43 Irresistible Shell Tattoos

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Shell tattoos are very special. Their unique and rare designs are favoured by those with a strong connection to the sea and everything to do with aquatic life. Shell tattoos are romantic, and they evoke feelings of peace and tranquillity.

Whether you are a man or a woman, there are shell tattoo designs to fit your personal desires. From feminine and delicate patterns, to bold and rough artworks, shell tattoos are the perfect motif you can customise in to your very own one-of-a-kind tattoo.

Shells remind us of holidays, walks on the beach and the beating sound of the waves. They are a divine gift from nature we all love to collect and cherish. Treasures of the oceans. Have a look at some of the most exquisite shell tattoos out there. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

1. This phenomenal shell tattoo.

colorful shell tattoo by azazel warszawa

(photo by Azazel Warszawa)

In this tattoo upper part of the shells were utilised as horns and trumpets, and smaller ones were used as ornaments. This phenomenal shell tattoo mainly represents richness, success, and culture implemented in it. In ancient times seashells were an important food. It acts both like meat and a beauty product.

Human beings also believe shells are the symbol of protection and it can protect humans from anything. As there are varieties of phenomenal shell tattoos available over the web, In recent years this type of tattoos has become a trend and people are doing it on their body.

2. This gorgeous dotwork shell tattoo.

dotwork shell tattoo by okanuckun

(photo by Okanuckun)

As the name suggests, these tattoos are mainly designed with multiple dotwork, It is one of the gorgeous tattoos that worked with a dotted design. By pricking the needles these tattoos are developed in the human body.  These tattoos show the power of silence.

In order to get a perfect tattoo machine speed must be 100 to 110 CPS (Cycle Per Sec). The thickness of this gorgeous dotwork shell tattoo is about 2mm. It is important to develop tattoos from professionals for safety reasons.

3. This geometric shell tattoo.

geometric shell tattoo by okanuckun

(photo by Okanuckun)

Some of the most sacred symbols used by humans are depicted in this geometric shell tattoo. An umbrella term can be used mathematically after watching the symbol, it looks like building blocks that create the Universe.

Some relevant shapes about this tattoo  that we find in nature are  Honey Bees Hive,  Hexagonal Shapes. These tattoos also try to express the mysterious power that has been surrounded everywhere. If you want something of such a kind, you will love these designs! Apart from its geometrical value, this tattoo also means something about different places. This tattoo also follows the shell type design.

4. This fabulous shell tattoo.

gorgeous seashell tattoo by armelle stb

(photo by Armelle Stb)

Shell tattoos look more attractive than any other design, but this fabulous shell tattoo gives the vibes of a weapon that can be used in the time of self defence, as we know shell does.

Structure of this tattoo also depicts a lighthouse that stands tall in stormy weather and shows the path to the people who need shelter. This tattoo design generates a strong emotion that drives through every tattoo lover who is planning to do this. It will be better to book an appointment from a renowned Tattoo centre to create this Tattoo on your body.

5. This sparkling shell tattoo.

pearl and shell tattoo by ewa sroka

(photo by Ewa Sroka)

This sparkling shell tattoo is developed with the help of glitters, to bring the shape of a shell. Thousands of tiny dots need to be placed to create a single tattoo. After it gets complete it looks adorable. 

This tattoo tried to show the beauty of pearls, it also made them unique from other shells who do not have pearls in it. Try to take precaution after you develop this tattoo on your body because lots of people have faced infection due to lack of precaution.

6. This teeny shell tattoo.

seashell fossil tattoo by armelle stb

(photo by Armelle Stb)

Do you search for a small tattoo on your body? Lots of tattoos are available over the web, among which one of the popular tattoos is also known as the teeny shell tattoo. Special types of needles and machine needles have been used to make it more prominent.

This shell tattoo is an abstract shape, it tries to show us the glow that depicts behind the shell design. Doing these tattoos is not the only solution. We want viewers to use ointment and other products to make your tattoo more attractive to your body. We prefer you to create this tattoo on your wrist.

7. This pretty shell tattoo.

seashell tattoo by tattoo snob

(photo by Tattoo Snob)

This tattoo is also built with a shell pattern, normally these types of tattoos are best for those people who love some funky design. Did you select this tattoo design for yourself? Before you create you must learn this type of tattoo will be best for those people who are generally aggressive by nature.

Sources also claimed that those who have done this tattoo have to follow all the important procedures to make this tattoo look new forever. Black colour of this tattoo took the beauty into another level., 

Important Note: Always check the needle before you create a funky tattoo to look more attractive in front of another person.

8. These exquisite shell tattoos.

These exquisite shell tattoos will be best for the females and we suggest them to create on theory shoulders, all of these shell shapes have different meaning in human life.

Lot of ancient people created those tattoo designs as their weapon to protect from several problems in their life. As girls love to wear jewellery and the last design depicts the beautiful crown that has been designed to rule. It can be considered one of the best and simple tattoos that girls can do to look more adorable.

9. This glittering shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by anunnaki

(photo by Anunnaki)

This glittering shell tattoo has been developed with different types of link and it will create a glow. After watching this tattoo carefully you might understand that it is a beautiful crown that comes with majestic power. 

This type of tattoo is costlier than normal types of tattoo, due to the needle and the ink they use to maintain the glow. If you have already set up your plan we would recommend you to do it from a reputable parlour and take all precautions to avoid allergies on the body where you are creating a tattoo.

10. This cool geometric shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by deke harms

(photo by Deke Harms)

This cool geometric shell tattoo is different from others due to the measurements that have been done. A dotted needle  needs to create this tattoo. This shape also reminds us about an instrument that Huindu people used to play while they start worshipping god.

This is not a normal tattoo it also attaches emotions with them, sources said humble people who respect God mainly do this type of tattoo to remind the purity of it and believe they carry good luck with them whatever they are doing in their life. 

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