70 Majestic Wolf Tattoos For True Free Spirits

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51. This detailed shaman lady and wolf tattoo.


This detailed tattoo with the shaman lady and wolf painted in black is one that originates from the Taino Indian culture. It is not new that the wolf is a pack animal, and most of the tribal wolf tattoos symbolize the sense of familial bonds, clan relations, and familial loyalty. Quite contrary to its usual set of ferocious behavior, in shamanic culture – a wolf represents trust, love, healthy relationships, generous behavior, and loyalty. 

When you come across this shamanic tattoo – be assured that you have a loyal imprint on your body that is supposed to emanate good vibes. 

52. This neat wolf tattoo.


You want a simple wolf tattoo – a neat, trim, geometric, and clean one. What’s stopping you? This tiny little neat wolf tattoo perfectly suited for female bodies is one that you may surely try. Looking closely – this has a tiny geometric figure and gives out a calming effect rather than a ferocious look. 

Done in areas such as the nape of the neck or just below your shoulders – this wolf tattoo is primarily imprinted to escalate the feminine grace. Though it is outlined in black, you may add some colors to it to derive the best results. 

53. This spiritual wolf tattoo.


Not everyone would know, but wolves in the tribal world hold spiritual meaning. Apart from the usual monstrosity that it is associated with – the spiritual facet of this creature makes it very different from its counterparts. This acts as a bond to the creature’s sense of loyalty and strength. 

The tattoo portrays the wolf as a potential God who holds the moon as if in a blessing scenario. It is an animal God who bestows the pilgrims with his grace and answers their prayers. The multicolor combination within the basic sketch adds to the beauty of this tattoo. 

54. This tribal lone wolf tattoo.


Another tribal tattoo that has been making waves is the lone wolf imprint in the tribal set-up. Traditionally against the rules of tribes – the lone wolf symbolizes success, a sense of survival, and skillfulness. When you put a lone wolf tattoo in a tribal set-up – it is similar to putting contrasting images together. 

The duality that this tattoo depicts, to a certain extent, shows the duality of the individual mind – the flipping that is there constantly. Also, it depicts the tussle of the individual mind – between good and evil. 

55. This captivating wolf tattoo.


Imagine you get to customize a wolf tattoo just the way you like it! As you already know, a wolf depicts ferocity and freedom within a singular domain. Now, what if you can blend your style into this imprint and make it all the more captivating? 

If you see this tattoo – on the one side is the usual image of the wolf dominating the presence with its preying attitude, while on the other side is a traditional tribal craft artistically made to depict one’s creativity. The light blue eyes, which are far-fetched from the amber eyes, add to the attractiveness! 

56. This unique wolf tattoo.


When you combine geometry with general figures, keep it small and shade out the wolf tattoo in black – these key features make this wolf tattoo unique vis a vis others. The initial imprint of the wolf is done in the traditional style, with black shading and a small typical wolf-like face. You could try customizing this wolf tattoo to your taste. 

Around the primary tattoo – you could draw geometric figures – some triangles and straight lines to match the standards of the tattoo. You could also fill in colors as shown here. The triangle within the wolf tattoo escalates the charm of this tattoo. 

57. This savage wolf tattoo.


For those who like to keep it traditional – the wolf tattoos that depict the primal energy of this creature is the best to imprint!! Done in a full-frontal view – this jet-black imprint shows the ferocity of the animal, the unfettered attitude, and the sense of control that it brings with itself. This wolf tattoo is shaded in black – with the outline sketched to match the realistic neo-traditional format that it is based on. 

The knees and the calves are the best places to imprint this tattoo to escalate its impact. 

58. This turquoise eyed beauty.


It is not unknown that wolves have amber eyes – but those that are found in the totemic or tribal folklores seem to have turquoise eyes – according to some sources. If you, too, want a wolf tattoo with turquoise eyes, you could very well choose to emboss this on your person. 

As you see, it is partly geometric and partly savage – which gives it a unique feel – this turquoise wolf is seen as a ghost and is touted to be partly mysterious in terms of interpretations. 

59. This vivid watercolor wolf tattoo.


How about changing the fundamental nature of a wolf and adding some hues to it? Wolf tattoos have been depicted since time immemorial in black and with its primal instincts highlighted. This tattoo is quite contrary to the traditional formats and is packed with vivid watercolors to highlight a happy wolf. For the unversed – a wolf is also a symbol of friendship and shows familial ties in old times. 

Sketch the usual outline, pour in colors as per your choice, and imprint it on your body. Let the happy wolf spread some positivity. 

60. This lovely wolf tattoo.


A sweet little wolf painted in watercolor partly and showing utmost positivity – that’s precisely what this tattoo depicts. If you, too, are pretty tired of the usual savage energy that a wolf emits – it is time to see the wolf from a different light. This lovely wolf tattoo shows it as the leader of the pack, a friendly animal which, if you go back to the totemic versions, also acts out as one with familial ties. Either you can go with the colors used here, or you may choose some other shades!

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