70 Majestic Wolf Tattoos For True Free Spirits

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31. This amber eyes wolf.


Adopting the faded tattoo style, this wolf tattoo with amber eyes is one of the most opted styles in recent times! One of the most enigmatic animals with the typical ‘leader of the pack’ quality – this is one animal that would depict your leadership qualities. 

If you wish to flaunt your leader-like quality, there’s nothing better than imprinting this symbol on yourself. This one is a faded format, but you can keep it firm and add the night forest backdrop to embellish the look. 

32. This savage Bad Wolf tattoo.


What’s a wolf if not passionate and fierce? That’s exactly what this savage bad wolf tattoo depicts! Done in the traditional American and Chicano style blend, this deep red and black tattoo show the savage animal in all its ferocity. 

If you are a fan of these styles and like to emboss tattoos that are high in gore and darkness – this tattoo style is one of the best to check out. For those looking for something different – you can try blending these styles but with lighter shades for a pleasing effect. 

33. This geometric wolf tattoo.


Geometric tattoos have been making waves in recent times. If you are a fan of the same and want one that symbolizes protection and freedom – you could surely try out imprinting this geometric tattoo. 

Sketched in black, this signifies freedom, wilderness, loyalty, protection, and a strong bond with nature. The edges and turns have partly been shaded in black, and the rest is left as it is. 

You could either go for complete shading within the squares or leave it white as per your choice.

34. This black and white howling wolf tattoo.


When you think of a wolf tattoo – the howling wolf against the moon backdrop is one of the most opted. With true features of the wolf in all its wilderness – this is an unfettered image that shows the animal howling against the moon with the faint forest backdrop standing as a support. 

This tattoo is done in black and white – and it is one of the best ways to depict it. However, you may choose to imprint it in complete black and enhance the moon’s presence by highlighting it with white.

35. This tribal beauty.


Wolf tattoos are powerful totems and to have them imprinted on you gives you a powerful vigour. They are one’s spiritual guide and bring a sense of security and wisdom to the concerned party. Going back to its origins, this tribal tattoo is one of the most opted ones – that does enable one to depict the wilderness of the wolf but within an artistic arena. If you are looking for something as passionate and loyal as a wolf but within the artistic aspects – it is time that you check out this tattoo upholding the traditions of the past. 

36. This black out wolf tattoo.


Imprint the wolf onto your body but with a sense of style! This black-out wolf tattoo is your chance to emboss the spirit animal but with a difference. The cubes made beneath the animal keep the style quotient alive, while the shading enhances the ferocity of the emboss. 

Though people may prefer the black shade – you could try shading with any other darker hue to give a unique effect to the tattoo. Else you could also try to use different shades for the cubes and keep the wolf black. 

37. This blue watercolor wolf tattoo.


One of the traditional formats of wolf tattoos that are seen chiefly – this one howling is a symbol of its inherent unfettered nature. For the record – the wolf is characteristically known to have wild nature. In this tattoo – the base is done in watercolor, and within the image, a double image of a wolf howling is formed.  

Looking closely at this tattoo, you will find the majestic wolf howling at its best. It is almost like a call to his pack to join him as they go hunting. You could very well choose some other contrasting shades. 

38. This minimalistic wolf tattoo.


Are you someone who is not a fan of large, showy tattoos? But do you also wish to portray your inner strength before a crowd? Then the minimalistic wolf tattoo imprinted in the stick-and-poke format is one of the best choices. Done in light shades of blue with a touch of pink, this shows the wolf as a loyal, team-binder animal far from the usual ferocity he is associated with. 

If you like this tattoo – you could also paint a similar one with your chosen shades in the same mood. You could also choose some other mood of the animal. 

39. This feral wolf tattoo.


If you go back to the tribal connotations of the wolf, it is that of a wild animal who is unfettered but also offers spiritual protection. Similarly, for those who like to keep the tribal aspect alive, you could choose this dark-shaded feral wolf tattoo that symbolizes spiritual protection, loyalty, and monstrosity – the basic aspects of a wolf. 

The totemic features of the wolf are well established, with the floral artistry matching the dark shades. Either choose the shades given here or customize them as per your taste. You could go in for a complete black makeover. 

40. This neat circular tattoo.


Carving out a following wolf within a circle is one of the most challenging tattoos to imprint. This black-and-white tattoo shows a wolf following a lady quite like an obedient soul. Apart from its ferocity, not many know about the loyalty and spiritual aspects that a wolf holds. If you wish to imprint any of these types of wolf tattoos – you could well try to customize it as per choice. 

You could paint this tattoo in black with the figures in a lighter shade and the backdrop in deeper. You could have also used some colors to imprint the same. 

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