43 Irresistible Shell Tattoos

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

31. This cute shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by carl merrell

(photo by Carl Merrell)

The meaning and significance of tattoos can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Some people use tattoos as a kind of self-expression to let the world know who they are. Others use it as a method to remember an important occasion or person in their lives. Whatever your motivation, there are a few things you should think about before committing to getting a tattoo. Different people may associate different meanings with a shell tattoo. Some people may like to have a small cute tattoo like this in the image. It may see it as a symbol of their love of the ocean, while others may associate it with a memorable experience or trip. Shell tattoos are stunning and distinctive designs that are well worth consideration, regardless of their purpose.

32. This mandala style shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by sam whitehead

(photo by Sam Whitehead)

Many cultures have spiritual meaning for the mandala, which is also a common tattoo design used to symbolise the cosmos, consciousness, and the self.

Sanskrit for “circle,” mandala stands for “balance,” “eternity,” “unity,” and “perfection.” In yoga teachings, meditation exercises, and other ways of stress relief, mandalas are frequently utilised to produce a sense of peace, quiet, and tranquilly while presenting a wide range of adaptable interpretations. And what can be the best to infuse both mandala and sea shell together.

People frequently select seashell tattoos to express their love of the sea, which is one of the main motivations for getting them. Due to the fact that most people genuinely enjoy looking at seashells, they have an unusual way of making us feel a little bit happy when we view them.

33. This beautiful shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by fabian pedroza

(photo by Fabian Pedroza)

Although there are countless tattoos that can be done to convey love, getting a seashell tattoo is a terrific method to have a special design that does so. While some individuals prefer that there is a little bit of mystery around the shells and will keep the “love” connotation to themselves, others will choose to get their seashell tattoos made in a heart shape to make the meaning a little bit apparent.

Tattoos with seashells are another unusual method to represent security. It is a great meaning for them because these shells serve to safeguard the creatures to which they are linked. This is a fantastic method to demonstrate your pride in guarding those close to you.

34. This marvellous shell tattoo.

Seashells are considered as the physical, mental, and emotional safety in the world of dreams. And there is no question that these invertebrates employ their hard shells to fend off predators. It also has certain symbolism associated with healing, which must be added to this. They also possess a certain personality that is linked to imagination, sensitivity, and intuition. Whereas the flower resembles the femininity and soft nature. Thus this tattoo shows the balance between the masculine and feminine nature. The personality is the perfect match between a calm and aggressive protective person. 

35. This dainty shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by jimmy butcher

(photo by Jimmy Butcher)

People looking for a unique tattoo to place on their wrists or forearms might consider seashell tattoos. The more extended shell style may be ideal for people wishing to have a tattoo on their forearm, while round shells appear to have the best aesthetic for wrist tattoos. The idea is that if you want a seashell tattoo and you have a specific area in mind, you probably can find a design that suits you nicely.

While many people get seashell tattoos that only feature the shells, you’ll also find that many people embellish larger artworks with seashells.

36. This brilliant shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by justin olivier

(photo by Justin Olivier)

This tattoo symbolizes a return to your roots. The shell refers to the search for who you really are, so this design helps to overcome identity crisis or confusing situations in which you don’t know who you are anymore.

The shell is a representation of tranquillity and suggests safety from all harm.

The shell tattoo pattern also stands for enlightenment and purity, both of which can be attained via spiritual activities like meditation. The shell is also intended to represent rebirth and fertility. Since a woman’s womb resembles a seashell, this tattoo is a representation of femininity, fertility, and motherhood.

37. This sweet shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by kylie james

(photo by Kylie James)

The nautilus is a seashell that is frequently included into body art designs. This shell’s peculiarity is that it also has a distinctive form and a range of sizes to pick from. These tattoos can be created geometrically or artistically, with the shell’s shape being symmetrical. Another excellent design is a chambered nautilus. These tattoos can be very small and placed in very small spaces, such as the wrist, foot, ankle, etc. When the designs are small, black ink tattoos appear considerably better than coloured ones. This design can look more appealing to guys by using the Celtic style of drawing.

38. This impressive shell tattoo.

shell tattoo by marlon m toney

(photo by Marlon Toney)

The shell tattoo can draw attention to the urge to feel safe as you go through life and serve as a constant reminder that all storms pass eventually. This picture can serve as a reminder of the idea that everything eventually repeats itself according to the rule of eternal return.

Your quest for the meaning of life and your true self will be assisted by getting this tattoo. Your tattoo will reach a whole new level if you decide to include starfish in it as well. Males can get this style of tattoo as well, despite the fact that they are less common among men than other designs like skulls or dragons, even if women tend to prefer them.

39. This incredible shell tattoo.


While black or grey are the most common colours for shell tattoos, you may also include the colour of the ocean into your design; turquoise blue looks fantastic with seashell tattoos. In addition, this colour encourages tranquillity and calmness, making it ideal for those who experience stress-related illnesses.

Turquoise blue is ideal for pregnant or nursing women because it has healing characteristics and is associated with the water element, which is ruled by the moon. This colour can be paired with orange, which represents creativity, as well as purple, which represents spirituality.