaments. Then, the leaves and stems are beautiful green and olive green in colour. It also has a slight tinge of brown colour in the stems, which altogether makes this floral tattoo look very real. The intricate part of this tattoo is that all the small petals are having outline or border which is a tough work. 

85. These intricate black and grey puzzle tattoos.

puzzle lock and key couples tattoos

 Simple watercolour flower tattoo is very simple, realistic and sober looking tattoo that you can have in your thighs if you wear shorts or you can have it in your arms, back or collarbone too. This flower comprises of red colour petals, and if you take a closer look, there is intricate work in the petals like the slight black colour in the filament and the sides of the petal, which makes it look beautiful. The stem is a slender stem long and beautiful with blackish green colour and again the beauty of this entire tattoo is in the pine shaped leaves which is just in the bottom and not in between or top of the stem, which makes it sui generis or of its own kind tattoo. 

86. These simple puzzle tattoos.

puzzle with heart couples tattoos

Remarkable watercolour flower tattoo is a beautiful flower tattoo which is a kind of a rose with many petals. There are 2 colours and buds, one is lavender colour and other is the red colour. This tattoo also includes a lot of intricate work like in the centre of the filament and surrounding with the black colour. The leaves are also beautifully carved but are in black colour, which makes no difference in its realistic identity. Next, in the lavender colour flower the petals on the front portion, looks so light and soft, the one that is touching the leaves is exactly what gives it a real look and original look. Same in the red flower. 

87. These fateful red string tattoos.

red string couple tattoo

Sexy watercolour flower tattoo is a simple tattoo design. It looks like a small red hibiscus flower petal; the inner filament is not there. Then, entire beauty of this flower lies in two things – first the stems are slender and brownish in colour with pointed leaves, which looks amazing. Next, there is a stem in the bottom and from that stem there is another stem that is rising upwards that has the flower, which gives this design a unique look, instead of having just a straight line, there is a tilt. It also looks very real and passionate, especially the red colour. 

88. These linking ring tattoos.

ring finger couples tattoos

Extra ordinary watercolour flower tattoo, is a beautiful light pink hibiscus flower. And, this tattoo looks absolutely fantastic and original. You can check out this tattoo to know I’m not lying. Firstly, the petals are so beauteous with intricate work in black within and in the borders of the petals, which is not so visible, but gives the flowers an original look. Next, the filaments coming from the centre of the flower and then a tinge of dark red in the centre makes it look like the flower will just bloom more in colour. Then, the corners of the petal which has been neatly carved out and the stems and leaves too, makes it overall a beautiful girlish tattoo meant for girls. You can have this tattoo in your arms. 

89. These dainty tattoos.

ribcage couples tattoos

Dreamcatcher watercolour flower tattoo, as the name suggest many of you would have understood what the tattoo is exactly. But some will think how it can be made into a tattoo. Yes, its correct. The colour combo of the tattoo can be called light maroon pink and black. There is a beautiful rose on the top and beneath it is attached with a geometrical design that is a circle the inside is a geometrical work in circular shape, the flower and petals. Then, attached with that circle like windchimes, there are chains and the middle chain is having a feather, which looks so very real, because of the shape in which the feather is made, it looks like it is really hanging and moving too. It is a sober and purely neat tattoo and you can have it in your hands.

90. These Roman number tattoos.

Roman number couple tattoo

Perfect watercolour flower tattoo is a beautiful flowers tattoo. One thing that you should know is that every tattoo is having a different flower, or some unique creation of flower. This flower looks very much real with its colour combination of red, pink, and violet and the buds too. The leaves are pointed leaves in brown colour and the beauty again lies in the intricate border work which is done with black colour, this exactly what gives this flower an original look. The filaments of the flower are also drawn very nicely which is visible. You can have this tattoo in your arms.