43 Irresistible Shell Tattoos

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

21. This romantic shell tattoo.

heart shapped shell tattoo by marilia

(photo by Marilia)

If you enjoy spending time at the beach or splashing around in the sun-drenched ocean, you should consider getting an ocean-themed tattoo with lovely hearts on it for yourself. Check out some of the gorgeous seashell tattoo ideas on the internet, which are indicative of your love for the ocean and of your protective instincts, if you prefer small beachy tattoos over larger beach tattoos. The heart shaped shell shows the lovely calm person within yourself. It is perfect for a romantic person.  Therefore, go ahead and get a fantastic seashell tattoo to keep all bad influences out of your life!

22. This simple shell tattoo.

lovely seashell tattoo by armelle stb

(photo by Armelle Stb)

You might choose to start out with a simple seashell tattoo or a simple seashell tattoo as you are still learning and are unsure of your pain tolerance. You might therefore begin with a simple tattoo on your wrist.

As can be seen in the photo above, the person has adorable tattoos on their wrist that are inspired by the beach. Despite the fact that these seashell tattoos are fairly simple they are nonetheless pretty attractive. The tattoo is made even more striking by the artist’s use of unconventional tattooing techniques. The looping sketching style works beautifully with the simple, monochromatic strokes.

23. This glorious shell tattoo.

seashell tattoo by katie shocrylas

(photo by Katie Shocrylas)

The best method to combine your preferred colours into a shell tattoo design is to use bold hues like blue and pink. This artistic tattoo, perfect for women, uses a shell and feathers to push creativity to new heights.

Even though a straightforward shell tattoo might help you convey the deeper meaning you wish to convey, including extra design components can highlight your affinity for aquatic life. To better show your personality, use extras like pearls, paints, flowers, starfish, and turtles.

24. This bad ass shell tattoo.

seashell tattoo by moreno david

(photo by Moreno David)

Here is a stunning tribal tattoo that you may have for yourself. The shell with spikes makes it look out of the box. It shows the protective nature of the individual.  Tribal designs are included into thick portions of the tattoo. To create the impression of a tribal culture, the shell picture is divided into many portions. This one will look good on your hand or chest as well; try it out with some dark inking or simply.

This tattoo is absolutely stunning and very manly. Because of how appealing the design is despite its simplicity, many people like experimenting with the numerous available variations.

25. This awesome shells tattoo.

seashells tattoo by ewa sroka

(photo by Ewa Sroka)

Shell tattoos have been creating their own demand, by watching the tattoo we can start judging a person. This awesome shells tattoo can easily be done anywhere across your body. 

We prefer tattoo lovers to do this tattoo at your shoulder or in your hand, so that everyone can easily notice it. If you are going to get a tattoo for the first time you definitely have to tolerate the pain, after that you will start to look badass. If you like this tattoo design you can add to your list.

26. This neat shell tattoo.

If you are searching for a clean tattoo design then we suggest you look at this neat shell tattoo, an ancient design shape tattoo might be the best design for you. This tattoo has been covered with a string of pearls that helps us to feel the powers of silence.

After watching your tattoo you start to feel a positive vibration through it due to cleanliness and the design structure of it. Before you set this tattoo on your body, you need to know it is a natural instrument that can only be played while worshipping God. 

27. This handsome shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by alex tabuns

(photo by Alex Tabuns)

It is also a form of ancient shell tattoo that has been designed by following some geometrical coordinates. Best place to do this type of tattoo is behind the neck or the front side of your shoulder. Take suggestions from a professional before you set the size of your tattoo.  

This handsome shell tattoo has been designed for male, various types of needles required to draw these tattoos. To make this tattoo glow like a charm we suggest you not add any other colours except black. Shell design that has been used in this tattoo will help a person look more aggressive and confident in doing any work.

28. This charming shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by anna bravo

(photo by Anna Bravo)

Tattoos of shells represent karma, which is the Sanskrit word for “action.” The idea of karma holds that every action we take in this life has an impact on where we go in the next. Hindus hold that after passing away, a person’s spirit ascends the spinal cord to the Ajna chakra, also known as the “third eye,” which is situated between the eyebrows. The seeds it encounters there are karmic, or recollections of all our previous deeds. Those seeds grow and influence how long we will live. It’s thought that each shell has its own karma, which influences its shape and appearance. Through this tattoo, it shows that the person believes in action and trusts the Karma that they are going to receive.

29. This lovely shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by armelle stb

(photo by Armelle Stb)

A seashell tattoo can symbolize various things, including the wearer’s love of the water, relaxation, calmness, serenity, carefree attitude, or even their journey through life. The seashell is also a sign of protection and luck in several cultures.

These tattoo designs can represent a variety of ideas, like a love of the sea, a bond with nature, or even a specific sea-related memory. Small tattoo designs could symbolise luck because some people consider seashells to be lucky charms. However, in general, seashell tattoos are stunning works of art that can be appreciated only for their aesthetic worth. Whether you select a seashell for its symbolic value or for its beauty, it will be an appealing design that will always make you remember the ocean’s wonders and the marine life!

30. This magnificent shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by mason james

(photo by Mason James)

Because of the mystery and beauty of the ocean, people frequently select seashell tattoos. The ocean is a powerful and huge environment that can be either calm and peaceful or wild and deadly. The ocean is so fascinating because of its duality, which is why seashells create a fascinating tattoo design.

For centuries, artists and decorators have drawn inspiration from seashells. They have been used to represent a range of things in ancient cultures all throughout the world. Seashells were regarded as a symbol of riches and success in some cultures and of fertility and new life in others.