70 Majestic Wolf Tattoos For True Free Spirits

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61. This floral wolf tattoo.


What better way than embellishing a wolf tattoo with all the flowers and showing the devotional quality of the wolf? For the unversed – a floral wolf tattoo depicts the romanticism that supposedly a wolf stands for. It also depicts a sense of devotion to the partner – given that wolves are monogamous animals. 

This tattoo is usually sketched in black with blots of some colors spread over the tattoo. You could keep the same colors or change the available shades as per taste. 

62. This brutal wolf tattoo.


This tattoo goes back to the primal instincts of the wolf – the brutality and the wilderness that it initially stands for! The wolf tattoo is left half-headed, with the skull covering the lower part of the tattoo. Normally – the skull and wolf tattoo depicts life after death and the path that the soul follows with the wolf as the guide. 

If you look closely at this tattoo – unlike others of the same variety – the brutality and gore are beyond the normal range. If you love grunge and gore, you could imprint one of these wolf tattoos on your skin.

63. This incredible wolf and skull tattoo.


Another addition in the range of wolf tattoos – this skull and wolf combo shows – the end of life and the life after death. In old times – when wolves were represented with skulls – it symbolized life after death, with the wolf acting as the mascot leading one after death. These tattoos mostly have totemic origins, with new additions helping their trend in the tattoo market. 

The wolf is embellished with feathers as it mouths the skull – almost giving a brutal look. Done in black – you could deepen the shade to suit your taste. 

64. This impressive dotwork wolf tattoo.


Dotwork tattoos are raging the market. Coming from the realistic American style – the wolf portrayed in these tattoos depict the determination and skillfullness of the animal. Unlike the others from the stable – the wolf here forms the base, and within it, the forest and the nightlife are presented. 

To take it from another angle – these wolf dot work tattoos also signify strong familial bonding, and instead of keeping it black and white – you may add some colors to the same. 

65. This magical forest and wolf sleeve tattoo.


Find yourself a tattoo that covers the whole of your hand – both vertically and horizontally!! This magical forest and wolf sleeve tattoo is one of those wolf tattoos that set the wolf in a mystical forest and therefore provide a touch of mystery and magic to the tattoo. 

Perfect for the hand – this creates the backdrop of a magical forest with the nightlife as the primary base. The long trees and the half-moon set the atmosphere. The wolf’s face emerges from there, almost equivalent to the images of the folklore or like the ones similar to werewolf stories. Twilight anyone? 

66. These amazing wolf tattoos.


Forget the wolf – keep the hooves alive and kicking!! This pair of tattoos imprints only the wolf’s hooves on your feet – quite like guiding you in the correct direction. The paws of the wolf depict its strength and carry forth the Japanese and Native American traditions of guiding the person for a lifetime. 

This tattoo is inked in jet black, and parts of it are shaded. It is suggested that to enhance the effect and respect the traditions of old folklore – maintain the monotone as it is. 

67. This scenic wolf tattoo.


For those who want to play up the wolf tattoo in a scenic manner – try this one! As you can see for yourself that this tattoo is based on the monotone shaded wolf where the wolf’s body is made the canvas. An idyllic scenario is framed on the tattoo – when a picnic spot-like scenery is created on the monotone tattoo. 

Done on the upper arms – this tattoo can be customized by adding some colors to it. If you keep the wolf canvas monotone – then try painting the tent and the night forest that is carved on it. 

68. This awesome wolf portrait tattoo.


Portraiture tattoos, that too printed at a minimum are something that is gaining ground in recent times! This one follows the same route and presents an ideal wolf face that is quite sweet compared to its monstrous presentation. 

Suitable for both genders – this small portrait of the wolf may be printed in color or can be left in just the black-white combination. What is notable about this is – the precision with which this tattoo has been printed. If you wish to imprint it – you could try a little more shading or emboss it in some deep shade.

69. This lunar wolf tattoo.


Witchcraft and wolves seem to go hand in hand!! This lunar wolf tattoo is proof of the same! Apparently it may seem to signify witchcraft and sorcery – but inherently it holds multiple meanings. This is one of those beautifully painted wolf tattoos that is categorically known to depict the wolf in an artistic manner. The eyes – ears, and facial expressions have been sketched out well. 

When reading deeply – this tattoo, quite like the others, seems to connect with the instincts that we are known for. Such lunar wolf tattoos symbolize a deeper connection with one’s persona – thereby making it timeless! 

70. This beastly wolf tattoo.


This beastly tattoo perfectly portrays the Chicano style in deep black and brown shades. The tattoo is printed in a triple layer – the upper one shows the wolf howling against the nightlife, while the face of the best is painted on the next level. Finally, the face of the lady is revealed in the lowest layer – giving a complete rendition of the style. 

Technically – this tattoo is done with this color scheme – and if you wish to ensure that the effect is highlighted – stick to this shade code. 


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