101 Everlasting Couple Tattoos

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71. These intricate compass tattoos.

matching compass couples tattoos

Full black water colour tattoo is not exactly a black colour tattoo. It is a long tattoo of a flower with stems. It is a perfect tattoo to be used on the back. The name of the tattoo should have been more enigmatic. It is because there is a spiralling line which emerges from the bottom of the flower and extends till the end of the stems and the splashes of colour again, which is not perfect colouring gives it a pretty enigmatic look. If you are looking for some such kind of tattoo then you should choose this one.

72. These dreamy couple tattoos.

matching flying birds couples tattoos

Beautiful foot watercolour tattoo is an amazing tattoo which is only meant for the feet. It is so beautiful that with just one glance you would want to have it. It is another kind of a blossom tree branch, with pink blossom colour. Amazing part is that the branches are of tinted blue colour and the flowers are beautiful light pink, adding a beauty to the entire tattoo. Another best part, the tattoo is carved in such a manner which will look like it’s made for the feet only. You can check out the image to understand better how well suited this tattoo is for the feet. 

73. These romantic palm tree tattoos.

matching palm trees couple tattoo

Unique lavender water colour tattoo is very unique. There are 2 strands of lavender flower, along with leaves going upward, then it is coming in between a black circle. Then, there are two more black lines that are carved and there are patch-work done on it, also there is a blue tape like patch work which is done on the tattoo. So, over all this is a unique tattoo which resembles something mechanical as well as nature, in a combination together. The leaves of the tattoo are beautiful olive-green colour leaves and it looks amazing. 

74. These starry tattoos.

matching stars couple tattoo

Fantastic water colour flower tattoo is an amazing and large tattoo that you can have in your calves. It shows a huge flower with yellow filaments in the centre. The leaves of the flower are mehndi green in colour and the outlines of the flower in black is roughly carved out. There are also buds drawn in the flower and it looks fantastic altogether. The uniqueness of this tattoo lies in the fact that it is a fabric print tattoo, which means these designs or such designs are mostly found on clothes and bed sheets, but if you love such designs and want to have them then you can get it imprinted. 

75. These meaningful tattoos.

meaningful couples tattoos

Superb water colour flower tattoo, is a rough-sketch tattoo of rose. It has brilliant colours like that of red and black. One of the things that many people don’t know is that, the red and the black colour combination looks awesome. Here again the maker of the tattoo has carved black borders of the rose and made even the stems and leaves with black. Also, the rough-edges of the black kind of gives this rose tattoo a wild look. Plus, it reminds one of the enigmatic looks that is attached with this tattoo. So, if you are looking for something wild and enigmatic then go for this perfect tattoo. 

76. These retro Mickey and Mini tattoos.

Mikey and Mini couples tattoos

Incredible watercolour flower tattoo is one of the most brilliant kinds of tattoo. It has a beautiful zig zag branch of murky brownish and black colour. Then, it has a blossom flower type flower which is in blood red colour. This tattoo looks very simple and very real and the apt place to have this tattoo is your back or you can even choose to have a small imprint of it in your arms or collar bone. It looks amazing on people who are fair skinned, it will although more amazing on people with whitish and brown colour skin. You can try out this simple, yet real and passionate red coloured tattoo. It also looks more of like the passion flowers. 

77. These Mr. and Mrs. tattoos.

Mr and Mrs couples tattoos

 Glorious water colour tattoo is a simple tattoo which is having a single flower, resembling like a tulip flower, with yellow filament in the centre. The stem is beautiful green colour which makes this flower look realistic. But there is also fun colour added in the tattoo to make it look more fun and creative. There are black polka dots in the upper portion, and also near the stems. This adds a lot of creative looks in the tattoo, the black spilling polka dots looks amazing and the flower doesn’t look simple or single at all. You can get this tattoo on your back or in your arms. 

78. These “One life, One love” tattoos.

One life, One love couples tattoos

 Delicate watercolour flower tattoo is another beautiful kind of tattoo which is in pure light bluish and tinted bluish colour. The flower looks amazing with black colour filaments in the centre and the best part about the tattoo is the verse that is written on it, which is like a formation of the stem attaching to the flower. ‘Live without regrets’, or ‘love life ‘are some such verses that you can get imprinted below this beautiful flower in blue. Also, since the tattoo is blue in colour you will love it, because of the uniqueness that it offers. 

79. These quirky origami tattoos.

origami couples tattoos

Lovely lavender water colour flower tattoo is a really lovely tattoo that you will love. There are many reasons to love this tattoo and have it your hands or back. The first reason is that it looks superb realistic lavender flower. Next, out this one single flower, there are three flowers that are carved in such a way that it looks like it is falling down on the ground, which gives this image a super original look. Third reason, to love this beautiful tattoo is that it’s a lavender flower and lavender flower are the most sui generis flowers which any one will love. Also, lavender is the most popular flower which mostly people search for.

80. These dainty swan tattoos.

origami swan couple tattoo

Perfect water colour flower tattoo, is a unique tattoo which you can have imprinted on your foot. But this is so beautiful tattoo that you can have it in your arms, beneath the collarbone, and also at the neck too. In this tattoo there is a nice pink rose buds which is in the blooming stage. On the buds you will find water drops like it has been sprinkled with water to retain freshness, which gives it a very real look, then, are the beautiful leaves in light to dark shades of green, also if you take a close look, you can find a black bird flying too, which is not a part of the rose and people mistake it for leaves. You can wear this tattoo with pink apparels too.