65 Mind Bending 3D & Optical Illusion Tattoos

5 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

31. This creative neon skeleton foot tattoo.

3D neon skeleton on foot tattoo


32. This nifty pen behind an ear.

3D pen behind ear tattoo


33. This terrific chest tattoo.

3D person trying to get out of chest tattoo


34. This ingenious tattoo.

3D pinned reminder on foot tattoo


35. This profile masterpiece.

3D profile on arm tattoo


36. This neat puzzle piece revealing scales tattoo.

3D puzzle effect with scales on foot tattoo


37. These sexy red ribbons.

3D red ribbons on ankle tattoo


38. This brutal ripped flesh tattoo.

3D ripping skin effect on arm and chest


39. This exquisite robotic back tattoo.

3D robot effect back piece


40. This robotic arm tattoo.

3D robot effect on arm


41. This elaborate robotic back tattoo.

3D robot effect on back


42. This amazing robotic leg tattoo.

3D robot effect on leg tattoo


43. This vivid rose tattoo.

3D rose shoulder tattoo


44. This eerie skin jacket tattoo.

3D skin jacket tattoo


45. If I saw this I might actually RUN in the opposite direction.

3D snake on arm tattoo


46. This cool green space shuttle.

3D space shuttle coming out of black hole on calf tattoo


47. This nifty little alien spaceship.

3D spaceship on foot tattoo


48. This brilliant “see, hear and speak no evil” tattoo.

3D speak, hear and talk to evel on chest tattoo


49. This love spider.

3D spider on neck tattoo


50. This huge black spider tattoo.

3D spider on thigh tattoo