43 Irresistible Shell Tattoos

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

11. This lovely shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by helga hagen

(photo by Helga Hagen)

This shape is also known as SANKHA, this type of design has been done naturally, after polishing it properly this lovely shell tattoo looks like the image. Ancient people think Lord Krishna used to hold this weapon to unite everyone. Lots of people still believe this sound has the power to awaken the inner joy that can be achieved by doing worship by sacrificing all the unwanted happiness.

Also remember the inks that are mainly used on doing this tattoo is the best and it also has less chance of facing bacterial problems after doing tattoo on your body, still we suggest youtube check the parameters of the parlour before you create one.

12. This delightful shell tattoo.

This delightful shell tattoo has another level of diligence due to its crown structure. People who love this type of shape also can be compared to those who have a good heart.

We suggest tattooing on your wrist or the back side of your neck. It will look more beautiful. We also suggest making this tattoo extra wide, because it might lose the diligence they have. This type of shell design also makes it unique because pearls mainly came from this shell.

13. These amazing shell tattoos.

These amazing shell tattoos try to depict the underwater nature where shells, starfish and other animals live together. After verifying this tattoo it shows the beauty of the world. 

Upper structure also showed a geometric shape and these things can be done with several measurements. Blue colour fills the gap between the land and water.Sources claimed that this tattoo will feet at the shoulder. 

If you have already selected this design we suggest you know all the details about the needles, Ink and other parameters that are going to be used to develop this tattoo on your shoulder.

14. This breathtaking shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by sj

(photo by SJ)

Simple and charming is the basic meaning of a seashell tattoo. You should absolutely get a seashell tattoo because it symbolises love if you take satisfaction in being a protector and caregiver to the people you love. According to Feng Shui, a seashell tattoo is also an excellent choice for attracting luck and fortune. The ideal tattoo to acquire if you want to symbolically honour a fulfilling relationship and wonderful memories is a seashell or scallop shell tattoo.

Additionally, seashell tattoos are very feminine and in some cultures they also stand for fertility and birth.

15. This stunning shell tattoo.

watercolor shell tattoo by paula castle

(photo by Paula Castle)

Due to the profound importance, many people opt to have seashell or scallop shell tattoos all around the world. Seashells are not only a representation of love, but also of luck and wealth. As a result, if you have a lot of ambitious and want to achieve them, you could choose to have a tattoo of some exquisite seashells on your body.

You can surely get some inspiration from the image above if you enjoy subtle, classy tattoos and have a basic taste. By adding some gorgeous shading to the seashell tattoo, the tattoo artist has done an excellent job of making it appear more genuine and lifelike.

16. This intricate shell tattoo.

blackwork seashell tattoo by armelle stb

(photo by Armelle Stb)

If you truly adore the beach and plan a trip there every time you have a holiday, you might also want to take a look at these pretty beach animal tattoos.

To express your love for the sea and get a beautiful sea-themed tattoo, you can combine various beach and ocean symbols. You can get a tattoo like the one in the image above that features waves and seashells, and other aquatic elements. This would be an extremely adorable and eye-catching tattoo design that would stick out in a crowd.

17. This amazing shell tattoo.

blackwork shell tattoo by marilia

(photo by Marilia)

While most people favour minimalist and simple ocean tattoo designs, individuals may also prefer a more ornate seashell tattoo sleeve. A style of tattoo known as a sleeve covers the majority of the arm. As a result, you can get ideas from the image above and continuing adding various marine and aquatic life-related symbols and forms to your tattoo sleeve. You can even add sharks, prawns, and scallop shells to the tattoo to make it more unique.

18. This mind blowing shell tattoo.

crystal seashell tattoo by katie shocrylas

(photo by Katie Shocrylas)

We all know that adding colour to your tattoo is the best way to make it look even more attractive and appealing. While some people want tattoos that are more subdued, monochromatic with subtle shading, and different colourful dyed designs.

Thus,  if you are seriously considering getting a seashell tattoo, you can also request that your tattoo artist add lovely colours to it. Soft, matte pastel colours can be added to the scallop shell tattoo if you want it to look more understated and lovely. If you like, you may even decorate your seashell tattoo with some pretty flowers and diamonds.

19. This sexy shell tattoo.

delicate shell tattoo by marilia

(photo by Marilia)

Some people use their tattoos as a reminder of the important things in life. Consequently, seashell tattoos are a good choice if you want a tattoo to serve as a reminder to protect the people you love. Other cultures similarly associate wealth and good fortune with seashell tattoos. You can then stuff your arm full of various eccentric forms and representations of the sea and beach. In the image above, the person has seashells and starfish tattooed on their body. The starfish and the seashells can be a symbol of mystery as well as act for revealing a bit of your personality to others.

20. This flowery shell tattoo.

If you want to show how you feel about relationships, you can get a tattoo of a seashell with some lovely flowers. A seashell tattoo can also signify that you are working to improve your relationship’s clarity via open communication so that everyone is a little happier than they are right now. Seashells are a symbol of protection. A sea shell tattoo will demonstrate your determination to improve your interpersonal interactions.