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“We would like to introduce tattoo artist Jooyoung, who is active in Korea, to you.”

Jooyoung, primarily delves into the beauty of nature and the cycle of life. Shapes and colors derived from flowers, leaves, butterflies, animals, and an array of plants serve as crucial components that embody the splendor of the natural world, aiming to convey the mysteries held within nature.

Her artworks are crafted to express emotions and establish connections with the personal narratives of her clients. Each creation encapsulates profound messages and cherished memories for her clientele, as she endeavors to intricately engrave their emotions and stories onto their skin as a tattoo artist.

If you want to see more of her beautiful portfolio, please follow her on Instagram.

  1. Fluttering Flowers

  1. Arm Enfolded in Beautiful Flowers

Arm Enfolded in Beautiful Flowers

  1. beautifully blossoming marigold

  1. Fully Bloomed Cherry Blossoms

Fully Bloomed Cherry Blossoms

5. Fresh Green Leaves

Fresh Green Leaves

  1. Adorable Puppies

  1. Herb bundle

  1. Booming jasmine

  1. Scenery filled with memories

10 Bouquet of cosmos and marigold

Bouquet of cosmos and marigoldFresh Green LeavesFully Bloomed Cherry Blossomsbeautifully blossoming marigoldAdorable PuppiesFluttering FlowersBooming jasmineHerb bundleScenery filled with memoriesArm Enfolded in Beautiful Flowerstattoo artist Tagged: