53 Cat Tattoos That Are Purrfect

6 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

If you like cats, and you like tattoos, you have come to the right place my friend. It’s no secret that cat tattoos are a dime a dozen. Cat tattoos are, after all, the most common form of animal tattoo in the world! Us pet enthusiasts love having tributes to our furry friends set in ink, and we have compiled a bunch of the best cat tattoos ever made.

Here is a little fun fact about cats: our history with these furry little “living room beasts” goes back around 4000 years, and there are currently close to half a billion domesticated cats in the world today, with about 75 different breeds to choose from. These mystical creatures often carry meanings that revolve around the balance of opposites such as action and rest, darkness and light. Generally, cat tattoos may represent patience, independence, courage, spirite of adventure and curiosity.

Charles Dickens once said “What greater gift than the love of a cat.” It is said that dogs love us unconditionally,  cats on the other hand choose to stay with us if they find us fit to treat them with the greatness they deserve. Have a look at the most purrfect cat tattoos out there, thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This midnight beauty cat tattoo.

Shaded black cat tattoo


2. This skeleton cat.

Cat skeleton tattoo


3. This feline beauty cat tattoo.

Cat tattoo arm piece


4. This amazing cat portrait tattoo.

Cat portrait tattoo


5. This awesome ear tattoo.

Cat tattoo ear piece


6. This cool Cheshire cat tattoo.

Cheshire cat tattoo


7. This black cat with roses tattoo.

Classy cat and rose tattoo


8. This really cute cat tattoo.

Cute dot work cat tattoo


9. This funny cat tattoo.

Funny cat tattoo

10. This geometric wonder kitty.

Geometric cat tattoo