65 Mind Bending 3D & Optical Illusion Tattoos

5 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

22. This hidden map tattoo.

3D hidden map shoulder tattoo


23. This intricate back piece.

3D hidden skeleton on back tattoo


24. This uplifting sky and bird tattoo.

3D hidden sky side rib tattoo


25. This crazy peeling flesh tattoo.

3D hidden text arm sleeve tattoo


26. This cute little ladybird.

3D ladybird on foot tattoo


27. This complete mind-f*ck leg tattoo.

3D leg tattoo


28. This “so real I’m scared” tattoo.

3D lion on arm tattoo


29. This man jumping off a building tattoo.

3D jumping man tattoo


30. This realistic foot ribbon tattoo.

3D naked foot with ribbon effect