70 Majestic Wolf Tattoos For True Free Spirits

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

11. These loving his and hers wolf tattoos.


Are you a couple looking for a pair of wolf tattoos that shows the man’s strength and the woman’s nurture? This pair of his and hers wolf tattoos is great to ink as a couple. If, on the one hand, the male tattoo shows a man’s courage, the she-wolf depicts feminine nourishment. 

To add a touch of grace to this pair of tattoos – you could add shades to it – the traditional blue-pink colour code or a set of contrasting shades. Which one would you prefer? 

12. This exquisite wolf tattoo.


This is the one for the enthusiastic and artistic soul. Imagine a menacing wolf looking straight into your eyes but carved within the floral artistry. That’s precisely what this tattoo is all about. One of the unique wolf tattoos that you will find, it comes with attached feathers and wings similar to the bird. 

The sketch is completely done in black on the skin, and a blending of features is depicted via this tattoo. For the unversed – this tattoo has a tribal feature to it that makes it all the more enticing. 

13. This amazing lady shaman and wolf tattoo.


Typically a blend of Americana and Chicano styles – this lady shaman and wolf tattoo has tribal connotations with strong religious imagery. While the wolf reminiscences the usual ferocity of the animal, the shaman imagery is typical of the Native American tribes trying to subvert the animals with their spells and charm. 

These tattoos were mainly found inked on the tribes of the native Americas and have recently made a comeback. If you are inclined towards such tribal aspects, you may surely try out inking this. 

14. This exquisite wolf tattoo.


Inked in jet black following the blackwork style – this wolf tattoo is primarily made for the arm. Portraying the basic ferocious nature of this animal, this has a Norse touch with the solid black lines supporting the framework. The howling wolf tattoo shows the animal’s typical behaviour on moonlit nights or when it is hunting in a pack. 

The mane that is etched behind gives a fleeting experience to the tattoo and enhances the symbolism. If you want to experiment, you may add some hues to this tattoo and place it against the forest imagery.

15. This neat Mandala style wolf tattoo.


Mandala styles are a rage, and there’s nothing better than carving a wolf in all its tenacious attitude within the art frames. Though the one pictured here is sketched in black, you may add some choicest shades either to the art or to the wolf face to maintain the contrast effect. 

This tattoo is very close to the traditional tribal format tattoos and is chosen chiefly by women to be inked on their back or their upper arm area. If you print it on your upper back area, try embellishing it with a back-hanging neckpiece for enhanced effect. 

16. This captivating negative space wolf tattoo.


Standing true to its totemic origin, this negative space wolf tattoo is one of its kind. Created as a combination of tribal aspects and the recently emerging space wolf tattoo, this is currently trending in the market. Going back to the totemic part of it, this was visible on the bodies of native American tribes, along with other patterns. The space wolf concept has Nordic connections, with most of the Viking games referring to them. 

You can imprint this in the traditional style or fuse some colours into this art for unique results. 

17. This magnificent tattoo.


This is both a scary and magnificent tattoo that you may think of imprinting on your body. Lifting the concept from the American style of tattoo and fusing it with a religious concept – shows the ferociousness of the animal and the results. If studied closely, this has an Egyptian princess symbolism imbued within that tattoo, which transports us back to the ancient era. This also explains the gory nature of the tattoo – a feature that many wish to accentuate in their imprints. 

18. This wild watercolor wolf tattoo.


This watercolour-style tattoo portrays the wilderness of the wolf – the spirit animal with native American origins. Painted as a howling wolf that shows the animal’s strength, courage, and free-spiritedness, this is one of the trending styles in recent times. Most of the artists allow you to choose the shades of the tattoo if you do not want the one shown in the picture. 

Keep it undecorated and without any patterns to depict the best results. Though it looks best on your arms, you may also try the chest or the upper back to imprint the same. 

19. This vicious sketch style wolf tattoo.


Are you someone who loves to dribble casually? Well, how about having a tattoo that features this inner artist in you in the best manner? This sketch-style tattoo is presented as a result of casual scribbling. The wolf’s face is presented in a casual manner, with its vicious eyes and mouth scratched in black. The strength, courage and cunning show on the face while it awaits its new prey. 

The tattoo here is scribbled in black, but you may choose any other shade – preferably red or blue to garner maximum effect. 

20. This enchanting floral wolf tattoo.


The ferocity and floral patterns don’t go together, is it? That’s not the case with this enchanting floral wolf tattoo. As one of the most opted among the range of wolf tattoos, this shows a calm wolf depicting the pace preparation of a wolf before the prowl. The floral patterns simply stand on the backdrop, quite like a canvas. Surprisingly – wolves are monogamous in nature, and therefore this tattoo depicts their loyalty and devotion to their partner. If you wish to customise it, you could add some hues to the floral backdrop.