101 Everlasting Couple Tattoos

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51. These ferocious dotwork wolf tattoos.

his and her wolf couple tattoo1

Amazing watercolor flower tattoo is yet another unique color tattoo. So, tell how many are there who love green? If you are the one who loves green then this is for you. It is a pretty cute flower tattoo, with 16 green leaves surrounding the flower. And, also you can see sute green color buds popping up, which looks amazing. So, the flowers are in the center and the rest all corners is covered in murky green leaves. So, this is a green colour tattoo, which looks amazing. Also, it looks real because of so much of green. Actually, the way it is made and coloured makes it looks like it’s coming out of your skin. Wonderful colors that you can wear with this tattoo are green, red, white, and black. If you want to make this tattoo more interesting, then instead of skin-color flower, you can ask the maker to make red cherries inside it, which will look even more amazing with the red and green color combination. Try this out. You can also change the color of the flower too.

52. These matching dotwork tattoos.

his and hers dotwork couple tattoo

Tulip watercolor tattoo is the kind that was missing from the list of all the flowers or kinds of tattoo that is being mentioned. So, here comes the beautiful tulip flower water color tattoo. Here you will get the tulip in blue and pinkish color. And, its green color pointed slender leaves that make it look amazing. You can have this beautiful tulip flower tattoo in your arms or shoulders or on the back. This is one such kind of tattoo that you can wear it with any outfit and any look. Also, because the tulips are in blue color, this is what makes the tattoo amazing and beuatfiul and exceptional something out of the imagination. Also, with this tattoo you dont need to bother about your style or apparel colors, because the color blue matches with any of the outfits. It looks real and amazing tulip. You can also choose other colors of tulip too.

53. These everlasting his and hers skull tattoos.

His and Hers skull couple tattoos

Sensational watercolor flower tattoo is one of its own kinds of tattoo, which is unique and senational in design, colour, and make and others, it has beautiful 3 daisy flowers huge one and one small one in a line. The petals are half colored and half-light skin pink color. You can see that the flowers looks redish, lavender color and purple color. Then, to add more reality to it, slight water sprinkle dots are there on the flower which makes it look very real like the water dots are there in the flowers itself. Plus, to add some style to it, the maker has given an extra stroke of brushes on the side which adds a beauty to the flowers. The center portion of the flower also gives a real flower look with dots and pollen type dots inside i.e. the filament. The hasty touches of the colors in the flower give this flower a modern look. You can wear this tattoo in your arms.

54. These completing soulmate couple tattoos.

his and hers soulmate couple tattoo

Marvellous watercolor flower and hummingbird tattoo is another beautiful piece of work. The entire beauty of this tattoo is in the b=humming bird which looks so very real. If someone where to look at this tattoo from afar, then this tattoo looks very real. The beautiful juicy flower and the leaves in olive green and light tint of blue makes this tattoo look very original. Also, the way the hummingbird is flying and sucking the juice from the leaves with its beak, gives this entire tattoo a very realistic look. It cannot be compared with any other tattoo. The best place to wear this tattoo is on the shoulders, so that when you wear off sleeves dress or apparel, this tattoo looks cool. Also, this tattoo has a color combinations of green-blue and lavendar also the bird has the same color. You can look for pure hummingbird tattoos also in blue color or other striking color. But this is one of the best ones and you can also inscribe your name below the tattoo.

55. These superhero loving tattoos.

His and hers superchero couples tattoo

Dazzling sunflower watercolor tattoo. Sometimes people get bored with the original looking tattoos and the real live looking tattoos with the same color and combination and so on. For instance, a rose flower with red color and green stems looks equally boring to the one who loves creativity and change. So, one such changed tattoo is the sunflower tattoo. You can call this dazzling sunflower tattoo a CHANGE, it has brilliant yellow color, then the stem and the leaves are of unique blue color. Or in other words it is in beautiful tinted blue color. This chnage is what exactly makes this tattoo look unique. Then, to add a bit of rough sketch or roughness there is this lavendar color sketched out beneath the petals and also some zig zag lines. This is one such lively change tattoo that people with creative minds would love to wear. If you love not black and white, but black and red, white and brown, then go for this tattoo, it is for you. Imagination has no end.

56. These surreal portrait tattoos.

his and hers surreal portrait couple tattoo

Gorgeous floral watercolor tattoo is another tattoo of change.Here you get a combination of floral colors in blue, lavendar, pink, and green. Then, again to add a bit of chnage and rough edges, there is added some dash of colors surrounding the flowers. Also, to add more beuaty to the tattoo there is a beautiful words written below it, like, ‘always on my mind, forever in my heart’. You can add your own word also, which you can choose from the selection of tattoos. Besides that, no matter what colour combination has been used by the maker, still the tattoo holds its orginality in place and looks real beautiful and worth admiring. You can have this beautiful tattoon in your arms or your wrist or hands or anywhere you like and would want to reveal. The way each flower is placed besides the other flowers and on top of the flowers makes it look neat and well-arranged too. Try this tattoo too.

57. These vegan buddies tattoos.

his and hers vegan couple tattoo

Origami watercolor flower tattoo. As the name suggests this is another unique tattoo showing some kind of blossom flower. It looks pink and slight pinkish in color. Now, the entire beauty of this tattoo lies in the petals of the flowers which is being spread onto the air, by itself or either by the bird. There is also a depiction of the bird in the tattoo where it is sitting on the bud of the flower. Now, again here the uniqueness lies in the bird itself again. The bird is not some kingfisher bird or some hummingbird, but rather a geometrical design is outlining the bird, this is what makes this tattoo unique. It looks like someone is taking or measuring the figure of the bird. Plus, it looks like a paper-cut bird. Not something out of the real, but this tattoo has originality and it looks amazing. Again a CHANGE for some people who would love to have their tattoo design. All the tattoos are unique with some or the other distinctness. You can have this tattoo in your collarbone or on the shoulders. If you love change then go for it.

58. These endearing bird and flower tattoos.

hummingbird and flower couple tattoo

Astonishing water color flower is another sui generis flower. It almost looks like a wild rose blooming in full. But the difference is in the color. The color combination is good, it has hues of red, green and skin color, with black borders on the side of the flower. It is carved so neatly and is one of the most flawless tattoos that you can ever get. The leaves are beautiful green color of that of olive. You can wear this beautiful tattoo with any apparel and the most stunning color is black with which you can wear this tattoo. Also, the flower in the tattoo somewhat resembles fall season. So, if you love summer season or fall season then you will love wearing this tattoo and have this. Check out more different colors of this tattoo and you will love having one for yourself.

59. These “eye rolling” couple tattoos.

I love you more couple tattoo

Amazing watercolor flower tattoo is a beautiful flower tattoo. It resembles a sunflower, but there is a lot of difference in the image, because some designs are carved out with hands too. The maker has made this sunflower with a rough hand; there are different colours and a dash of rough sketch of colors in the flower. You can see ink color blotches surrounding the flower, then in the center which is the red color, after coloring the maker has wiped the color in a circular motion, giving it a different look overall. So, this tattoo can be called as ungly-beautiful piece of work. If you love such work then you can have this tattoo. The best place to have this tattoo is on your back or arms, or even you can have it imprinted on your legs like in the calves area. It will look beautiful. To add more beuaty to it you can add some good verse or your name or any other.

60. These cool infinity tattoos.

infinity couples tattoos

Blue rose watercolor tattoo, is one of the most beautiful piece of work. Blue rose is something uncommon and cannot be found easily. Besides that, even people choose red rose for making tattoos and seldom will you see someone choose black rose or blue rose tattoo. So, one of the most beautiful kinds of tattoo that you can ever have is the blue rose tattoo. This tattoo looks very real and original. Also, the bunch of blue roses on your back with black lines or border will look amazing. You can wear a beautiful white color apparel with this blue rose dress to make it look even more amazing. There are two blue roses huge one and one small bud which makes this rose tattoo look neat, sober and simple yet holding a plethora of beauty in it. You can have this blue rose tattoo imprinted on your back and on your arms also. It will look overall very good.